Thursday Door ~ Saucy Brew Works, warehouse door mural and Randy


There is this mural

plus two others.

The Saucy logo,

and the outdoor mural,

huge and not totally finished,

length of the warehouse 

painting by Randy,

must be saved

for another time!

I want to give you one

last perspective of this mural

(Please look,* no need to comment,*

on the next 4th post of Doors.)

since I climbed on the catwalk,

High above this huge garage door:

All for you to be able to see the size!

This post is part of a Thursday series

of Doors, such a rainbow variety 

displayed in blue frogs links 

found on Norm Frampton’s blog:

Hope this series all on one day 

keeps your imagination soaring!

There are future famous people

who will enchant and amaze 

you, when I publish the

photos of the ground

floor participants of

this up and coming

Saucy Brew Works!


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    • Aww, Annika! Thanks for taking time out of your break and coming to Cleveland, Ohio with me! Randy’s a chilling guy who usually is unflappable. He always was a comic relief in times of trouble, too. We are only 18 months apart and so often we hung out together. He’s been a lifesaver when I was a single Mom, going to the zoo, fairs and camping with my kids and me.
      One last image of him, on his bicycle with me on his handlebars riding to middle school summer band practices, juggling instruments in my arms!! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks, Jill! The 70 foot side of this warehouse is only half painted and very hot days he’s been toiling away.
      My post for your book review is pre-scheduled! I think next Tuesday. . . It was an awesome and beautiful story with a twist or two included. hugs xo πŸ’– πŸ’

      • I bet it’s hot! Our upstairs A/C unit went out last night. It was 86 degrees when I woke up. πŸ™‚ Thankfully for have a great HVAC guy.
        Aw…tht’s so sweet of you, Robin. I’m so happy you enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me know. ❀

    • Jill, very sorry to hear of the air-conditioning upstairs going out. It has been quite warm where you live! Hopefully, it is all fixed and glad you have a great HVAC man! πŸ™‚
      You’re most welcome and happy to do so! It was the first one on my pile I wanted to read! xo πŸ’«

    • Thank you, Dan! You’re so right; Randy deserves a brew!!
      He’s only half way finished with the outside mural (estimated 70 foot long) and he was out in the sun for 10 hours on this day! Starting at daybreak.
      Cheers to you 🍻 and hope the Saucy Brew Works cans come your direction someday soon! 😊

    • Randy was rather humble and I was the proud one going around introducing myself to gather a portfolio of pictures. Thanks, dear Shey.πŸ’–
      It was a major honor when the artist who designed the can labels for Saucy Brew Works (in his twenties) told him he was impressed! I loved the way the mountain man’s pipe smoke rolls out into the clouds. πŸ‘

    • Thank you, Deborah for checking this post out, too! 🍻
      Randy and I are only 18 months apart so we tend to really lean on each other. I am happy for him to get some recognition for all the times he hasn’t had it. The Cleveland Plain Dealer and a local Brew newspaper printed his name and spelled it correctly, too. 😊

    • Pauline, I do find the colors in this one to create a story book with a giant on a mountain with the little hiker with the red flag reaching the top right by his elbow! xo πŸ’– Thank you for being such a dear.

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