Thursday Door ~ Saucy Brew Works, warehouse garage door mural


Randy’s mural of the label 

which will be printed on

Saucy Brew Works

was well received,

Cleveland Plain Dealer

included his name 

as well as a brewery publication.

The perspective of this is what

drove me to climb high above it,

along with checking out the canning

line for the brews of beer, ale and stout.

The pallet, machinery and other

equipment were fascinating to me!

I have a lot of cool shots to share

over the next few weeks.

It was a delicious party,

salads and sample trays,

Open Bar,

individually placed orders

for intriguing flat bread

pizzas.  We ordered sweet fig,

sliced apples, caramelized onions,

cilantro, and goat cheese veggie pizza;

while one member of our group

chose duck on the pizza!

🍺  πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•  πŸΊ

The party must be extended over

to our Thursday Door’s host,

Norm Frampton. Please

check out his blog

where links are

published with

Doors featured galore!

Hope you enjoyed this 

Thursday’s Doors!


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    • I’m so glad Randy stayed in Columbus with art projects for Les Wexner (at the old City Center the big ships and drafting illustrations at the Structure clothing store) and one of Cameron Mitchell’s downtown restaurants. He was here locally, an OSU fine arts degree grad, supporting my single mother years, in so Many Ways over the years! πŸ™‚ πŸ’ž
      Leaving Columbus to go back to Cleveland was hard on me, I miss him a lot. This and his Fathead’s artwork at their restaurant/tavern and brewery have been great additions to his life’s journey. Fathead’s out west and in Pittsburgh have his murals there.
      Thanks, Colleen, for the excellent word: “Brilliant!”

    • I’m so glad I told you why my brother is special to my children’s and my lives. Thank you for reading my response and writing such a really nice one back, Colleen!!

  1. Robin, I just love this mural, it’s fantastic – kudos to Randy!! Yeah, what a great party, the food has me wanting to rush over and join you…although I’d try the veggie pizza and leave duck for others!!

    • Yes, I agree! The party would be a fun, shared experience, Annika. I only had one special stout, tried one skinny piece of the duck with mashed potatoes, onions and broccoli: It was like a Thanksgiving meal on a slice of pizza! The veggie pizza was yummy!
      Thanks for the “kudos to Randy!” I liked the image of the clouds rolling out of the pipe and the tiny red hiker on the big mountain! 😊

    • Thank you, Anneli! It is quite impressive, even to me! πŸ˜€ I’m fairly “used” to his genius in art, but I am also in awe of the halfway completed mural outdoors that runs the length of the Saucy Brew Works building (estimated 70 feet long!!) I have the partial painting but know the rest will be great.

    • Shehanne, last night we were talking about my brother, Randy’s set designs for “Carrousel” and other Huntington Playhouse productions in the 80’s. He was telling me of a time they lost electricity and they moved the whole audience asking them to cross the railroad tracks in their cars to a beautiful winery. No sets could be transferred but the musical “show went on!” Following your husband’s play and the character performances which varied: The show must go on! 🎭 πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • This is so nice and supportive of you, Sarah!
      They will be putting the brews available on taps and in cans very soon. If you were still in Ohio it may be sooner. . .
      Ohio’s Fathead’s is another brand Randy traveled out west to Oregon or Washington to paint logos on their restaurant there, also in Pittsburgh.
      Hopefully, Saucy Brew Works will also spread its wings! 🍻

    • Diana, thanks for the great adjectives you chose to describe the semi-truck sized garage door! He will love to hear the “Wow!” “Cool door!” and “Randy is amazing.” πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  2. I’m awed by artists who can work on so large a canvas and keep perspective. Well done to Randy – and well done to you too Robin, clambering on high to get the shot! Loved all this weeks doors! ❀

    • Pauline, you amazed me with your large canvas artwork! My art usually comes on 11 Γ— 14 watercolor paper!
      I am also in awe of Randy and happy for him to have these opportunities. It takes putting yourself out there on strange venues, for him going to breweries, restaurants and new buildings, as well as little shops called, “Antique Corner,” “Eye Candy,” and being daily, actively searching on Craigslist for artists needed.

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