Thursday door ~ Saucy Brew Works, (women’s restroom)


This is one of a few posts

from an exciting night and

opportunity for my brother,

Artist Randy.

This is a bathroom for the women 

which wasn’t painted by my brother.

The painting of large warehouse door,

along with a symbol for “saucy,”

will be displayed. Another time,

very soon, I will post photos

of an amazing group including

investors, brewmaster and guests

at what was called the 

“Soft Opening” before the

public’s “Grand Opening.”

I was able to attend, Randy

extended his invitation to also

include his friend, Randy and

a nice lady friend named Cathy.

Come on over to see Norm Frampton’s

Thursday Door posts, found at:

Hope you find several fun, 

many serious, elegant 

and  creative

Doors there! 


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    • I was going to wait to share photos of people till tomorrow. . . I added “another time very soon. . .”
      This day has plenty to look at and all about the doors! 😊 Cheers, Shehanne 🍻

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