Investors and the Brewmaster


Brewmaster Eric,

young as can be,

wears the Saucy 

Brew Works tee (shirt).

College roommate next to him

and across from him are investors

in this new brewery, restaurant

and tavern, all rolled together.

Sticking with beers of all kinds,

no matter the weather.

Sorta like rolling out the barrel,

one filled with fun without peril.

~ ~ ~ [ ] ~ ~ ~

Back “stage” in the brewery with

some of the ones making this happen.


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    • It is so cool to feel the energy of a new place. I really hope they achieve all their dreams, Shey! Thanks for letting me know how cool your Mr. is, just in case you didn’t know this; he’s with *You* so he would always have my belief and affection in him! πŸ’•

  1. Great ditty and the place sounds like a true dream for those folks. I bet the brews are all excellent. Wish I could have a drink of beer now and then but I can’t due to afib and ETOH depresses me. Love the taste of beer but, oh well. I’m just glad I can drink water and soy milk. πŸ™‚

    • Now, my Dad had cancer while in his 68th year and he switched to non-alcoholic beer and really still enjoyed the flavor. It went perfectly with a reuben or a BLT sandwich as he liked to have one once in awhile. I wish you didn’t have so much on your plate, so to speak, Yvonne. You’re a sweety! xo πŸ’–

  2. It’s fun to tour microbreweries (and microdistilleries and wineries), even if one is not a big consumer of their beverages. The brewers I have met are pursuing a labor of love, and like them, I wish your friends much success.

    Note: It would not surprise me to learn if they get their hops from the Yakima Valley from which 3/4 of the hops used in the U.S. originate. (Those fields are almost walking distance from where my father grew up.) – Mike

    • Mike, did you see I included your name and John Fogerty’s song and the line you quoted about being put into a baseball game? Thanks a million!
      I remember your posting on each country you visited something interesting about their beverages. You are one who with Florence met a lot of people so I am grateful you shared about the pursuit of a labor of love. Also, the Yakima Valley background. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • It’s a place which I felt radiated more than just a good business sense, but a genuine interest in the people who were workers, like Randy the painter, the welder, the guy who understands how to set up a canning line. It really was spanking clean, Diana! πŸ’«

    • Derrick, the new brewery’s people behind the scenes energy is fantastic! It really felt like they were appreciative of our coming. I was happy I got one of the two college roommates, Chris and Shane “hamming it up” in one of my personal favorites collection. πŸ˜€

    • Judy, I actually live in a town here in central Ohio where my friends and I like to frequent places or pubs which feature local brews. πŸ™‚ I tried a stout with “a chocolate finish” at the soft opening for this brewery.
      I was up in Cleveland, visiting daily my Mom who has had some decline in thought processes. We had lots of fun sitting in the attached garden watching and listening to birds. She enjoyed many years of sewing, so she would have liked it has I shown her your brown barn quilt.
      It was fun to get out one of the nights and see the place my brother has been working on artwork.

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