The exterior mural, Randy’s work in progress



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    • Thank you, Jill for your astute observation! He needs to start painting in the cool of the morning and check weather reports. Randy told me one of the days with temps in the 90’s he had to use twice the amount of paint; since instead of swishing and spreading, it dried as soon as it touched the warehouse exterior wall!

    • It’s coming along! 🙂 I hadn’t taken into consideration the heat is drying paint so fast that he is using more, Chris. Usually you can dab a glob on and swish it around in some areas like the brown borders or blue skies. Weather can work foro or against progress, in more ways than one!

    • Shehanne, I’m glad you pointed this out! 🙂 Randy does camouflage quite a lot; while creating a whole different appearance once this mural is finished.

    • Marissa, bless you! You made me smile! 🙂 I’m hoping drivers of Cleveland will enjoy driving past this warehouse, discovering it is now a brewery restaurant!! 🙂

    • Me, too! I will have to bug him to send me a finished photo of the entire wall, Diana. 😉
      Previously, this was a long vacant warehouse, so hoping city drivers will do a “double take” when they travel past this mural! The truck is carrying a large grain “hops” with little hops trailing afterwards, in the original drawing.

    • This comment about my brother’s mural was very nice of you to say, Judy!
      I will say “Cheers” to you, Master Gardener, quilter supreme and fellow door post-er!” 🍻

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