Unfinished Randy’s mural on side of Saucy Brew Works



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    • I’m thrilled at your seeing the rough outlines, also the potential in this. Thanks! xo 💐
      Randy texted me that his cellphone isn’t taking photographs and he is working on getting someone to take a picture of his finished mural (today, the 10th)! I wish I lived closer, Shehanne.

    • Dan, it seems massive to my 5’2″ self, too. I’m excited because Randy texted me today to say it is completed.
      Sadly, his cellphone hasn’t been taking pictures; his digital camera was broken over the weekend.
      One reason why I took so many pictures while at the opening. . . I guess it’ll be there whenever he gets a picture, Dan. It’s not “going anywhere!!”

    • It does look kind of cool, Colleen. 😊
      I’m rather impatient, since Randy texted me that this truck mural is finished! 🎨
      He had some trouble while I was there with his cellphone. He also broke his digital camera, silly man, by putting a strip of duct tape on the lens cap since it kept opening while we were hiking.
      He went to take a photo while I was there and (duh!) pushed the button to open the lens and the tape held it back which broke the mechanism. One of the reasons I took so many pictures of the opening. . . I almost want to drive up to Cleveland just to see the mural. sigh

      • Yeah, a genius artist but still a goofy nerd at heart. Probably could have just as easily broken his glasses in that heat, sweat pouring off his face.
        I would love a road trip but have a church block party with grandies as my guests on Saturday. Helping the recent bride, oldest daughter, pack up her apt since they get their new house key 🔑 on the 26th! Yay!

    • Thank you for admiring this mural, Jennie. Randy texted me and it is frustrating, I want to drive up and see it! Also, he had accidentally broken his camera and his cellphone camera isn’t as good as mine is. . . I’m almost ready to climb in my car to drive up and see it!

    • Randy texted me while I was at work and he said the mural is completed, Luanne. I cannot wait to see it, hope he can get the pictures to me soon!
      Long story short, his cellphone doesn’t take good photos and his digital camera lens got stuck. Partly why I took so many photos of the brewery opening. . .
      I was trying to keep up with my plethora of blog posts, Luanne. I couldn’t stop “sharing!” 😊

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