“Boys of Summer” series: the shadow knows. . .


He’s my shadow,

He’s his Mom’s shadow,

He follows Mom’s Daniel,

He’s his Coach’s shadow,

He knows things,

Sometimes his empathy

pours out, as in sorry for his

classmates who don’t have breakfast

or cannot play in sports due to costs,

or crying that “Pete needs a family!”

which truly made my good friend,

Linda and I burst into tears

during scene in “Pete’s Dragon.”

So, he stands and looks up to

his three coaches, each unique

in background and personality. 

He answers “The Coach” when 

he shouts out questions,

Where do you throw the ball?

(whichever base is next to 

player arriving or stealing. The kids 

answer, “First/Second/Third base”

or “Throw it Home!!”

Which base do you run like crazy?

(“Every base!”)

Who do you look out for?

(“Your team!”) or (“Teammates!”)


Baseball is an acquired taste,

but many friends know 

I love Cleveland Indians,

Columbus Clippers,

and small town 

summer league games.


Another special note:

Branch Rickey was the man

who discovered Jackie Robinson,

~ 1946 ~

also we were blessed to have

him live and serve as Coach

of Ohio Wesleyan University,

in his final years of experience.

The movie, “42” opened here

in Delaware, Ohio, 

~ 2013 ~

The members of Rickey and

Robinson families came to

the grand opening!

It was held at

Delaware, Ohio at

The Strand Theatre.

On my July 4th post, the tickets

and memorabilia were featured.

~ ~ ~ ⚾ ~ ~ ~

Thanks for sticking with this

“Boys of Summer” series.

Dylan Thomas included 

the original phrase,

“boys of summer”

in a long ago poem.

In 1972, a Brooklyn Dodgers

book was titled, “Boys of Summer.”


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    • Derrick, he would fit right in with your happy, active family! 🙂 That is a great way to describe him ~ a lovely lad.
      Of course, Dylan Thomas goes back the farthest, then the book and lastly, the song mentioned on my first post.
      I have to admit, Rich knew the book and your poet, adding it on last Tuesday before they flew off to teach Susan’s college students in France. 🗼

    • Shey, thank you! Isn’t he so cute right behind the Coach playing shortstop? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and start the week with fun happenings! xxxxxxx

    • Thank you, Brenda! 💕 It is especially fun to watch kids doing their attempts of beginning activities. Micah sat through lots of Sky’s games, finally getting too old for t-ball, asking to play Coach’s pitch. When Coach chose him to play short stop, we were so happy.

      He whacks the ball and makes it to base, very wildly! The parents and I chuckle in the chair section. I really don’t know much about any sports but love watching.

    • Jill, I’m proud of how he is and appreciate your saying this. ❤ I’m glad the series was of interest. Trying new ideas out worked this time! ⚾

    • I’m sure all of your grandies have kind hearts, too. Micah is more than the others, for his age. He gives a lot! It’s cool when each child has a special gift, his seems to be caring for others. Thanks, Beth. 😊

    • Thank you, Chris. Maybe he’ll be like you and travel somewhere to teach or serve in another caring profession. Some kids go beyond and he does with giving his heart. 😊

    • In the world where some people say parents are too competitive I am glad not to see this. I sigh with relief how the parents in this little league, say supportive things like, “Good try!” or “Nice run!” even as the other team is catching the ball. ⚾ I think it’s cool you watch a little bit of the young guys playing ball, Dan. It’s all about summer! 😊

  1. I’ve missed a number of these posts Robin – too little time this past week. I’m so glad I got back to read this one. I am made very happy to read of Micah’s great talent (apart from baseball) compassion is a virtue that will bring him, and those around him, grace throughout life. It also sounds like a boy who admires and respects his elders too, another virtue of grace! His mama is doing such a good job with raising her children!! ❤

    • Thanks for the compliment for my oldest daughter, Carrie! She’s been on her own for quite some years now.

      I’m so happy she will have someone gentle, good and kind to share parenting the boys as they reach their teens, to shore up her rules. 😉

    • Pauline, never worry about missing posts! I got carried away with the brewery opening and fully expected one or two photos. I have several I may trickle in slowly but surely. Thank you for all the times you already commented. xo

  2. Baseball is an acquired taste, and my son explained to me that it’s the intelligent sport. I do like football a little more, I admit, so I am not smart in sports at all haha.

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