In front of the brewery, Saucy Brew Works


The bar servers were happy 

to gather together,

even though quite

a Rush on ales,

beers, and stouts!

Under the letters:

S B W.

This is the front of the

Restaurant/ Tavern / Brewery

called Saucy Brew Works.

At least they didn’t have

to carry trays of exotic pizzas!


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    • Jill, I would have liked this place! I worked in a German restaurant-tavern and wore a puffy sleeved blouse, shorts and bib-strapped outfit! It may have been cute but my shoulder straps fell down, I was 17 but still served beers!

    • Thank you, Diana for noticing the taps for their original, tasty brews! I’ll mention the six kinds on another post, only because they offered free sampler trays of 6 – – 5 oz glasses of them. No, I stuck to sipping only one regular goblet of stout with a chocolate “finish.” Mmmmm!🍷

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