The back of S B W initials, looking in on the opening party


I met the welder of this metal

initials sign,

S B W.

It was like a 

Piece of artwork

an icon to become,

 Saucy Brew Works.

The welder was so excited to see 

both front and back perspectives.

Hope this isn’t putting 

anyone to sleep!

Home late,

after midnight.


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    • They had so many great people there, wish I had taken notes of all their names, Dan! It was a nice opportunity for those hard workers to pass out their “cards!”

    • Luckily, this was held on Sunday July 2, 2017. I was off all weeklong, just finishing out my photos taken. I had a lot of my time left to relax before coming back on the 7th. Thanks, Diana! 😊

    • This gathering was still during their rewarding the workers, “soft opening nights, Deborah! A lot of great people with their families. “They cleaned up well!” (Dressed up with kids in tow.) ⭐

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