Downtown Columbus rainbow




Light shining

through the dark skies.

Double rainbow,

sent from Felicia, 


Just in time for 

simple, special sign 

from nature,



you have

a splendid,

Serenity Sunday.


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  1. That’s a fabulous angle you got that shot from Robin – I love it! I’m just about to toddle off to bed to read for a half hour before sleep…… So thank you for this lovely photo to finish my day. xoxo

    • I received this post as I woke, so it started my day off well! My youngest daughter took this photo down in Columbus, the “big city” and she had had a busy day, came out and the rainbow lifted her spirits! hugs xo πŸ’–

    • It was a pleasant surprise, Jill!
      Felicia had had a rather tiring day, rain tends to ascerbate her rheumatoid arthritis. A real estate client was troubling her, shopping to get her groceries and the rainbow made her evening! Hope the rainbow brings you luck in some special ways! πŸ’•

    • I’ll pass this on to my youngest daughter Felicia who shared it! It came to me s the perfect time. It turns out one of her real estate clients was being a pain, her rheumatoid arthritis was acting up since it had rained all day, then she was shopping. . . It came at the perfect time for her.
      This is how unexpected blessings brighten our days. Hope you have a beautiful day, Jodi! πŸ’–

    • I’ll pass on the super compliment to Felicia from you, Mike! You’re welcome but really thank you for being here! Where in the world was your favorite rainbow? πŸ™‚

    • Thanks very much, Colleen!! I was blown away by first, the fact Felicia took this and second, her sharing it. We have a lot of special moments and she knows I blog. Also, she knows how photos are an impetus to write my feelings and thoughts down.

    • Aww, Marissa! Hope you got the double dose of serenity and it was faster than my reply, dear!
      I took the 3 grandies with M’s as first initials, to see “Spider-Man Homecoming.” We also went to a park on Sunday, then helped pick up twigs and branches to help a parent out before they mowed their lawn! I sometimes need a weekend to rest up before the week started. πŸ™‚

  2. The photo is a lovely gift from your daughter, Felicia. The shot is an excellent capture that highlights the old red brick buildings. I suppose one could call it a lucky shot. I haven’t seen a rainbow in years. Too many trees in the way.

    • Well, Yvonne, if you haven’t seen a rainbow in years, I’m glad you had this one to look over. I agree, the scene is unique with an older shopping area. It is cool to put a grocery store in this plaza.
      At least trees blocking your view aren’t ugly like nearby factory or smokestacks from manufacturing! I have to put a positive spin on this, you know? πŸ™‚

  3. Reminds me of Genesis 9: 8-17….that God won’t destroy all of us at once by a flood. Double rainbow–In the Bible, repeating something makes it doubly as important. God is telling us He still cares! πŸ™‚ Great image, Robin—combined with your words!

    • It was a perfect day to have a heavenly sight, Jan. It really comforted me and lifted my spirits. I was happy to receive the picture text and pass this on. Hope you had a beautiful beginning to your week.

    • Ian, I noticed your like earlier, but went through the friends in order. . . Thank you for your compliment, I’ll pass it on to my youngest! She’s a sweety to have shared this with all of us. πŸ™‚ Best wishes for a lovely week! 🏡

  4. Rainbows always make me smile. They’ve come to me during dark times to give hope. This one is especially wonderful. If I saw it in person, I would wear it upside down on my face.

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