Book Review: “Second Chance Romance,” by Jill Weatherholt 🌸


On vacation, I had the pleasure of

reading a book titled, 

“Second Chance Romance,”

by fellow blogging friend,

Jill Weatherholt. 

An accident brings the female character

into the arms of emergency worker,

paramedic Jackson.

Melanie was on her way to Aunt 

Phoebe’s from the big city, 

to talk her into moving closer to her. 

Rebecca is Jackson’s daughter 

who pulls on her heartstrings.

There is sadness in her eyes, the story

slowly revealed. Only when her aunt

becomes incapacitated for awhile,

does her pace slow down, her focus

becomes aware of how small town

folks can unite and transcend

over obstacles. This endears

the locals to her own hurting

heart. There’s an unexpected 

“Bump in the road,” a twist in the plot.

The story has levels, faith and

layers, like an onion you will

peel off, unraveling two sad

situations, potentially making

one whole out of the broken pieces.

Jill Weatherholt is a dear friend,

who drew me in through her ability 

to describe setting and characters,

creating a reality from written words.

She’s also been a gracious hostess 

for summer season, featuring

fellow bloggers who are 

authors. This was one 

of my pile of books.

📔 📖  📚 📕 📗

It held my attention.

If I were rating this,

I would give it a 

Five stars of five!


Please check out Jill’s blog:

or look into the Love Inspired books:

You’re in for a treat or more! 


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  1. I have been very sure that Jill writes a wonderful story Robin and your review validates that feeling. Sadly Amazon charges an arm and a leg for shipping to this country so I’m hanging out until I get an e-reader for this one. I am so glad to hear you enjoyed it and would give it the big 5 star rating! ❤

    • Maybe we could get a way to send this to you, Pauline! I cannot do emails since my cellphone is overwhelmed with thousands of these, literally!
      Somehow you will have to direct me to a past post where your address is located. . .🔍 Be mysterious! xo 💖

      • You are very kind and that is a very sweet offer Robin, even though I can’t accept it (for a couple of reasons) my heart is warmed by it. ❤ I'm sure it won't be too much longer before I get an e-reader. xo

    • Well, sharing books is part of my background, Pauline. I’m sure you have good reasons and am glad you knew this to be sincere.
      I understand caution in giving out addresses. I did remember you have sent mail and received mail. You are a person who is generous and warm. 😊

    • This was such a wonderful comment including “lovely human story.” I agree with your analysis of our never stopping growth and learning. For sure: never give up! Beth, thanks for your congratulations to Jill.

      • Yours is included in that pile, Anneli. You’re correct: my reward will be reading them.
        This means I will have a wide variety of subjects with meaningful messages. Along with great use of imagery and imagination!

    • It was very well written, capturing a small town atmosphere, Sandhya. It is where a folksy restaurant is a gathering place. This is where neighbors care about each other and when tragedy happens, people pull together. Thanks 🏵 for reading this book review! 📖

    • So glad you liked this, Shehanne. To prove I was at my sister-in-law’s house, I found her lamp with hand painted apple cores which an apple orchard is in the plot and on the cover of Jill’s book. 🍎🍏
      I will try to find a cool place to capture your two adventure books when I end up reading and reviewing them. xo 💖

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