If the flowers are daisies. . . .


. . . there must be you, Pauline.

My friend who paints, enchants

me with glittering danglers,

surprises me with pretty 

wide-eyed, eyelashed 

young women and

rainbow colored 

dream catchers,




high among

the stars and 

into the galaxy!

Her recent daisy painting,

has multiple trademark 

pastels in mint green, 

turquoise, purple 

and light lavender.

The white petals are wispy

at tips and  her yellow centers

become defined by brown, 

golden-edged shadows.

Please feel Pauline’s touch

upon your soul, as you

check out her art

and recent 




~~~~ * Ā° * ~~~~

Oh, and please don’t eat the daisies!

(a bow to essayist Jean Kerr, 1957 book)


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  1. It looks like someone took some daisies are artfully scattered them in the foreground! They’re so brilliant. Lovely shot with the water and greenery behind them.

    I visited Pauline’s blog and left a comment there.

    • I love their cheerful and ensuring qualities, too. šŸ˜Š For my first wedding my Mom had my bridesmaids choose a color from swatches so they each wore different colors, their bouquets were made of daisies whole my bouquet was of all their (dress) colors. I am truly a hippie, in my love of simply nature.

    • Jill, I appreciate this warm compliment about our mutual and dear friend!
      I loved that movie (and later, the television show!) It was such a fun theme of her play writing and theater evenings while raising boys in a walk up apartment suite. I always like Doris Day and think David Niven was her husband in the film. . .

      • I like older movies and have seen it due to nostalgia, Pauline. Doris Day comes off as a strong, smart writer and I think it was fun to remember that idyllic time in my life. šŸ™‚

        I also liked Brian Keith and Doris Day in, “With Six You Get Eggroll.” It is a fun, madcap movie about widow and widower with a combination of six kids. šŸ’–

      • I liked Brian Keith so I’m sure I would have seen that movie too though I don’t remember it. Maybe one day I’ll have a nostalgia evening of old movies from my far away youth šŸ˜€

    • So happy you enjoyed this, Chris! Pauline had a fun series of starting a canvas on an easel, first very bright and abstract leading to words added and then layers of colors and then, a mystery revealed at the end. Crazy guesses had us all chuckling as we saw each new layer added. šŸ˜€

  2. Oh did you ever find a lovely spot with Daisy’s! I could easily spend an hour or two there.

    Your introduction to Pauline is just wonderful! Clicking over now to see her work.

    Have a wonderful week-end! xx

    • Thank you, dear Marissa! I have an upcoming post with a park bench and a few names of people who I would love to meet in person. You’re a very special person who I would love to shop at vintage clothing shops or listen to you play and embarrass you with my dance moves. xo

  3. Good morning Robin! I wondered why I had so many new comments on an old post this morning, and quickly discovered they all were sent by you – what a lovely treat for a cold and wet Sunday morning! (We have had three days of civil emergency status with flooding and chaos and slips and evacuations and so forth. I being among the fortunate, was not at all affected – so feeling very grateful here!) Your lovely friends have made my day brighter and you of course have led the way!.
    I love your photo, it features three of my favourite things – water, daisies and tranquility. I would enlarge it and print it and frame it if I were you! Blessed! Thank you xoxo

    • You’re very welcome, Pauline. I saw those daisies and immediately thought of you! šŸ’Ÿ šŸ’«
      I know you will understand that once I had responded many times, I started on three baby name pictures. A dreamcatcher for my grandie, “Hendrix” who turns two in August, a “Rowen” for a fellow worker grandma’s new grandson and a “Jaden” for a young couple whose husband works with me and is a first time father to a baby boy.
      I had a nice visit with the guy I like over the telephone, whole storms caused me to say stay home and safe. šŸ™‚

      • Your art work sounds delightful Robin – please do share them on your blog, I’d love to see! Do you know I was wondering if you were still seeing your ‘guy’. You mentioned him once a while back but nothing since. I’m glad you have a nice friend – I know you wanted one and it is nice to get what we want once in a while šŸ™‚ You had summer storms? We had our annual ‘once in a hundred years’ flood. We’ve had one every year for the past three…… I am fortunate and a little higher than many in our long street who do suffer various degrees of water damage.

  4. A very pretty scene highlighting the daisies in the foreground with the eye appealing reflection of the trees in the water. You have a very talented friend but it’s not clear to me who took the pic.

  5. Enjoyed looking at Pauline’s progression of painting daisies, music, and your lovely photo of daisies by the water. Daisies must be among the happiest flowers!

    • Debby, it was a beginning of a thought and then completed in the post. I was being fun loving using a free style title.
      Thanks so much for your compliments! I appreciate your saying the photo looks like a painting, dear. šŸ’–
      You’re correct, daisies are flowers. šŸŒ» The post says, “If the flowers are daisies. . .” (not roses, daffodils or lilies, for example) “then this post is for Pauline (who loves daisies).”

      If they were roses, they may be for my Mom, if they were daffodils they may be for my Spring grandchild or if they were lilies they might be for Derrick who features lilies of all kinds in Jackie’s gardens.

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