Delaware, OH park system: Mingo Park


Although Dan was mentioned

recently in connection to Sears

department  and  hardware

stores, I already had this

pre-scheduled and cannot

skip over this lookalike dog!

Some posts this week will include

someone who the post inspired

me to feature and dedicate to.

This pretty red Irish Setter

named Mickey helped me

think of Dan Antion’s

Maddie at:

No Facilities blog:

I hope you will enjoy 

my series of parks

with my regards

and shout out’s

to friends.

Happy hiking,

camping, picnics, and

climbing play equipment!

Here are a few more male friends

who deserve a shout out:

Chris ~

George ~

Derrick ~

John ~


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    • Thank you, Jill! 🌞 Such a great little hill, my grandies love rolling down it. They ran up to say “hello” to the sweet tempered Mickey. They play here a lot on the swings and “big toy” equipment. 🌻

    • This is one of three parks in our town, Beth. 🌻 It is located by the Olentangy River tributary, where the Mingo Native Americans settled peacefully here. 🌾

    • Hi Shehanne! 🌞 I’m working on my individual book reviews, so not too long your Lady Fury’s and your book will have its own place on my blog. ❀ xoxo

    • Hi, Shehanne! I just went to leave detailed and sincere apologies for missing your posts. I finished Carol and Carolee’s reviews of Splendor and of the Rake and Brittany’s book. I adore your hamstah’s who are both sweet and ornery.
      I also liked Robbie and Michaels sugary chocolate books, I think iwrote two responses on both of these and they may be awaiting approval(?)!! I will go back and check dear. Hugs to you and the playwright. Maybe the two of you could pitch the Drew Barrymore 🌠 and Aidan Turner 🌠 story about Splendor to make a period piece movie? xx ❀ I like the way she wants to break into the old men’s club of Chess. Such a fascinating story, dearest. xo

  1. I appreciate you including a dog element in your summer park theme. You reminded me of a passage I just read (in Sen. Al Franken’s latest book) about an Iraq War veteran who had a service dog to help him through PTSD. This lonely veteran said, ‘People won’t walk up to a grizzled old veteran, but they will walk up to pet a friendly golden retriever.’ That was his only way of connecting with people. – Mike

    • Aww, I’m so glad you shared Al Franken’s latest book. It is true dogs tend to soften children’s feeling and also, fears of grown men and women.

      I always make my grandies come and ask me before they pet a dog, then I accompany them. Two reasons, sadly men use puppies sometimes to lure children and second, my oldest daughter had a bad bite at age four on the edge of her forehead.
      Unfortunately, I got a call at work, Carrie was in the ER with a babysitter. Her skull bone showed when the ice pack was lifted. She was thankfully, lying asleep with anaesthetics on a gurney in ER. I asked the homeowner and dog owner, “Do you have great home insurance?” I turned to the ER doctor and asked him to find the best plastic surgeon possible, “no offense to him.” I didn’t want stitches that would scar her. They still look like an arrowhead above her forehead. I add this cautionary tale since even sweet tempered dogs make mistakes.
      Thank you, Mike! I’m glad there are service dogs who add comfort to the elderly in nursing homes, help bring out children who have autism and aspergers syndrome, and calm down people in disasters. They are living angels in almost every stressful situation. ❀

    • Thank you, Anneli! I really liked this scenery and had my own three children roll down this hill here. Now their children like rolling down it. 🌳 🌞

  2. That’s a lovely shot Robin and of course I love that it has a dog in it! I agree with Mike’s comment about dogs making people more approachable. That was certainly my experience when Siddy came into my life. I went from being invisible to everybody on the street to making a royal progress every morning as we wave and stop to speak to passing folk. It’s a different world! Popped over to your friend Dan’s blog and had a read of his latest post. I enjoyed his train of consciousness story. He is humorous! Thank you for your generous shout out to me yesterday, I enjoyed the opportunity of making contact with a few more of your friends, that was fun! Have a good week dear Robin ❀

    • You’re very welcome, Pauline! I’m happy you enjoyed it and saw those daisies! They just made me instantly know that they were your post. ❀
      I’m glad a few friends stopped by! I drew, pen and inked then water colored three baby name pictures and didn’t blog almost the whole weekend.
      I like how you mentioned Siddy but hope you understood my two reasons why I don’t allow my grandies go to pet dogs. I wrote these reasons to Mike but they are a cautionary tale. πŸ™‚

      • As a dog owner I am always appreciative of people who ask me ‘May I pet your dog?’ before attempting to approach him. It is very good when children ask this too, it shows they have been well educated. As you know Siddy is the friendliest of pups, but strangers should not take this for granted, though many do. If we do not know their background, the way they have been raised or treated or if we are on ‘their’ turf we should always be respectful. Siddy once gave both me and the woman who quickly approached the open car window a real fright by barking loudly at her. She was approaching his turf uninvited i.e I had not spoken to her first, and he responded with a loud warning bark. So even the friendliest of dogs, when caught off guard by a quick approach and without the leaders permission will react unfavourably. I think it is wise to always err on the side of caution and always ask permission. πŸ™‚

      • Thank you, my lovely friend! So much has happened close to me, dogs are extra special in our family with Rich and Susan having big dogs and the little dog who Mom saved from the lake. πŸ’ž
        (Her Nicki died this summer but a long 15 years and she sat on Mom’s lap in June so Mom is not too sad.)

        The news includes that men have used little dogs and puppies to lure children into cars, either by showing a picture and asking them to help or asking them to hold one on the way somewhere. I love my beautiful (inside and out) grandies so thanks for saying, It is okay “to err on the side of caution is always best.”
        I bet your sweet Siddy is very protective of his dear Mama! ❀

      • Oh my goodness! I have not heard of that luring thing before – the awfulness of some human beings!! Siddy has never had an opportunity to prove his protectiveness to me when we are out walking. I think he would be too busy jumping delightedly all over any one who approached and, if they were sub-human I think his pure joy would probably scare them off πŸ™‚ I did not know that your mom’s little Nicki had passed, and I am sorry to hear that – but glad that your mom is not pining. I recall you said they weren’t living together any more some time ago. Siddy visits an old folks home every week and is a great hit. Many do not remember us from one week to the next, which is okay as it makes every meeting new and he loves doing his rounds and saying hello and getting pats and treats and smiling at them. I do some craft work with a few who are interested while others drift about and watch for a while and have a little chat. I don’t know why I told you that just now πŸ™‚ xoxo

  3. Such a lovely dapply picture and such a lovely thing to do – highlighting your friends’ blogs. I am familiar with all but two so I will be finding a nice dapply spot of my own to go and discover them xo

    • Aww, my Fiona dear! Thanks for your shining self and how your “dapply” word made me smile! I’ve been working on three baby name pictures this weekend and fell behind here. I’m so glad you may check in on the men listed here. xo

    • Hi, dear Christy! I had a lovely art-filled day and missed a few people. Thanks for liking the photo and my fellow blogging friends.
      I appreciate your Sunday hugs! xx πŸ’–

  4. What a lovely park so lush and green! I wanted an Irish setter for the longest time, but they aren’t on the the list for Asthmatics so that got scratched. They are such beautiful dogs though.

    This is a lovely tribute to your blogging friends Robin!

    • Thanks so much, Deborah! I’m glad you enjoyed this. πŸ’– The Irish Setter is usually such a pleasant dog. I am sorry to hear about asthmatic breathing concerns.
      Take care and hope you liked your being my “featured guest on the bench on Monday.” 😊

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