Thursday’s Doors ~ the ‘burbs of Cleveland, Ohio


When I woke up at my brother,

Rich and Susan’s house,

ate my breakfast and

sipped hot coffee,

little did I expect

the baby fawns to be

out decorating the lawn,

across the street!

They live by North Olmsted park

where deer groups or families 

congregate and roam freely.

This is part of a series of

photographs taken up

in the suburbs on

the “West side”

of a rock and roll

city called Cleveland!

Check out more doors ~

Here’s a host with the most,

Canada fellow blogger,

Norm Frampton:

Happy doors hunting from all over!


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  1. What a lovely sight that must be first thing in the morning – or at any time really! We don’t have deer in the suburbs here – just in the high country, hidden, far away from the humans who hunt them. The door pales into insignificance besides these beautiful babies. Was Mama Deer somewhere around too?

    • Yes, they were precious fawns while Mama and Papa were eating in the side yard. Thank you, Pauline! I was worried when my brother, Rich, and Susan, moved in about the deer. Everyone drives carefully and they seem to co-exist well.
      I have to laugh, since their dogs were looking out the window but not barking. They must think the deer are their neighbors. 😊
      Takes the idea of yard art to a whole other level!

    • Lisa, thanks for this precious comment! I almost mentioned the homeowners were setting out their flower pots and lawn art objects, to further distract people. 🙂

    • You mentioned two truths, Dan. Cute and destructive! Susan has mentioned in the last time I visited over Memorial Day that the deer had eaten a variety of their spring flowers.

    • It was a wonderful treat, Gigi. Thanks for saying they are beautiful! I love deer’s eyes, like you call “doe eyes.” Thank you for such a special comment. 💐

  2. Right near Parma! Der sightings around here usually mean the habitat has been destroyed…. Gorgeous animals; they seem fragile, but maybe I’m just seeing the young’uns.

    • Not too far from Parma, John! 🙂 I may have told you this, but it bears repeating. My parents lived in Parma when I was a baby and baptized at the Episcopal Church by Parma Town (the old plaza Mall). We moved to Tennessee, then to Sandusky, Ohio and then to North Olmsted and finally in middle school to Bay Village.
      I agree, they seem fragile but there is much strength in their leanness.

    • It was a sweet surprise, Diana! ❤ I’ve seen teenager deer and groups or families crossing areas mostly in the evening. I went out to pick up the newspaper, hadyo run back inside the house to get my camera. Rich and Susan’s dogs (while I was housesitting) were standing there just looking not at all interested in barking. 🙂

    • It was very nice to have this happen, good lighting and all! Thanks, Luanne. I’m so happy your mother’s heart surgery was successful and she’s recuperating with you. The blueberry story and her reaction made me smile. (My Mom can be quite dramatic, too.) xo

      • Yes, although I have only been to Phoenix and driving north to the Grand Canyon, my grandparents lived in the Moon Valley neighborhood with the golf course in back yard. Hot, like an oven!!

    • It was such a beautiful gift as I was going out to pick up my brother and sister-in-law’s newspaper. The dogs weren’t even barking! 🙂 Ruby and Emma would have let me know! I could have missed this, since I had to go back inside to get my cellphone.

    • It was an amazing sight while I was at my brother Rich and SIL Susan’s home, dog and cat sitting. They were in France with college students. Thank you for the lovely comment, Millie.

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