Pen and ink baby name: Sawyer


Here’s my owl, fox

deer, raccoon and “woodsy”

baby name picture, Sawyer.

I thought you might like to see

how I draw in pencil, use an

ultra fine Sharpie, instead of

my long-time use of black

permanent ink bottle and a

pen with a pointy “nib”

screwed into it.

Next post,

adding the


 ~ 🌈 ~


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  1. That is adorable… You are a very talented lady! I will enjoy seeing the colours added but the outline has so much charm already that is be happy just as it is xo

    • Thank you, Fiona! ❀ I appreciate this very much. I have a way of “seeing” the whole name, with the place where the child will be. This helps a lot, since many children cannot find their name in print, (in U.S. we have little license plates with kids’ names on them to put on bikes.) I hear from parents this really helps 4 and 5 year olds. 😊

      • If I had known you when mine were small, I certainly would have commissioned you: Katurah, AliΓ©nor, Saskia and Demelza … all grown to soon ☺xo

    • Oh, thank you very much, Sarah! ❀ Hope to be making my “catch up” rounds! This has been a wonderful month with my oldest daughter marrying and then they found a house to buy and these past two weeks, we had a yard sale and then packed her two boys, her new husband’s and her stuff up. Yesterday, we managed to get most of it moved in and now, unpacking and then, back to clean up old apt. πŸ™‚

      • Oh, thatΒ΄s wonderful news, Robin! Many congratulations to your daughter and her husband! What a busy time you all must have had!
        Hope you are well and that your eyes are fully recovered from surgery now. Wish you a wonderful week with lots a lovely sunshine! πŸ™‚ ❀

    • Thanks, Lisa! ❀ I have helped recently married (oldest) daughter last weekend have a yard sale. This weekend, we packed and help move her, the boys and new husband into their first house. 🏑
      Funny, since today they have to both work, so off to pool later with Micah. Today, I hope to see all of the beautiful posts you share your photos with us.

    • Thank you very much, Merril. We finally moved the last boxes into Carrie and Daniel’s new house at 7 pm last night. It will be fun later today to unpack some boxes in their home and then, head over to their old apartment, to watch “Game of Thrones.” (While we sit on lawn chairs! Lol)
      No cable at new house until Thursday. πŸ˜€

    • Thank you, Beth!❀ It was fun to share the drawing part. I try to visualize the child at the age the letters will become meaningful at age 4 or so. 😊

    • This is very nice of you to say, Dan! πŸ˜€ Yesterday, we got most of Carrie’s and the boys’ “stuff” moved into the house she and her husband bought together. Every night this week, her boys, Skyler and Micah, helped pack her and my cars. Now, unpacking and settling in will be their next step. . . 🏑

  2. How did you learn to draw those little creatures? You have a natural talent, but did you practice copying cartoon characters as a child, or did you just make them up in your head, or did you have a little drawing book to help get you started?

    • Anneli, I think looking at children’s book illustrations while a kid helped me, as well as my parents had us give homemade birthday cards while they purchased cousins and friends gifts.
      I think one Father’s Day post awhile back, I may have mentioned my Dad gave us spiral bound journals to take to camp from 4th grade until 8th grade. He suggested we draw and write notes about our camp experiences. He took the time to go through them individually with each of us. I drew plants, flowers and my tentmates. Randy drew a lot and Rich wrote a lot. It was a way he could relate to us as we were getting older.
      Lastly, we made homemade candles, built wooden doll beds for my Barbies and houses for along the tracks for trains my brothers received from Santa. We learned all three of us to make woodburned items with designs, candlestick holders and decorative plates.

      My Dad worked from age 11 on, so his idea of “family” he created from what things he felt he missed. πŸ™‚ My Dad’s paintings are dark, stormy lakes with barges on them; along with his inventions of radioactive flying crafts. πŸ˜€ (NASA engineer.)

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