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Thursday’s Doors ~ fairy house door


An artist made this fairy house

which my oldest daughter,

her new husband and two

boys discovered as one

of many pleasant 

surprises left

by Lucy, the

last owner.

Hope you enjoyed

this whimsical door 

selection close to our hearts.

You see, over thirty years

ago, I went to a “newcomers

club” here in Delaware, Ohio.

One woman named Lucy was 

friendly and helpful. . .

She was a counselor who

had just moved to town,

no children but we

had art in common.

🎨  🖼

A couple years later,

we lost touch. I, with 3

children, she never married.

First, she met my youngest

daughter, the real estate 

agent whose last name

isn’t mine, then her

sister, my oldest daughter.

Lucy said she felt, “positivity

radiating between them.”

Enjoyed the newlywed

husband and 2 boys,

Micah and Skyler.

After we met again, many

years later~ extra wrinkles and

changes, we sensed a connection.

I hugged and kissed her!

Thank you, Lucy.

Oh, and thanks to two females

who are often in my Life:

Lady Luck 🍀


Mother Nature. 🍃

Thanks to Norm,

our Thursday Doors leader,

Please check out other links

to doors and you may make friends, too.

It isn’t that hard to find a door 🚪

even a refrigerator door “counts!”

Thursday’s Doors ~ fairy outside her door


This fairy is quite sweet,

very friendly and not shy.

She asks you to get on knees,

lean in to tell her a fairy tale

or ask you to inform her if

the weather will change

so she may get inside

before it rains.

🌧 ⛈ 🌧

🌼 🏰 🌸

Do you have a short

tale to tell sweet fairy,

or a fairy joke to 

bring her


Thursday Doors is a part of

a door seeking group

rounded up by a

blogger named

Norm Frampton at:

Have a magical day exploring doors!

Book Review: “Orion’s Gift,” by Anneli Purchase


Two people who have been unhappy 

and lonely, although in marriages,

each have an impetus to escape.

One reason to leave is the

mail brings a mysterious 

letter whose content is

left unknown to you, reader.

The subject reluctantly is revealed.

The other person receives an

unexpected “windfall.” This

novel full of intrigue is

written by my friend and

fellow blogger, Anneli Purchase.

These two “lost” souls have back

stories which both have overlapping 

pain and past controlling spouses.

They come from two different 

countries, Canada and the U.S.

For Kevin, unfortunately time has been

hard on his marriage. His anguish

is palpable, his decision to leave

has been a long time coming.

It means he will be leaving a

son and daughter behind.

Sylvia has a womanizing 

husband who doesn’t 

show her love nor 


The two characters 

make a choice to leave and go on

their own into the wild southwest,

using camping gear and exchanging

dollars into pesos, crossing into 

Mexico. How their paths cross

is a well written and fascinating

story which feels serendipitous

and holds the magic of romance.

Lessons learned on the road are

interesting to me, a cautionary tale.

Don’t trust the border patrol, follow

them as they enter your van or camper.

Use a sanitizing product, safe for foods

such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bring immodium to prevent the

effects of not using precautions

in preparation or restaurant food.

Bring passport, purchase Mexican

insurance once in the country.

Otherwise, in case of accident,

you may end up in jail!

Once in a bigger city,

apply for a “Travel Visa.”

Find campgrounds and if alone,

park between two family or couple

occupied vehicles. Have your door

face the vehicle which seems most

safe, friendly and outgoing.

🌅  🏕  🚐  🌄  

Speaking of this, one of the

first couples Sylvia meets is

an elderly man and his wife.

For me, this made me smile since

they actually have my parents’ first

names of Bob and Rose. (Mom

was named Rosalie, but often friends

or family members called her “Rosie.”

They owned a transvan and liked

traveling from one end of the

country to the other.)

Check in cafes for local public 

access to WiFi and inexpensive 

computer usage to check on

situations which you may not

want to have your phone “traced.”

Sylvia’s letter hangs heavy on her

mind, mainly while alone on the

road. She has to fight off men,

even facing possible rape,

along with worrying about her 

situation. Her ex, Joel, may track

her down. Kevin remembers the sad

way his family life declined. His wife,

Shiree, belittled him in front of his

children and used her bulky body

to intimidate and bully him.

Both Kevin and Sylvia are

attracted to each other. Each

have had their confidence eroded.

There are many disasters along their

paths, apart and then together. 

These manage to attempt derailing 

their hopeful, optimistic futures.

Those incidents are really scary 

and life-threatening. 

I won’t give away the thrilling

middle of their adventures, but 

they are in a ruthless, rugged

part of a country where, “dead men. . .

(drug dealers, private investigator,

who knows who’ll be a victim?)

tell no tales. . . . ”

💀 ☠ 💀

I hope you will read this book to

find out how Kevin and Sylvia’s

adventures turn out.

You will have to hold onto 

your seat of the van or

camper, as it careens

down curving, steep

narrow dirt roads.

This is a

5 stars out of 5

rated novel!


You will enjoy other 

Anneli Purchase

books found at:

*”Julia’s Violinist”

*”The Wind Weeps”

*”The Reckoning Tide”

(A sequel to “The Wind Weeps.”)

Thank you for reading and 

please visit Anneli’s blog!

Bumblebee with white flower pollen



This bumblebee was so rude,

His or her behind facing outwards,

Entrenched deep into the blossom.

White pollen dusting its yellow

and black stripes.


Photo taken

by reocochran.


In my  five years of blogging,

I have met numerous dear

friends who have “grandies,”

which is an affectionate way

of labeling grandchildren.

Using a sense of humor to notice

in white flower bloom, there’s

a bee’s “bum” covered with pollen.

Kids find this amusing and silly! 

There are a long list of words

as a Nana, I have learned

to “never” say in front of

those “listening ears!”

Those inquiring

minds are on 

the lookout!

The other 

words for


are ones

you may have

to find





You are to me ~

the bee’s knees!

💚 🐝 💚

Thanks, everyone who show

patience in my tardy replies

and my late arrivals to

your lovely posts.

💮 🌻 🌸

Hendrix wants a backpack


Yes, Hendrix thinks he needs 

a backpack to go to school

like his big brother and

three sisters. Just in 

case this is your 1st

time visiting, my 

only son married

a divorced mom,

rescuing her and

two children. I

call their crew a

combination family.

Could you resist these

pleading eyes and wriggling

fingers, never still for very long?

No, not me! He’s going to be opening

on Saturday night at his birthday party

a Minions’ backpack full of toys,

coloring book, crayons and a

few surprises or more.

Have a wonderful weekend!






Thursday’s Doors ~ welcoming atmosphere, part 3


There’s two doors,

A double door post!

I liked the book box, it was already

featuring a great book, if I had “posed”

the setting the book you’ll see in front 

would have been put in the bookcase.

There’s pink and mint chairs over

there and beside the box, a mint

green chair ready to sit on,

once the visitor chooses

a book to read and savor.

Please check out the

other door posts!

You may leave 

one message,

if you wish!

Here’s the Man,

Norm Frampton, our doors 

Leader. Hope you enjoy 

exploring other doors,

there’s links here:

Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday’s Doors ~ book box, part 2


This book box is one of many

independent, fun borrowing 

stations located around our 

small town of Delaware, Ohio.

I’m sure there are some many

places across the country. I’m

not sure of their names or if

there is a movement or 

trend, when it started

and where it began?

Maybe there is a 

website or a founder

who came up with this

concept which is meaningful.

Books connect us and were our

first places to inform us of 

imaginary worlds, taking 

us across oceans and

into homes, museums

and so much more!

Fill in some blanks,

if you know more about

this borrowing book box!

Here’s a much appreciated man,

Norm Frampton,

Go to Norm’s blog which has 

blue frog links to other 

diverse doors, 

ones close to you 

or far away! 

🌍 * 🌐 * 🌎 * 🌐 * 🌏