Book Review: “Catling’s Bane,” by D. Wallace Peach


The layers of this fascinating

and mysterious book,

“Catling’s Bane,”

by  author and my

fellow blogging friend,

D. Wallace Peach

will surround you,

fill your mind,

and then the book

may just haunt or

bewitch you through

the wordsmith’s talent of

building another universe. In her

plot, both convincing you already

are immersed in this memorable

location, as you start to sink into

a hardscrabble existence. You live

within a whole different world

where the “Influencers” make

Hanging Day an enjoyable event.

Healing may come from the

touch of a person’s mind or a

gentle passing of their hand over

a gaping wound caused by the 

prevalent, controlling “enforcers”

and tier guards who patrol the

levels of this tough existence.

The murky, muddy waters are

clarified and truth’s light

will shine, as the presence 

of the “Founder” is their 

higher force to believe in,

help explains the unfairness, as

well as the good fortunes present.

Catling is born in a “tier” which

is humble and where fear is part

of her lowly life’s driving force.

Huge pylons hold up the levels in

this world called, Ellegeance. You

will want to feast your eyes on the

countryside, passing patchwork fields

and towering Fangwold Mountains.

You will become excited, as heading

to a celebration and city fair, when

you visit the colorful marketplace

and possibly sense the “influence.”

An effervescence comes from

a frightening, powerful force

which may or may not make

you wish to escape it. . .

unless you have a “shield” to 

prevent becoming entrenched here.

🌾 ğŸž  ğŸŒ² 🏔 🌳 🌱

 The author includes an illustrated map

which will help you to picture where

winding Blackwater and Slipsilver

rivers weave their power, 

combining darkness in

creatures called fierce “crajeks”

and benevolence in “waterdragons.” 

There’s lightness in the luminescence,

more visible in the evening. Glowing

and natural elements provide

scaffolding and become part

of the driving forces, almost as if

it is an overwhelming character.

Catling’s environment is one

of her challenges, along with her

rose-shaped birthmark. It has the

possibility of being a source of

attraction or discrimination.

Raker’s character has “slanted

green eyes and three-fingered

hands.”  He is considered of 

mixed heritage, one of many

uniquely described people.

Keela is the miserable mother 

of sweet Catling;  while Farrow, 

Vianne and Wenna appear in 

this unfolding tale, becoming

at times her maternal figures.

Characters provide guidance

in some form or other

throughout the book,

providing comfort and 

protection for her.

Raker and Gannon

are grown men of

dubious character ~ you

may be the judge of that!

The reader’s inner warnings 

“against” or affectionate 

leanings “for,” appeal

to your decision-making skills.

You’ll find Whitt and other 

young children to be amused,

(Rabbit and Bruiser among them)

during Catling’s younger years.

They’ll reappear later to play

a part in her adulthood.

This book entertains during

Catling’s journey of growth and 

development, ultimately she finds 

her true path. Will she choose to

lead her life using the power

of her “shield” for good?

x x x x x x x

It is a satisfying, captivating

book which will excite you,

knowing this is part of what 

D. Peach Wallace calls, 

“The Rose Shield Tetralogy.”

*~ Catling’s Bane

** ~ Oathbreakers’ Guild

*** ~ Farlanders’ Law

**** ~ Kari’s Reckoning.

Just when you reluctantly close

this enchanting book it will 

bring a sense of relief to

know, there’s more 

tales to be told!

I would give Diana’s

book, “Catling’s Bane,”

five stars of five.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Please check out 

Ms. Wallace’s 

first book

of this series 

which will lead 

you to engage in realms 

of fertile imagination found

in my dear friend, Diana’s mind!

Here’s her blog:

Along with this book series,

you will find the Dragon

Soul Quartet and her originals:

“The Melding of Aeris,”


“The Bone Wall”

and “The Sorcerer’s Garden.”


The book and painting background

photograph were taken by this

blog author, Robin O.Cochran.

Artwork was painted at age

16, by Caroline M. Crain.

She’s my oldest daughter

who came back from

Ecumenical Youth Group

from helping out a church group

put a metal roof on a recreational 

center in West Virginia. (1996)


56 responses »

    • I think you would like this book or Diana’s other series, Derrick. Thank you for compliment on Carrie’s painting of a little, muddy creek, she and her friends from church cooled off from working on a hot metal roof. It makes me want to say, “hot tin roof.” 🙂

    • Thank you, Merril! I’m glad you liked Carrie’s painting also.
      I had chosen the connection between Jill’s and Carol’s story lines and what their books would lean against easily. I wanted to show their books in a personal setting. It was a challenge for this fantasy world, but her river seemed to have shimmering above the muddy water, like Diana describes the “luminescence.”

  1. Aww Robin. This is such a wonderful review – so poetic – you captured the essence of the world and characters with your glimpses. I’m honored and delighted that you read the book and took the time to put this together. The image you created is beautiful.

    • Thanks so much for liking my book review. I hope if there is anything you would like omitted or added, you’ll let me know. . .
      Oh, those last pages of yours were very unexpected! You showed unflinching bravery writing them.
      I am happy you didn’t mind the painting behind your book! I like taking photos of my friend’s books in unique places. Jill’s has an apple orchard in the plot, so I took her book and leaned it against a lamp with apple cores on it. Carol’s includes two plane trips in her book; one for Campbell to accept an award and one for another character to travel for her education. So, an old, blue chest was incorporated with her book.
      Hmmm, it took me awhile to picture where your book belonged, Diana! 🙂

      • The review is awesome, Robin, perfect as is and beautifully written and presented. The image is striking. Thank you my friend for the care you put into the whole presentation. I also appreciate the invite to hang out on your blog today. It’s been a delight and I made some new friends. Hugs xx ❤

    • The respect and affection is mutual, Diana! 💫 I cannot wait until next season to purchase the rest of the series.
      I was thrilled you were able to do so, since I didn’t give you much notice! Thank you for connecting with my friends who some are already your friends, too. ğŸ’ž

    • Beth, I think becoming part of another world and it’s struggles helps me to set aside the present and relax. This Catling character and her story are exciting! The book has lots of twists and some graphic parts which make me think of how this could make it into the movies.
      Thanks for liking Carrie’s painting, too. ğŸŽ¨

    • Maniparna, thanks so much for enjoying the book review. It really is an intriguing book, taking the reader into another world. 😊
      It makes me get excited about ordering her other three books. . .

      I have had a busy, happy month of July. Carrie, my oldest daughter, got married, put a bid on a sweet house with her now husband and helped sell some of her furniture and the boys’ toys. Yesterday, (Monday) we had the last box carried into their new house. 🏡
      Work in the summer, at a car parts warehouse, is hot!
      Just tend to get behind in visiting my faithful friends. Thank you, dear, for stopping by and being often a kind commenter. ❤

    • Pauline, so glad you liked the book review! It is challenging to describe a uniquely created “world” without ruining some of the lovely and disturbing parts of Ellegeance. It definitely is a mature theme and tough lifestyle.
      I like thinking as I have been reading the summer books. How can I feature this book with a personal touch? Carrie’s painting as a backdrop, makes sense since the book is a fantasy. She drew it on the canvas while first home from a church trip. It was an ecumenical project to mount a metal roof onto a youth recreation center. The muddy creek water has glowing parts which reminds me of Diana’s “luminescence” which lights up the river’s water. ğŸž
      (This was actually my only Spring book. . . I was going to read it with that guy I dated for a whole year. I had to set it aside and come back to read it again.)

  2. I am always ready to take a break from my favorite genres (crime fiction, nonfiction history, thrillers) into a fantasy world. After reading your eloquent review, I am inspired to look into this book by your blog friend, D. Wallace Peach. Many thanks from an avid reader. – Mike

    • Mike, I really like crime solving books like the Alex Cross series, Jonathan Kellerman’s Dr. Delaware and enjoy re-reading Robert Parker’s “Spenser” with his girlfriend, Susan and “Hawk,” his good backup friend.
      I used to enjoy adventures and fantasy books. So, this brought some of my nostalgic feelings into play with a more mature perspective.
      I think you will find Diana’s descriptions, characters and plotlines exciting and there are some twists with graphic details. Thank you for such a lovely compliment for my book review!

  3. Hi Mike. Thanks so much for the kind comment and for considering a foray outside your usual reading.Robin did a great job enticing you. I hope that if you give it a shot, you’ll become an avid fantasy reader too!

    • D. Wallace, I feel like we are kindred spirits of a sort after reading you live on the Oregon Coast. I am a ‘West Coastie’ myself (Seattle originally), and I have spent many vacations up and down the coast. I look forward to reading first, Catling’s Bane, and perhaps the sequels.

      Good luck with your writing. I hope you climb the Bestsellers lists. – Mike

      • Thanks so much, Mike. I’m headed up Seattle way this weekend to visit my brother. I’m a tree hugger, so I live in the right part of the US to indulge in that pastime. 🙂 Your comment started my morning off with a smile. Enjoy your day and I hope you’re beating the heat! 🙂 ❤

  4. Robin, you’ve written a very compelling review! You’ve shared in a way that makes me want to read this book, and you didn’t fall into the trap that so often frustrates me–giving away the plot! I have enjoyed finding books and authors through the recommendation of fellow bloggers. I am sure I will find my way to this unique series. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the kind comment, Debra. I am so tickled by Robin’s review/poem. It’s a first and she did a lovely job of capturing the “aura” of the book. If you decide to give it a try, I hope you enjoy it. Happy Reading!

    • Debra, thank you for enjoying this book review and letting me know it peaked your interest. This was a lovely compliment on my review but it was mainly~ “the book that did the talking!” 😊

  5. I am such a HUGE D. Wallace Peach fan! (maybe a groupie?) I wouldn’t know which book to review if given the choice, but the Rose Shields series are definitely a great start.

    And it’s so thrilling to be able to interact with an author that we love isn’t it? It’s like being able to have a virtual conversation with Tolkien (RIP) or Rowling.

    Wonderful review.

    • Oh, Gabe, you are funny and, of course, your comment makes me grin. Didn’t Robin do a great job? My first review/poem! She’s a sweetheart and so are you. Happy Writing, my friend. ❤

    • Gabe, we have connected off and on, but definitely I appreciate this lovely comment about my friend and yours, Diana. She has written quite a lot but I am trying to purchase a few books each season. (Small apt and simpler lifestyle. . .)
      Thanks for such a fun comment about our being able to access our dear author friend and a fabulous writing persona. I liked the story locations which included a country market, river, countryside and the scary place in the end, too. Thanks, Gabe! 😊

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