Randy’s truck mural finished


Saucy Brew Works is in Cleveland, Ohio

~ a new restaurant, tavern and brewery.

Hopefully, someday you will taste

their canned beverages at your

“local watering hole.” Or be

able to see their name among

the other fine beverages

sold locally in your area.

Maybe they will have

their brews “on tap.”

🍺 🍻 🍺

You may see the door in this

truck mural and if you were

inside standing in the hallway 

leading to the restrooms, 

you might consider 

going outside, 

the music may be loud, 

the cellphone reception 

within this transformed old

warehouse may not allow

you to hear the person

on the line. Anyway,

just walk outside

and take this ALL in,

70 feet long painting.

It’s not one which is aesthetic

for a home or office, but it is

quite impressive. Hard to not

be proud of the real sweat,

aches and pains it took 

to complete this mural.

If you are on Facebook,

my brother is Randy

or Randall D. Oldrieve.

There’s a large amount of art 

to view, in his open domain area.

Otherwise, I post these not to 

promote the restaurant nor

the brewery which has great

ales, beers and stouts. It is

to share some art and smile 

in relief: It’s completed!

Yay, now go relax.

Coming soon:

the canning line

will be featured!


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    • I’m glad you enjoyed seeing this final mural on the warehouse wall, Jill. I enjoyed attending the “soft opening” of this brewery. I went with my brother, his friend, Kathy and his guy friend named Randy. (He’s married, came back with his wife Kristen to the second “soft opening,” the next night.
      They think it’s funny to introduce each other, but I really try to tell them: “It’s serious, you have to say one Randy is an artist (my brother) and the other is a technical and wiring expert!”

    • Fiona, thank you for deciding to look my brother up! 😊 If you want to see a family run, farming business series of murals, please use the dates on the right on my full page blog.
      Press “April, 2016” and you will be able to scan through to April 16, 2016. Randy did an amazing mural on two walls, incorporating 20 people in a family, covering over 50 or more years!! It is a completely different and personal style. Thanks, dear friend! xo 💖 💐

      • I will do that. I am delighting I being able to navigate properly as I am back in Wi-Fi after seemingly weeks without. Which means I can work on a proper screen which is helpful. I looked up Randy …. he really is very talented and I will find an opportunity to share some of his work on FaceBook where several of my artist friends lurk 😊xo

    • Thank you, Dan! Your comment was fun and amusing! Randy was asked to include hops in the clouds behind the truck, thought they may not show up but wanted to let you see this added humor. 😁

    • Hi, Tonya! Thanks so much for your “wonderful!”
      I have meant to tell you a family run farm hired Randy last year at their then, brand new shop. It’s called Bluescreek Farm Meat Market. When Fiona said this mural was so masculine, I thought of Randy’s mural which incorporated 20 family members with over 50 years or more between them. It holds history, farming, beef cows and pigs. They started selling fresh meat from a horse and buggy. . . It is under my tags of dates on April 16, 2016. You may have to go to the full page blog, though. Just if you ever wish to see another mural series by Randy. . . 🐖 🌻 🐄

  1. Stunning, Robin. 70 feet long is huge – what a project. I love the vibrant colors, the dramatic perspective, and the sense of movement. Your family is full of talent. I was looking forward to the final product. Thanks for sharing!.

    • Thank you for all of your great compliments about Randy’s brewery art murals, Diana! This was such a wonderful summary of all aspects. I liked the vibrant colors, too.

      • You’re so sweet! I’m glad someone said they appreciated I didn’t tell too much, Diana. I could have gone on and on. Especially how creative you were with time, seasons and the moons! xo 💐

    • I’m proud of his being able to make a living with his art. Thank you for saying Randy’s an amazing artist.
      I liked his farming family murals last April and many of his wooden sculptures, Anneli.
      This was quite an arduous project he completed on hot, long days. Randy had a quadruple heart bypass about four years ago. So of course, I worry about his health. I slept on a big chair next to him every night for a week after he got back from the hospital.

  2. I love wall murals. I love the idea of murals as public art. Most of all, I love artists who are able to showcase their talents for all who pass by to see. I hope this wall mural lasts 100 years! – Mike

    • Mike, this was a terrific comment about hoping Randy’s mural lasts 100 years! Thank you very much. It has a sense of humor, hops are bouncing off the truck in the clouds, (suggested by the brewers.)
      I was very pleased he has become included in the new brewery and hope he has more to do in the future. I’m sure you knew he worked in the Cleveland Fathead’s Brewery and Restaurant, then the Pittsburg Fathead’s and one out in the West. I should know if it was Oregon or Washington. . . I’ll be back to tell you. 🏞

    • Portland, Oregon is the location of the Fathead’s Brewery and Saloon out West. 🍻 🍺 Randy paints the beer logos for Fathead’s in those three locations, on their walls. In Pittsburg, he also created a mural with the Pittsburg Steelers included on their restaurant wall. Thanks so much, Mike. Cheers!

      • I did not know Randy painted at the West Coast locations, although I get that Fathead Brewery opened in Portland, OR. That city has become the Western Mecca of microbreweries. They are popping up everywhere, but Portland was there with the first and the most. Plus, they have a huge beer-loving demographic to support these brands. (My youngest daughter likes taking me to brewpubs when I visit her.) – Mike

    • Thanks very much, Pauline. ❤ It is such a great way to describe Randy! A force to reckon with, in many ways. . . I sure love my brother and all of our fun times in band, theater, art and science club. Yes, a little nerdy in our “olden days.” 🤓

    • You would love this in person, Jennie. There was a post you probably saw which had the outline of the truck before he filled it in with paint. I was frustrated because he sent this to my over-crowded email account. My son in law, Daniel, helped by going on his Facebook page, he sent to me as a picture text. 😊 Thank you, Jennie! xo

    • Randy has painted a truck on the side of a building and has connections with train aficionados. He is always pleased since they pay well for him to create scenery on the walls, mountains, factories, houses and farms. . . He may have a few on his Facebook page or using his name to check his art out. . . Thanks for asking, Jonathan! 😊

    • Jennie, twice Randy has been an “Artist in Residence” at a middle school and high school. He had a great time with the students with a sculpture and a mural. I should try to take a photo of the mural that “never” made it onto the walls! It is such a crazy, historical mural he confessed into an 8 × 10 print for us one Christmas. 🙂

      Someday, I promise to show him yours, the children’s and Millie’s beautiful Peace quilt. Also, will share your statehouse visit reading while the governor held the book you compiled with what the children felt about Peace. 🕊 ❤

      • He is good, that’s for sure. How cool would that be- an artist in residence at a school. And the mural wasn’t even hung. ☹️ He would probably smile at the Peace Quilt and book. 😀

    • Thank you ever so much, Deborah! They will be featuring some of my brother’s sculptures. . .
      Please tell your cousin in law the Saucy Brew Works restaurant and brewery just opened in July, 2017! It is such a beautiful place inside. There are a few links under the “Like” button that he may enjoy seeing. Also, his band could get paid to play there; if he could contact the website, “HR” person. She’s a really pretty and professional, young woman. If I look them up, I will see the location and if they list her name.
      Have a terrific Thursday! 🌸 💐

      • I sent him an email. He looked it up but, wasn’t able to do really look into the band stuff. He and his band were traveling to play a gigs somewhere called Kelly’s Island. He says it’s a blast to play there. He’ll look more into the new pub when he returns.

        His band is called The Skys the Limit.

        Hope you have a wonderful week-end!

      • Thanks Robin! He looked it up and noted that it was very near the hospital where he was born. 🙂 He’ll check it out more when he returns from his band tour to Kelly’s Island somewhere in Lake Erie.

  3. What a creative family! You with your photography and writing. Your brother with his artwork. And the kids with their storytelling. Such talent. I am impressed with the patience and commitment this must have taken your brother to complete. It is absolutely eye-catching!
    PS: I see the door; but had to look closely.

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