Alley rest time


We were at the time, slightly bored

craving some adventure, while not 

wandering too far from home. Tired

from Mingo swimming pool, yet not

dark enough to go inside and quit.

We headed the new way to St Mary’s,

where the whole playground changed.

Water bottles ready for hydrating,

feet nearly ready to set off for a hike.


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    • Thank you for sharing your enjoyment with me, Jill. 🌻
      Can you believe Hendrix will be two and summer- for the weekdays will end- (I think Lara told me this) on August 16th! 🌞

      • No, that’s hard to believe about little Hendrix. ❀ August 16th will be here before you know it. I remember always going back after Labor Day. πŸ™‚

      • Thank you for letting me know this, Jill. I don’t talk so much about teaching. I taught up in Wood County, Ohio after I graduated college.
        My ex and I had our first child there and he was offered a great new job, so we relocated. I had to regretfully break my second year teaching contract.
        I went on sub lists and taught for a few years then I changed professions to be a child advocate, at a battered women’s shelter.
        I moved to where I live now with three kids and taught middle school. My last 9 years of teaching was at a special needs preschool, where we had 4 peers in the AM and PM classes. 😊 I liked the journey.

    • She’s my son’s and in- daughter, we call her Kyah for short. Thank you for saying this, Lisa! ❀
      It is fun to hear my oldest daughter say, “Makyah takes after me!” (Carrie was shy, as Kyah is.)

    • Thank you, Jodi! So much fun and they spend the night in my one bedroom apartment willingly! Of course, I treat the college campus and close playground to be extensions of my “yard.” 😊 🌻

  1. It looks like you and the grandkids are getting as much summer activity as you can before they head back to school. You are creating memories they will cherish for the rest of their lives — and yours. Nice! – Mike

    • Mike, you are such a thoughtful friend. We tend to pack quite a lot into our weekends, usually a morning till next morning sleepover. I am blessed, I suppose I should admit they are blessed, too. 😊 My parents were retired by my age, so their idea of an escape was to take my 3 kids camping in their Transvan. I sometimes went and we would pay $20 for a cottage. (They belonged to a camp on the edge of Indiana and Ohio; due west from where we lived.) It keeps me busy and usually will take the other weekend night to have fun with friends and for about a year, a guy I liked. Thanks again for this cherished memories thought.

    • The grandkids are great and not like ones you hear about who are “spoiled” or electronically attached, Diana. Thanks, dear! ❀ Enjoy your weekend! When the full moon comes the Old Farmer’s Almanac says August is the Full Sturgeon Moon. That is so random! 🌝

    • They literally walked half a block and begged to sit down! So funny! πŸ˜€ They got a second wind and lasted until after ten pm! We played Go Fish and restaurant with real containers, an order pad and a tray.
      The pool usually gets them fairly worn out, Marissa. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

    • Thanks and it is true, time spent together is precious, along with their being precious! I bet it seems like yesterday that you and Faith went on your beginning, early day hikes.

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