Beautiful work


The inner walls of the lovely

Franklin Park Conservatory

courtyard shows designs:

triangles and diamonds,

criss cross patterns

in the brickwork.

Make sure you

feel fulfilled

and enjoy

your work.

It makes a

Big difference!


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    • Merril, you grasped the “why” I took this photo! It just was cool as we were walking around inside the building, seeing rooms of plants to look out two different windows and see this pocket garden. I like this description, “There are things to see on different levels.” 🌷 πŸ’«

    • It is an interesting place to display a hanging garden! It would be special to be able to have something like this on the side of an apartment building where there couldn’t be a garden on the ground. Thanks, Shehanne. xxxxxxx 🏒🌷

    • It is a lot of work but you know I was imagining a few things about this style of gardening, Dan. Less weeds, possible bird’s nests and wondering how often you would have to water in a rainy springtime? It would make a lovely work, restaurant or school garden, in a courtyard. 🌷🐦🌷

    • Thank you, Dwight. 🌷🌻 I really liked the way I could imagine this kind of garden in a school or hospital courtyard. I usually visit blogs in the evening and weekends.

    • Anneli, a ladder is scary! I agree with you on that. 🌷🌻 I wouldn’t mind scaffolding since I once had a great room almost two stories high. It meant I had to use my brother Randy’s to paint it a different color than its original white. It was fun to also use a regular ladder to decorate a shelf that ran the length of the combined living and dining room.

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