Hendrix “breaks a John Travolta move!”


This is a slang way of saying my

grandson likes to dance and has

been rewarded by his siblings,

parents, Nana and other set of

grandparents, Mimi and Poppy

by big smiles and clapping for

any kind of “dance moves!”

Happy #2 Birthday, dear

Toddler Hendrix! 🎶





The movie, “Saturday Night Fever”

with John Travolta dancing,

one finger down and other

hand’s finger pointing 

up is rather iconic!

Hope you liked the

BeeGee’s reference.

Now, please check 

out Thursday’s Doors.

Oh, here’s a slice of

Hendrix’s cake!



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    • He is quite irresistible to me, but I try to not put all my attention on him while the others are watching. Thanks for your kind wishes, Jill! We had all five kids out on last Sat. for back to school shopping. 🎒 It was fun!

    • Pauline, he was so funny! I think he has a good even tempered spirit though which proves “spoiling with love” never really harms a child. I can now picture Hendrix strutting! Lol🎈

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