Thursday’s Doors ~ book box, part 2


This book box is one of many

independent, fun borrowing 

stations located around our 

small town of Delaware, Ohio.

I’m sure there are some many

places across the country. I’m

not sure of their names or if

there is a movement or 

trend, when it started

and where it began?

Maybe there is a 

website or a founder

who came up with this

concept which is meaningful.

Books connect us and were our

first places to inform us of 

imaginary worlds, taking 

us across oceans and

into homes, museums

and so much more!

Fill in some blanks,

if you know more about

this borrowing book box!

Here’s a much appreciated man,

Norm Frampton,

Go to Norm’s blog which has 

blue frog links to other 

diverse doors, 

ones close to you 

or far away! 

🌍 * 🌐 * 🌎 * 🌐 * 🌏


30 responses »

    • Jodi, I gave so many books away when I moved out of our house and into my apartment. I would have loved supplying my own loaning area, but didn’t see these around here ten years ago. Hard to believe how long I’ve been living downtown. 😊

    • Well, there are chairs set our in their yard so I am assuming you could sit down here. I would like to look through the whole book box, but I had my gang of grandies walking to the park,so we kept moving, Shey. πŸ™‚ πŸ“•

    • I’m so glad you have heard of this and thank you for sharing the name, Jennie! It really was sweet with charming painted designs on it. If I still had a yard, I would have rotated all of my books into and out of this; only my own designs. πŸ™‚

    • Diana! I would have definitely set one up in my own past yard! I like to paint designs and may have made mine a children’s book box. I have in my portfolio a few photos of a wooden toy chest with the nursery rhyme, “Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?” I was paid well for the mouse, hedgehog and other critters dancing with the cutest garden and the child’s name was Katie. I would have put my extra small books which I have duplicates. 🐿🐈🐁

    • I think this is very cool you shared one from your area. At first, I thought no one would recognize this. Leave it to beautiful Connecticut to have one close to where you live (across the river), Dan.
      It really is a nice idea. We leave books and magazines in our apartment building laundry room to recycle.

  1. This is lovely! I love these little box libraries.
    There two “” boxes in my neighborhood, and I want one myself. I have enough books to start one. We regularly take, and replace books in both boxes. In fact just yesterday I did both! Took a children’s book about Dinosaurs when out walking/gliding with #1 Grandson, and yesterday evening while on our walk with Diva Dog I replaced it with an American Girl book I still had in my children’s collection.

    When I got home from the walk I looked up the website. I want one!

    I’ll have to save up for a box w/post, I don’t know if He-Man would be motivated, or have time to try to build one himself, and Lord knows I’m too afraid of the saw to try it, and because…mitered corners! I always cut two wrong and waste the wood. Sigh.

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