Thursday’s Doors ~ storybook house, part 1


My Mom raised me to love the

larger than life flowers such as

Queen Anne’s Lace, Sunflowers,

and these purple cone flowers.

This house has outdoor bookcase,

which has a door to open, choose

a book and if you have one extra,

leave one to replace the borrowed

book. I like blue houses with

white trim and a nice porch

like this one to sit down on

white wicker furniture upon

a cushion, lean into a pillow

and if curious, look out at

the sidewalk and street.

If reading a book, this

would be a perfect 

place to “travel,”

engage in any

number of


This post is part of a

larger doors community

known as Thursday Doors.

The host who is the keeper of

links, connection to doors

is Norm Frampton:

Happy doors seeking and 

let me know if a special

storybook house is on

your mind, please!

🌸  🌲  🌼   🌳   🌸


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      • Yes I did notice that – and the light draperies moving in the breeze – both beautiful touches! I also noted the colour marks on the path – perhaps paint or chalk? – one depicting children playing or maybe the resident artist deciding on a colour palette…..

    • There’s a glare on this door, but the book box door is easier to spy in another post, Deborah. xo Thanks for noticing the hanging basket and the cone flowers! It is such a pleasant place to see, which is on our way to a park. 😊 🌸

  1. That house and that porch. I hope the folks that live there realize they have a jewel. The purple cone flowers, daisies and hosta are sooo beautiful. This photo made my day or rather my night. It’s nearing 12mn here.

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