Thursday’s Doors ~ welcoming atmosphere, part 3


There’s two doors,

A double door post!

I liked the book box, it was already

featuring a great book, if I had “posed”

the setting the book you’ll see in front 

would have been put in the bookcase.

There’s pink and mint chairs over

there and beside the box, a mint

green chair ready to sit on,

once the visitor chooses

a book to read and savor.

Please check out the

other door posts!

You may leave 

one message,

if you wish!

Here’s the Man,

Norm Frampton, our doors 

Leader. Hope you enjoy 

exploring other doors,

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    • It is about one block from downtown, a block and a half from my apartment building, Pauline. It is a really friendly and kept neatly neighborhood. If anyone buys a house on this street, there is a local bank which helps provide home improvement loans at a reduced rate “for Union Street.” My long-time friend, Amy and her husband bought three houses on this street and fixed them up,just to sell for a profit. It didn’t bother me because they do a terrific job of making homes beautiful while keeping the character of the street. Thanks for listening, dear!! πŸ’

    • This is a good idea, Pauline! It helps the charity along with preventing too much clutter!I have to admit I tend to skim (read) my magazines now that I blog but I have some which are so inexpensive that I pay less than 50 cents to get once a month: $5.99 a year. Some I give to my DIL who likes recipes. Books are harder to part with! πŸ™‚

    • Jennie, there are a few of these book boxes down in my youngest daughter Felicia’s neighborhood, too. I need to take another example photo and post soon! Our town has more to capture. Thank you for blessing these kind book-loving neighbors.

      • You are welcome, Robin. Blessings were well deserved. I think these Little Libraries deserve all the recognition in the world!

      • I like their name and am so happy you loved this series, Jennie. I learn and remember the meaning found in teaching when I read your blog posts. I think it is wonderful to still be in the middle of your profession. I miss it, so I tend to ramble on when I come over and visit. ❀

      • Teaching is such a range of emotions, and I’ll be ‘at it’ as long as I can! I consider it an honor that you read and enjoy my blog, Robin. You do not ramble on at all! ❀️

    • Diana, I am happy this series has struck a chord and people are enjoying the views. I like “summery and inviting.” This is how I feel but I tend to get sentimental about some areas that have been special to my children. ❀
      The Delaware County Bank offers matching funds loans to homeowners on this Union Street. I’m not sure if it is due to being one block from downtown or if someone donated to this bank for upkeeping houses on this road. . .

    • Well, Delaware has an active “downtown” area so maybe I should make sure you don’t think I meant downtown Columbus, Ohio! We are the “county seat” and have all the county offices, courthouse and are known for being the third point of the trifecta of harness racing. (The Little Brown Jug and Jugette races.) There was someone last year here at the Jug, from Scotland. They were in line for awhile waiting for a fresh Lake Erie walleye fish sandwich. I told them there are many people here in our own country who don’t follow horse racing. Nor do they follow our national motocross races, which both are nationally televised from here. They were incredulous. πŸ˜€

    • I walk around this block often, it is close to a park, Olentangy River and downtown. We like seeing the ways people add unique touches and show pride in being individuals in their home’s presentation. So lovely, Merril!

    • Oh, I didn’t mean to imply neatness was always evident but individual or uniqueness is part of the neighborhood, Merril. My home with my last husband, wasn’t always the best since we had a dog, we didn’t treat our lawn to kill clover and dandelions. πŸ˜€

  1. We were driving back from California yesterday, and I tried for 15 minutes to figure out how to comment on this post! So I remembered this morning to come back and tell you I LOVE this and also noticed the little library (or as you call it, book box!) looking so sweet there!

    • Aww, Luanne! Thank you for pondering about this house which has quite a friendly feeling radiating from it. πŸ’ Until I posted this, I wasn’t sure what those book lending boxes were and am grateful for some friends “to fill in my blanks!” Hahaha πŸ˜€

      • Oh, yes, the little libraries are all over, and you can find them mapped out online, although the one I found in California last year is not on the map!

    • I’m really happy they are going so well across the country, Luanne. On my first post with the little library, I asked for help identifying them. I knew there must be a system of these!
      So far, no one has a label on the three local ones I have spotted. I will sprinkle ones I find into my doors posts, since I actually enjoy homey photos, including small local buildings, businesses and churches.
      The big city photographs of Boston, areas in Canada, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are always a treat. Plus, your Arizona and other Southwest areas are beautiful to view. 😊

      • I wrote about the one I found last year (I think it was), and I was so thrilled to see it. I have seen maybe two others since then, but not more. And when I went back the 3rd and 4th times, the books had not changed :(. That was kind of sad. I’ll have to go again, but one day a big dog from their house chased me!

  2. I’ve never seen a little library so close to the house! Must be a small, welcoming community, trusting and all that.
    It is a nice yard, looks like a cool, shady place to kick back.

    • Well, I am proud of how this town seems to be mostly friendly. 😊 This yard does seem like a great place to kick back, Joey.
      Even though I label it a small town, it has a lot of “big ticket” items including being the home of the Central Ohio Symphonic Orchestra, the third corner of the trifecta (“The Triple Crown”) of harness racing circuit and being the Delaware County “seat.”
      We have another sporting event televised at our fairgrounds, national motocross racing.
      Of course, having OWU Chappelear Theatre and Gray Chapel attract some famous people back. I used to love the crazy model character actress in, “Just Shoot Me” who is now in, “Hot in Cleveland.” Wendy Malick was a graduate of OWU and comes back frequently to cheer and participate in fund raisers. More information than needed, but it drew me here as a single Mom, 31 years ago. 🌻

      • Oh I have loved Wendy Malick since forever! πŸ™‚
        College towns are great places, all that diversity and art, love it. Definitely lends to the sense of community.

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