I am an over fifty year old woman who has been single for over 9 years, learning how to navigate the singles’ world. I feel silly, hapless, and witless at times, having come out of a 13 year marriage where I now have to literally start at ‘square one!’ I have a one bedroom apt. which used to include my college graduate youngest daughter. She moved out in August, 2013.

I am trying to live healthier by eating mostly vegetables, fruits and whole grains. I like to splurge on fun things like wine, popcorn, chocolate or eating out. I watch a lot of movies, include popular culture in all of its artistic forms. I have started writing monthly posts on “dates to know.”

I had been on an online dating site for six months. The stories of these men are what were the ‘impetus’ that spurred me on to write! I started writing about my adventures in online dating, with over 100 men, in coffee or ice cream shops, hiking, or other kinds of dates. These are their stories, along with ones on relationships and love in a variety of packages. I am blessed with many people who have told me their love stories, knowing I will share them.

I have been writing essays, poems and wordplays, learning different ways to write and create.

Please stay, (read and feel free to comment), for awhile!

My ‘byline’ is:

“Relationships reveal our hearts.”

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  1. Popcorn is definitely one of my spurges. I had some very awkward dates when I was single (in my early forties) – it’s embarrassing to think back on them! Nice to meet you!

  2. HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post – You need to drink enough water. Being over 50 that is definitely worth following. Congrats on your positive attitude regarding dating and the online sites. I tried it for a while and had the most bizarre experience. Someone hacked my page and was writing senior women and conning them out of money. I was fortunate that one of them was computer savvy enough to find my blog and realize that if I was riding my bike along the Chicago lakefront, I couldn’t be doing construction in Malaysia.

    • This is such a tragic ending to your online dating experience. I had only one man I found was a mistaken identity. I kept asking him to meet me halfway to where he lived. He never agreed to meet me, so I deleted the man and continued on.
      I am glad you enjoyed my About page and hope some of my recent posts will interest you. 🙂

      • Yes, I asked EHarmony for a refund and they said they could not do it. Interestingly, they cancelled my membership, but refused to let me put a warning up. So, I was completely exposed to anyone who may have been duped.

  3. It’s nice to meet you! I’m so glad Jill introduced us through her blog. You must have so many stories with those online dating experiences. I hope you’ll write a book about them!

    • I am happy to meet you, Sheila. Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂
      I am not sure about a book but I did enjoy after I finished my own personal stories, writing people’s love stories.

    • Glad to have you stop by and visit. My early blog posts were all about that subject but now, I am more into family with poetic thoughts. Nice to meet you, Joseph.
      Hope you have a happy new year. 🙂

  4. Hi Robin, thanks for stopping by my Minding the Workplace blog! (Yes, I’m still happy about the Chicago Cubs.) BTW, singing is my mental health hobby, so I’ll look forward to checking out a few of your posts associated with old standards. Happy New Year to you.

    • Thank you, David. I appreciate how wide our blogging world extends and overlaps. I have evolved from my dating posts, then series of love stories from family and strangers, then research journalism on various subjects. Currently, I post using my own photos to motivate my writing. Take care and hope somewhere in my hundred tags along my posts, there will be a few subjects to read! 🙂

  5. Hi Robin , Thanks for your refreshing comments on my photography weblog!
    Wow! – You sure have a lot of admirers, and looks like you’ve been blogging for a long time.
    I’m a bit of an outlier in your “Singles Universe” – My wife and I, both age 60, soon celebrating our 35th anniversary, 5 adult children (4 married) and 2 young grandchildren. But I was raised from age three by my single mom – who kicked out my cheating father while she was pregnant with my brother. She did some dating – posted an ad in the “personal column” in those days. When she received letters from potential suitors – I would help her pick out a good possible date. Letters with messy handwriting were disqualified! I was about 10 yrs old then. There was one guy she really loved and we liked him too. Unfortunately he ended up in prison a couple times and we never heard from him – probably for the best. My brother and I got our man-relationships by being involved in Boy Scouts – fortunately we had good healthy leaders.
    Ok. Bye.

    • You can be reassured I did one year of dating adventures, another year of researched stories and love stories. My parents, grandparents, great grandparents (family stories) and random strangers were telling me their love stories.
      I used to post monthly calendars with poetry and musical references. Now, use my own thoughts and photos which are not professional nor practiced in some instances! Thank you for writing 50-60% of my readers are married. I have been dating someone for 7 months now but don’t want to change my blog name. Thanks for dropping by, Michael.

  6. ROBIN—am attempting an experiment. I’m moving–for the time being–my poetry writing to my alternate blog…THE MARVELOUS MUMFORD. THE MIGHTY MUMFORD blog will be for the reposting. At least I’m less likely to bury my work! 🙂 I’ll give it a week or two…?

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and letting me know about enjoying humor. We both may not crack each other up as much as our mutual sweet friend. my oh my, I am happy to get to know you. 🙂

    • Aww, thank you, Barbara. I changed direction a few times. I wrote a lot of interesting essays and many love stories after I stopped telling dating escapades. Only about four posts which are PG-13. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Smiles, Robin

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