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Happy new beginnings


I am posting today when I thought I might be baking some more cookies. I am

officially out of “holiday food!” I may still bake some Russian tea cakes, which

are like shortbread cookies with pecans and a dusting of powdered sugar. I

have seen the same recipe attributed to Mexican wedding cakes and other

nationalities. I will be taking some along to my son’s house with a shrimp

ring for us to eat with some champagne before he and his wife go out for

awhile locally. I will be taking a nap before I go over to watch the grandkids like

last year. I mentioned my two traditions on one of my last blogs in the comments

section. I allow the 4 kids to stay up and we have a lot of fun. I have them get

their p.j’s on and bring their blankets and pillows downstairs. Last year, the

2 younger ones (now almost 2 and 4) conked out by 10:00 p.m. I think that may

not happen tonight so I have to get rested up and raring to go!

I am prepared to discard my list of last year’s men, except for 3. Seems kind of

harsh. I was asked by a girlfriend to go through my whole list of about 100 men

who had coffee, ice cream, a walk or a talk since April, 2013! Oh my goodness,

the ones who were worth mentioning are there in the archives! I won’t try to

dwell on the past year, try to stay positive about my next year, with or without

a partner in crime! I had higher hopes from online dating but Marcella Rousseau,

writer of “For Your Good Health” on wordpress, recently pointed out some

interest groups and meetup’s for singles,  saying they are the way to go. You may wish

to check out her website for healthy and unusual foods to try. She is very articulate

and a kind follower with good comments!

I think the whole posting an online picture and a short biography doesn’t really reveal

much about myself or the other person. I am going around work lately to the younger

men, humorously asking, “Don’t you have a single or widowed father, uncle or neighbor?”

This is also a good way to meet someone, through another who may have some insight

if they are a stalker type or a normal person! Ha ha! As if we can tell about these things…

I also think that my “sweet post” (a fellow blogger called my post “sweet” about serving,

giving to the community or whatever way you want to get involved) can be a way to

meet someone with a common interest. I appreciate Wyrd Smythe (writer of “Logos con

carne”) and Jennifer S. (writer of “40 is the new 13.”) They gave me such support in their

comments multiple times this year! You should check their blogs for different styles of

writing and theirs have pictures, too!

I have been happy in my personal choices, if only because they allowed me to learn more

about men and get out more. I had spent the past 4 1/2 years with a good male friend (he

was nice enough to accompany me to weddings and functions that are pleasant to have

someone to talk to and have the occasional dance with.) I had a coworker/gym teacher that

surprised me with the “cabana boy” visit to my apartment. In the six years of being on my

own, though, I pretty much stuck to babysitting 0n one weekend night and going out with a

girlfriend to check out multiple settings for single men. This year was fraught with trials and

tribulations but also, a lot of fun! What a way to change the pace!

I found out that there are some strange and interesting characters involved in online dating.

I found out that, although I really like my three male friends, they are not my final “partner.”

I wish it would be as easy as that. But you need a combination of chemistry, friendship, mutual

goals and outlooks. I have such high hopes for romance and companionship in the future!

So, thank you for following or dropping in on my “witless dating after fifty” and I hope to add

new adventures along with some relationship comments and stories about my family and

friends. I have told at least four stories of note that were true romances, over time and space.

I hope you are not too stressed over the “fiscal cliff,” your own relationships, your family and

friends. Keep me in mind if you know of any decent men out there in the Central Ohio area or

who might be interested in relocating! I hope to keep you amused, thinking and commenting!