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A Dip into Serendipity


A journey that once had begun, had gotten swept

under the table. The story had included exciting

beginnings and abrupt endings. It could have been

a nice, safe trip along smooth railroad tracks in

a predictable direction. Instead it had been quite


The way it all began was discussed, along with

where it had become derailed. It seemed suddenly

urgent to get the passengers united to head into

the future, reconnecting ties that had been torn

and broken.

Seemingly impossible reasons, years ago, to ever

be healed, were forgotten and forgiven.

Ice cream was delicious at Graeter’s in Upper

Arlington, Ohio last night. The ice cream place

is a franchise started in Bexley, Ohio, in 1870.

The relationship had started in 1980, between four

close friends, two couples who were into natural

foods, a Lancaster co-op and a business together.

From friendship, sharing stories, then traveling

a long and winding path that took both couples in

different directions.

From the traditional beginning, which had led

into separated, fractured lives, arose a child.

It was an unplanned and unexpected event. It

would leave a lasting, hurtful impact on all,

from 1985 until 2014.

The strange story would include heartbreak and

some moments of crying. The redemption, found on

3/21/14, would heal most of the wounds.

Who would have thought the woman with the ‘white

picket fence’ background would have held such a

wild story behind her outwardly quiet demeanor?

The serendipity was the ties that brought someone

from a far distance, of St. Louis, Missouri, back

to Ohio. The trip originally had nothing to do

with the woman nor her golden child.

A letter, sent out like a beacon, had been mailed

over cyber-space. Previously sent, hand written

letters, over the years, had been met with


No answers.

A coincidental trip to a gravesite in Cincinnati,

was fortuitous for the people to be reconnected.

Death had been over a few years ago, it was in

the memory of that loved one, the journey had

been made back to Ohio.

Tears of happiness flowed. Sweet memories of a

happier time embraced the four people sitting

across from each other.

Stories of the past, including similar family

histories of international immigration; one

generation ago for the father and two generations

for the mother. Unknowingly, both parties had

heritage from Germany. This shared lineage filled

the minds of the people with wonder. Over twenty

or more years ago, they had not asked each other

such questions.

Other kindred moments, included a love of music,

one for an accordion, another for a clarinet.

Two hands that reached out, were held, showed

dryness of skin, smallness in size and arthritic

joints. Family physical traits passed down.

Personality traits, such as independent streaks,

with some admission on both parties, of being

rather self-centered between child and father

were exchanged.

Faded, tarnished memories of the Lancaster days

were renewed and explained. They lost their

rusty feel and became polished, smoothed over.

Time truly heals all wounds.

The ties are now beginning and reaching out.

They are beautifully becoming braided into a

circular wreath where the child now knows of

another family. Intertwining, growing and

letting go of the hurt and regret.

The family was a gift well received.

The failed attempts to have connections had been

shared with the child, over the years. The way it

disappointed her, had recently come to light.

The other family is filled with aunts, uncles and

cousins who long to know the estranged member.

I indulged in my favorite choice of butter pecan

ice cream, covered with Graeter’s ‘homemade’ recipe

sauce of butterscotch, real whipped cream and a

cherry on top.

The symbolism of a cherry on top was the real,

relieved feelings, bubbling to my soul’s surface.

My family member had a simple scoop of butter

toffee chip, while the father ate chocolate chip.

The fourth person had an ice cream cone with a

cup of freshly brewed coffee.

He was the observer, the in-law, who would be the

recorder of the tale to regale the Missouri folks

back home. He had captured all parties in photos,

sent via telephone, as soon as taken.

The observer was warm and welcoming and through

his part as the ‘new’ uncle, he introduced one

of the first cousins into our conversation.

A girl named Brianna, age 12, who will be part

of my child’s life forever.

One of many new connections…

The wise, well humored observer asked if this

would be included in the title of my next post

on my blog: Serendipity.

I was not sure, at that moment, if I would indulge

in another post. Sharing this may be too much.

I mentioned that I had written a “Carry On” post,

earlier in the week. After much reflection last

night, I chose to share this story here.

Albeit in a bare bones, no details’ way.

Pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

The ‘once upon a time’ heavy weight was removed,

thrown out the window, for good.

By myself, I drove up the road on 315, a curving

tree-darkened route that led to my adopted home

of Delaware.

I had fled from another small town, almost 28

years ago.

The last remnants of the weight, the ‘chips on my

shoulder’ were lifted.

Its breadth and depth, unable to fully explain

to others who had known me.

All I know this was no longer needed to be held

on to. The baggage had no necessary purpose or

reason to be kept anymore.

There still is a chance for this ‘white picket

fence’ woman with the ‘solid core’ and deep roots,

to have her happy ending. Her child could now

proceed with new ties that bind.

Not the way she had visualized from her childhood,

but still a fantastic way to close the book.

Carry On


Isn’t it marvelous when a burden is lifted from your

shoulders? When you know that everything is finally

going to be all right. I have three grown children who

when they are ‘down’ or have worries, I feel some of

that empathetic worry, myself.

On my way to work, I heard the band, Kansas, singing a

song straight to my heart. It was such an appropriate

song for this first day of freedom from worry for one

of my loved ones! This progressive rock band’s single,

an oldie but goodie, begins like this:

“Carry on, my wayward son,

There’ll be peace when you are done.

Lay your weary head to rest,

Don’t you cry no more.”

(Written by Kerry Livgren, 1976.)

One of my children no longer has to feel like there

isn’t closure in a personal situation. I am so happy that

I will be walking around, sighing in relief, possibly this

could have been noticeable to others, had they been working

in my area today.

I wanted to write a poem expressing this wondrous feeling

of joy and weightlessness, floating around the atmosphere…

but I just couldn’t write poetry today.

Instead I thought of a list, one that would have life’s

irritations and burdens included. Where you, as readers,

may choose one that really had an impact on your life.

A time when it was very challenging to put one foot

before the other one, making moving forward an almost

impossible task.

Here are a few feelings you may relate to, have had

experiences with and have made it through to “the

other side.”

Unfinished business.


Life’s Abrupt Changes.

Long-Distant Move.

Major Transition.

Debilitating Illness or Disease.

Unresolved Issues.


Death of Loved One(s.)

Death of Friend(s).

Death of a Beloved Pet.

A Series of Uncontrollable Events.



Break up/ heart break.

Piles of bills and debt.

Suicide Attempt.





In my family member’s case, something had been left

opened for years, festering, lasting longer than it

deserved to. It had a ‘hold’ on my loved one, who was

dwelling on it and not really enjoying life as much as

they should have been. Closure was reached last night!

Hurray! Yippee!

The more recent American indie band, Fun, put out a great

lively song called, “Carry On,” (2012). The lyrics were

written by a combination of the band members and producer.

Nate Reuss, Andrew Dost, Jack Antonoff and Jeff Bhosker.

Another song with the name of “Carry On,” performed by

the legendary band of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, was

written in 1991,by Stephen Stills. It is meaningfully

written about relationships.

Although the Disney movie, “Frozen,” won for the song,

“Let It Go,” I chose this song because my grandkids love

to belt it out, both boys and girls alike! It gets very

grand at one point, where you need to raise your voice!

This can be very exhilarating and liberating. This helps

to remove any cobwebs that are caught in your mind. It

could raise your spirits considerably. The power in the

words of this song, can alleviate some of your pain and


I think the act of singing, while driving down the road,

particularly, can make you feel ‘free’ of sadness.

“Let It Go,” was written by the husband and wife team of

Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, sung by Idina

Menzel. There also is a Demi Lovato cover of the same


In conclusion, music lifts our spirits. Other things

can be chosen depending on your individual tastes and

interests to help release the ‘angst.’

Some very serious problems can not be handled simply by

engaging in walks in parks. That is something for me that

helps me unwind and think. I like to see nature and its

wonder, and sometimes it relieves my temporary depression

by knowing I am but a small part of a greater world.

Meditation can remove the rocks in the way on your journey

through life. Seeking counseling can help you to have a

neutral party to listen, absorb your pains and anger, then

help by gently guiding you to a safer, saner existence.

When was the time you felt heavy in spirit, dragged down so

low it was hard to be motivated to do daily chore? Do you

mind sharing it? If not, please share techniques that helped

you and this will encourage someone, maybe even today, to

be able to…

“Carry on.”

More Newsy Info


Melvin was back from his trip to Boston, Massachusetts and I was

so happy to see him, I almost hugged him! He is my bright light at

the end of the tunnel, the day that seems to look impossibly long

gets shortened with his little handy, dandy words. He was gone

the whole week before and including Labor Day.

This began at morning start up meeting. He whispered to me, as

I had asked him, “What’s the going rate for lobsters?”

“Guess what? They were $5 a pound and I bought one almost every

day, if not, then I ate a whole lobster out!” Oh, I was filled with envy!

I had told him, the fishermen had charged $5 for any sized lobster out

on Bear Skin Neck. One of my favorite memories had been when my

great aunt and great uncle took turns handing me money to retrieve

two in 1971, my sixteenth summer in Rockport, Mass.

Then, he told me not only did Melvin see some of his Army buddies

who had served in Hawaii, he also had some of his family there for

a reunion. I had not heard this before the trip. He told me that it

was held at a beautiful park and that it was catered in. He had spent

$400 on ten people’s dinners, including his own. He mentioned this,

saying that some of his kids and grandkids didn’t have much money

and he had offered if they made it out East he would cover the reunion.

Also, that Melvin being immodest said, “I was polite, stood in a long line,

letting others go before me, and by the time I got to the buffet, there was


By golly, if my family had allowed me to pay for their meals, I would

have gone around with a hangdog look, pouty face in place and got

some meat! But this is what I mean about Melvin, he was so cheerful

and almost giddy with glee, “I just went on back to my hotel and

ordered up some lobster!”

Obviously, Melvin is not hurting for money. But he grows the nicest

veggies for me, along with the ones that my son, James, gives me,

I have had a wonderful and bountiful summer. He takes good care

of his live-in girlfriend, who declined the offer for the vacation. She

encouraged him to go and see his family and Army buddies, too.

I filled Melvin in on our quest to know the “other Robyn” better and

my recent, curious findings. First of all, she grew up in Detroit, Michigan.

I grew up in Sandusky, Ohio. Another “proof” she is not my long lost

“twin.” If you are lost on this, my continuing saga is just part of being

the brunt of one of Melvin’s jokes, equating me with a woman who is

over seven years’ older than I am, has short, blonde hair that sticks up

like feathers, kind of punked but not on purpose. I think she may just

not remember to comb it. She also “paints” her face with heavy makeup.

She is very sweet, and greets me with this unique way of thinking I

remind of her friend, Alice. I had to find out more, she told me that

she had moved here to Delaware in the 80’s and her Dad had worked

for PPG as a manager. She has a son and daughter, she has been

divorced since the 80’s and never remarried.

Robyn’s Dad died of complications with Parkinson’s Disease in 2000.

I had told her last week, my Dad in January, 2001. On the other hand,

my Mom is alive and kicking but this is where I am going to tell you

there are “gaps” in Robyn’s memory, she says she “Has no clue when

her mother died.” I asked, “Was it after your Dad?”

Robyn replied, “Oh, yeah, sometime after he died.”

She also, to this day, hedges the following questions,

“If I remind you of Alice, do you see her?”

“How long ago did you know Alice?”


“Where did you meet Alice?”

She is the Robyn who has daily sign up sheets everywhere in the

building that she puts her initials on, that used to mean about 2

years ago, that you had cleaned that area. We don’t do these but

somehow clean ones are put up weekly for her to keep busy and

sign. I have not figured this out, Melvin and I speculate that she

may have a work plan in place like the schools have IEP’s until she

retires. We hope she can do something else, but as we leave soon

after she arrives, we don’t see actual work being accomplished.

Another weird element of my Labor Day weekend that definitely

confused and set me back was that my ex-boyfriend’s blocked

cell phone number got unblocked. Not looking, while driving up

the road to Mom’s, there was no special ring for him so I picked

up the phone and answered it. I was fully engaged in driving and

I figure if people can balance sandwiches, I can do a straight shot

on I-71 to Cleveland!

I found out it was Mark and tried to get off, saying I was driving.

So, he said he would call later. I could not get him to understand,

No don’t call later.

Next time he called, my Mom who still thinks he was so nice and

he fished so she had sent tons of fishing newpaper clippings the

whole time I had dated, then not dated him for over a year. I said,

“It is Mark.” She said, “Oh answer it, find out how he is and say ‘hi’

from me.”

In the course of the weekend, seven phone calls ensued. Not as

many texts as I used to get from Lenny, but still more than I needed

to hear from Mark. The last ones were he was up on Lake Erie, fishing

with his brother, (who I loved and his sister in law, I loved too.) He had

decided to show him my parents’ cottage and fish off the stone pier

only 3 houses over. They had been in Huron and traveled towards

Vermilion. They were only about 35 minutes away from where I was,

I got a strange longing feeling. Yes, dumb me!

I did not see him but the very last phone call extended me an invite

to the family cookout at his brother and sister in law’s house. He had

also asked if I would like to take Micah (who he had carried on his

shoulders awhile ago, around the Cleveland Zoo) to the Wilds sometime


My older brother, only 18 months younger but since I have two, I call

him “older” said not to go to the picnic. My younger one, my dreamer,

professor, runner, and one who hopes for good things to happen to

his dear sister, said, “Go! Maybe he gave up on that woman he went

back to. He had some time to think about it, and maybe he is ‘done’

with her and back to who he belongs with!”

I went to the picnic, I enjoyed seeing the grandkids, sister Theresa,

brother and his wife. I had a nice time up until the old jangling ring

that he has for hisused to be, while I dated him, ex-girlfriend/now present

girlfriend rang. I got up and left, hugging the people I wanted to be part

of and had believed a possible future family. They all tell me that woman

has a hold on him that they don’t understand. They always say they “don’t

want her to come”, along with “she thinks she is better than we are!”

I cried all the way home, left a message for my dreamer brother and my

realistic brother, both who had their activities booked. I had my daughter

to cut her hair, two grandsons who hugged me and I will recouperate from

my mistake (again) and hope to close that door more firmly on the past.

The cell phone company prefers you to use their to “block”

a phone number but this particular young man on the end of the phone

line who answered my “Help me” words I spoke to each person or message

that I got, was wonderful and a God send. He said he had had to block an

ex, that it had been painful and that he would very kindly do it while I

blubbered to him asking him to do that. I would be on the road and did not

want to hear his apologies.

The words, “You have no right to ask me how I feel…” in the song by Phil

Collins, “Separate Lives” came on the radio after I got off from Verizon. I

thought they were very appropriate to the moment.

I went over my checklist countdown for future times I need to face this

kind of obstacle or sad situation:

1.  Put moral compass in place.

2.  Do a sanity check and call for help (not younger brother or Mom!)

3.  Make a list of pros and cons. Notice cons list is much longer.

Come to the conclusion to: Move forward and not backward!

“Big Bird” and Gary


While walking in May around the Delaware Arts Festival, I ran into

one of my favorite coworkers, Jean. I will tell you about her great

personality and quirky character in awhile. Right now, I want to

tell you that this woman is so lively and fun! I was happy to see her

holding hands with a handsome man wearing a cowboy shirt and

cowboy boots.

At work, Jean wears her hair in a tight bun. In contrast on this cool

May day, she had flowing golden hair. The wind caught it for a

moment and it went across her eyes. I thought of how she looked

like she had a “veil” of gold.

I see Jean in a different light now, that I have seen her on that May

day. At work, she is rather silly, when we gather for our morning

“meeting.” Every day,  our boss will say, “Good morning, bin order

fillers!” (He has a dry sense of humor, but I get him!) and the only

voice who answers is Jean’s:

“Good morning, Mr. Borden, sir!”

Then, he gives us our “numbers” for the day and how it breaks

down into the number of  hours we will endure. After that, we do

our morning exercises.  Our boss will demonstrate each one,

which we have memorized the “routine.” I keep my eyes on Jean,

because to me, her movements are so hilarious! I “keep it in” most

days, but my smile is in place. While our boss, Mike, has his arms

out and says, “Little circles, forward, now backward,” then switches

to “Big circles, forward, now backward.”  Jean’s arms are flying in a

wild rotating fashion, like badly timed propellors! She somewhat

resembles those ducks with the separate paddle wings. Have you

ever seen them in a wind storm?

They go around in opposite directions and look manic.

Well, this is how Jean looks.

There are days that Jean, who is about 5′ 8″ looks kind of haggard,

poor thing! She is over 60 years old and came to work here as a

“temporary employee” from “temp” services and stayed. Most

stop in, work a few days or a few hours, and give up! Seriously, I

have seen many people come and go, like a revolving door,

especially during the “hot” season.

This means both busy times (when the products are “hot” and

flying off the store shelves and we have to fill their orders and

temperatures that are hot.

Jean is always scanning the pop machines and the beverage

machines at the end of the day. She cracks me up by saying,

aloud, “Now, what do I feel like drinking today on my drive


She will sometimes catch me out of the corner of her eye,

and she will say, “Come here, Little Bird. I need you to pick

something for me to drink and I will buy you a drink, too.”

I have only taken her up on the “free” drink/beverage once

in three years. I always feel we are all on “tight” budgets

andI don’t want to be on the receiving end too often. I look

at the drinks and I will say,

“How does a Coke sound today?”

Jean will respond, “Not today, honey, pick another one.”

(Sometimes this game goes on for awhile, but we enjoy the

banter and process, too.)

Finally, she will say, using a pretend exasperating tone,

“Well, why didn’t you pick the diet Lipton tea with lemon,

Little Bird?”

I tell her, “That is too easy, I know that is your favorite one!”

We then walk to the lockers while she is taking big draws on

the bottle. I get there and unlock my locker and she reaches

over my head to unlock hers on the top. I have to not get

up all of a sudden, or we will collide. In the morning, if we

don’t come in at different times, I wait on her. But at the end

of  the day, I am grabbing my stuff, sticking my work box

back into the locker and trying to get to the bathroom next.

We are usually the “last order fillers of the day.” We agree that

we need to talk to the boss about this sometime, but we never

do! I think he knows we are not the “whiners” or “complainers”

in the group. We get a lot of Bravo points that we can use for

snacks or add up 30 of them and get a half unpaid day or 60 and

get a whole unpaid day.

We both tend to figure we would rather have the snack money

than take off and not get paid!

In the bathroom today, I glanced over at Jean and said, “How’s

things going with Gary?” She said, “Oh, just fine and dandy!”

(I know you might think I am embellishing Jean’s way of talking

but believe me, she is exactly like “Big Bird!” She is always so

“chipper” and overly generous with her hugs and kindnesses.

When she looked over at me, she responded quietly,

“Are you okay? You seem a little “down” today.”

I told her a little about the recent dating situation, how high

my hopes had been. How I felt he was not very mature for a

46 year old and I needed respect, courtesy, and understanding

of how hard we work. When I would get home, both daughters

will  tell you, oldest one drops by sometimes with a plate of food

or youngest one will come home to find me sitting in the dark,

watching television, in my jammies at 6 or 7 or 8 o’clock, depends

on how late the shift ran. Summers are hard to get me to go on

a walk, unless you have a “‘carrot on a stick” and offer to buy me

ice cream!

I told Jean that this man texted me a lot and I had other problems

that added up to his being insecure. He felt I should have more

energy. While standing at the Indians game, I was really tired then,

too. I liked his mother and I am sure she taught him courtesy.

“Little bird, you need to figure out if you are really over all the past,

are you ready to find someone again? I feel you may just want to

relax, enjoy the grandkids, like I do. Maybe not look for a man to

be there, just a friend or two.”

I told Jean I would ponder upon that tonight and probably blog

about her love story.

Jean was married for over 20 years and when she got divorced, it

was not her choice. She had “love in her heart” for her ex-husband,

but did not know how to keep him from “straying.”  She had told

me this when I had told her I was blogging last Spring, 2012.  Jean

had added emphatically,

“My love story isn’t finished yet! So wait till it is, to write it down yet,


When Jean and Gary got divorced, they were in their forties. She

saw him marry a woman and that marriage “didn’t take.” She saw

him ‘out and about’, sometimes he would offer her a drink, but

most times she would bring up the kids. She tried to act like she

didn’t even have “the time of day” for him.

Gary got remarried when I started at Advance Auto, 2008. He did

not work there, nor did I know him. Jean came in 2010 and was,

as mentioned, a temporary worker. She was about 20 pounds

overweight, wore her hair short and had some frumpy, large

tee shirts on each day. Her spirit and loveliness shone through

to me, right away. I never saw Jean as anything but beautiful.

Sometimes Jean would say, “I am waiting on Gary to come to

his senses, still, Little Bird!”

I would usually reply “Gary and you are in my prayers, Jean!”

She would answer back, “Your special someone out there is

in my prayers, and you, too, sweetie!”

Last year when she had said her love story wasn’t finished,

the chances still seemed “slim to none” that Gary would ever

miss Jean or choose to ask her out. He had divorced again and

she still had her hopes up.

At Christmas, Jean brought her granddaughter to our family

holiday party and I brought my sweet Marley (age 3 at the time).

We sat and watched the girls get their faces painted with candy

canes and glitter on each cheek. We stood in line to see Geo, our

coworker, who played Santa and we ate our lunch together.

(Hot dogs, popcorn and jello, nice and generous of the company,

huh?!) There were frosted cookies as we were getting up to leave.

We sat back down while the kids ran over to play a game set up

with fishing rods and toys wrapped to catch.  Jean sighed as she


“Robin, I think this Christmas season Gary is going to miss being

with the family. I think his wandering eyes have come back to see

me, maybe coming home for good.”

Jean had lost her weight, grown her hair, and wore it up in that tight

bun. She had started to dye it blonde, she had started to wear new

makeup and her shirts were tucked into nice, form fitting tall pants.

I looked at her and told her the truth,

“Jean, you were always beautiful but finally his eyes are open to the

way you must make him feel. I can tell how you must pour your love

all over him, when he stops by to see the kids or grandkids. Your

home,although I have never been there, must be full of joy and

homey things.

His bachelor apartment must be kind of lonely and stark without

“his Jean” there. I believe, like you believe, it will happen very soon!

(She had been divorced at this time almost eighteen years! Her

patience and faithfulness to her ex were not only evident, but


They had a happy holiday as a whole family and Gary went back

to his own apartment. They had a Happy New Year, and he stayed

and lingered until two a.m. But she insisted he “go on home.”

When I saw them in May, it was surely more than hand holding

going on there, but I did not say a word!

Then, due to my current distress and feeling a little wave of

nostalgia, I asked her,

“Jean, I never asked how you and Gary finally decided to move

back in together.  How did you get the whole thing changed after

the holidays?”

We left the bathroom, went out past the security guards that we

show our lunch box, keys and cell phone to. We got our steel toed

shoes setting off the electronic shield, like at courthouses,  and


We walked through and finally got outside to the bench by the

pine trees. We sat down and she finished up the rest of the story

fairly quickly.

“Promise, you tell no one!” she urgently said.

I looked at her and chuckled, “Well no one who knows you! But you

know, I have been dying to tell your story since I saw you and Gary

at the Arts Fest in May!”

She burst out, “Little Bird, I lied!”

“What? I don’t understand!”

She said, “Robin, I told all my four children before Valentine’s Day,

that I was dating someone and not to text nor call me.”

“But where did you go? How did this change anything?”

Jean said, “Gary stopped by my house at nine o’clock in the

evening and I wasn’t home. He had flowers for me. He had

a ring for me!”

I said, “So you didn’t come home to find him waiting on you?”

Jean said, with a big grin on her face, “I drove home and saw

his truck in my driveway, no one had called or texted me that

he was there, and I had taken my good old sweet time going

home, not knowing if one of my busybody kids had told him

I was dating someone, but hoping one of them had! Sure

enough! One of them, or more than one, had blabbed,

‘Mom’s out on a date for Valentine’s Day, Dad!”

He had gone to WalMart, bought a nice medium sized ruby ring

for my birthday and Valentine’s Day (red) and a big bouquet of

red roses, over 2 dozen of them!”

Jean told me that when they remarry in the Fall, it will be just

family gathering, but she wanted me to write that the song

they want playing while they walk out of the church will be”

“Through the Years” sung by Kenny Rogers. So appropriate

and true, she waited a lot of years for their happy ending!

So, that is the end, or should I say, the beginning of the next

chapter of Jean and Gary.

I love Jean, so he BETTER be good, this time!!

A Hidden Love Story (found in weekend plans)


Over the past weekend, Lenny and I went up to see the Cleveland

Indians play the Texas Rangers. The best night would have been on

Friday. when it went into the 11th inning! The Tribe won with a great

score of: 11- 8. The night we went was Brantley jersey night on Sat.

July 27th. Lenny was ‘psyched’ as we were driving up to Cleveland,

that we might make it to the gate before the last of the 10,000 jerseys

were passed out. We missed that “deadline” by just a half hour!

The $25.00 seats were nice, had backs, not bleachers like my brothers,

sister in law and I have had in the past. Some may call where they

were located the “nosebleed section.”  But I felt that sitting opposite

the large screen score board was a great asset to the seats.  Also, we

had courteous neighbors surrounding us. The last reason I liked

thoseseats was that it was under the roofing so, if the dark clouds

burst into rain, we might not have to pull out those rain parkas!

Little did I know, that Lenny is a die hard “stand up” guy. Oh, it would

be nice if “stand up,” in this case meant someone who stood up for

you,  or a person who would take your side. These qualities may be

Lenny’s but he literally wanted to stand up in the standing room


He told me as we were walking away from those nice seats, going

down the stairs that sometimes that section we were heading to,

after going down two ramps that represent floors, “lucks out” in

that balls get hit into that section. Lenny was very excited when

he mentioned this and how it is a very social setting, where many

people are die hard Tribe fans.

This hitting the ball into that standing section, known as the Home

Run Porch, did happen the next day, on Sunday, during the third

Indians versus the Texas Rangers team. We were driving home from

staying up at my brother and sister in law’s house when we heard

there was a ball that hit exactly in the place we had spent seven

innings standing on Saturday.

If we had gone on Sunday, Lenny felt confident with his tall stature,

he would have caught the ball.  We had eaten lunch with my Mom

and brother, Randy, at Fatheads, a micro brewery and nice eatery.

My brother has done a lot of their artwork on the brick interior walls

and on the dock garage doors, too.

We had a nice meal, by the way, and the Tribes won that game 6-0.

This Saturday, we sat for all of one inning and we ended up in that

section that you wait to press forward and see through a fence

how the game is going. NO large screen scoreboard to be able to

scan and see if there is something you are missing and since I am

only 5’2″, not the best place for me to see the game. Lenny is 6′ 5″

tall and was able to see everything. He enjoys the “atmosphere”

he told me and likes to chat with the other fans. He sometimes

will find out any tidbits that might make the game even more


Meanwhile, I did enjoy meeting a nice young man who was blonde

haired, blue eyed and was gazing into the bleacher section/area

from time to time. His eyes scanned that direction for the next

couple of hours.

I asked where he lived or was from. He grew up on the West side

of Cleveland and told me his recent two year love story with his

current “beautiful and intelligent girlfriend.”

Brian is twenty four years old, has taken classes at both Cleveland

State and also, Kent State. He is studying sports medicine and has,

I believe, the energy, enthusiasm and ‘smarts’ to succeed in his

pursuit of this dream.

Brian began his love story, telling  me that he was with his brother

and sister in law, right where we were standing in this area, two

years ago this summer.

He had chosen to lean down, talk to his 2 year old niece, Darcy,

who was, in his opinion, and retelling the situation: “tired but

always adorable.”  He emphasized this again, later in his story,

that “Darcy was the reason I caught Nicole’s eye.”

He picked Darcy up after leaning down to talk to her, as she

was wiping her eyes and yawning. He asked, “Do you want to

get up on my shoulders, Darcy?”

She just nodded and reached her hands up towards his Indians’

hat. He swung her up easily and she was soon leaning her chin

on the top of his ball cap.

While he was not aware, a young woman had started weaving

in around people to get to the gate/fence where Brian was

standing. She was from Youngstown, up visiting and sitting

with her sorority sisters.  She came forward and brashly

asked Brian, “Is that your little girl?”

Brian replied, “No, this is Darcy, my niece. She is two years

old and getting tired. My brother and sister in law are right

over there.”

The young woman asked him, “What is your name?”

He apologized, he told me.

“I did not remember my manners that day, didn’t say, ‘Oh hi!

My name is Brian, what is your name?'”

I was mesmerized by her deep blue – violet eyes. She is so

gorgeous. Do you want to see a photograph?”

We got sidetracked from the course of the story, but it was a

long game and we had plenty of time. The score the first inning

was 1- 0. (That is what it stayed until the last of the eighth

inning and we won the game.)

I looked at several pictures on Brian’s phone of Nicole who he

told me that she is nicknamed “Nikki.” (I asked at this point,

if I could tell their love story on my blog. He was very pleasantly

surprised and said, “Sure!”)

Brian told me a few details such as, “She is 22 now but when we

met she was only 20 and I was 22. Her parents did not like it that

Nikki was only a sophomore and not of ‘legal age.’ I was older

than she was and that worried them. She was up visiting her

roommate from her sorority house from Ohio Wesleyan.”

That took me a few minutes of exclaiming and saying, “This

was meant to be!” and “What a small world!”

Because if you have followed any of my posts, you know I

live right next door to OWU. In the past, as a single mother,

I also have rented a house by the campus.

I asked if Nicole was a Delta Zeta? I had drawn a pen and ink drawing

for that brick sorority house on Winter Street and loved the

interior with its hard wood floors. It had a long porch that ran

across 50% of the building with nice scrolling details on the edges

of the porch room that made it look ‘lacy’ and pretty. (Like a

‘gingerbread house’ detail.)

Turns out she is a Delta Zeta, so this was another coincidence to

remark about. Brian was very friendly and warm, he liked telling

me about his girlfriend, Nikki. He also told me that she was sitting

in the bleachers with her roommate again tonight. That evening

they met, by her boldly approaching him, had brought a lot of

long distance commutes from his family’s home on the West

side in Avon Lake, to Delaware, Ohio. Then, once they got more

‘serious,’ Brian had applied for a scholarship and try outs for OWU’s

baseball team. He had some bad news worked into this situation

due to his tearing a ligament in his pitching arm. He had been on

Kent State University’s baseball team.

The dream of being a sports medicine physician is still his goal,

he told me, “I will hope to be able to continue to be on hard ball

teams as an adult, along with coaching little league soft ball or t-

ball teams.”

Nicole, throughout our whole conversation, never made it up

from the bleachers since she was having such a good time, he

figured, catching up with her roommate and other friends.

But, at the last inning, Brian shook Lenny’s hand and let me give

him a hug. He told us both,

“I hope someday you will be up here and I have the scoreboard

lit up and paid the $500 to announce our engagement. You know,

this would be the perfect setting since we met at an Indians’ game

two summers ago. I could invite my parents and hers, too. I have

that hope this will happen in about 2 more years, when I am 26

and Nikki is 24.”

We would love to see that, hear about it or have my Mom still be

alive and sending me articles from the Cleveland Plain Dealer about

the Cleveland Indians. We are going to cross our fingers, Brian’s two

awesome dreams come true!  Both his career and his future marriage.

As Brian hurried off to find Nikki, I hoped they would stay to see the

fireworks show that was also going to be shot off with Motown

music.  I was sure at least one of those great songs would give them

a memorable moment to add to their Indians’ baseball love story


Later, as I watched the fireworks and they played a double header

of two of the greatest Temptations’ songs, “My Girl” and “The Way

You Do the Things You Do, ” both seemed quite possible songs to

dance their “first dance” on the ballroom floor of Brian and Nicole’s

wedding reception. I can dream, too, can’t I?

I Like My Life Sunny Side Up!


Everything’s “sunny” in Delaware, Ohio and all is right with

my little world at the moment. Sometimes in our hot, cranky

work environment, coworkers will ask, looking at me with an

annoying stare, “What are you on?” I answer the trite but true

statement, “I am high on life!”

I was taught to express myself, get it off my chest and move on.

My son once at all of age 4, was explaining about “Mommy’s

temper.” He said, “First, she gets to yelling, getting all wound

up. Then like a (toy) top, she flies off. Finally, she slows down

and stops being mad. You don’t have to wait too long!”

Lots of little details lately fall into the “blessings” category and my

“answered prayers.” I am happy to say the blackened skin graft

fell off and my ear is all pink except for two spots that hopefully

will fade or smooth down. Thanks to Dr. Casey (female, and her

first name is not “Ben” Casey, shoot! T.V. reference for any older

readers out there!) I am skin cancer free but will never suggest

the skin graft. It did not “stick.”

Onto more good news on the sunshine subject! I had a great

time throwing and catching my two grandsons, Skyler and

Micah at the Delaware Mingo Pool. There was such joyful

exchanges along with happy feelings spreading from my warm

head in the sun, to my cold, wet toes in the chlorinated pool.

Just an aside for those readers who like historical facts or might

wonder where the name for our local pool and park came from.

They are set on a nice, wide expanse of hilly, tree filled land, which

is adjacent to the top tributary of the Olentangy River. The name

Mingo came from before ancestors from overseas came to settle here,

when the Mingo Native American tribe lived in this area. Both groups

finding it a beautiful area and the river handy for transporting goods.

I like the fact, it is a sunny, positive one, that Mingos are a peaceful

tribe of Native Americans and am glad my children were taught about

them in elementary school here, hopefully still included in the grand-

children’s curriculum, too.

Some nice news to tell you about the man my oldest daughter gave

my email to over the week I was on vacation. In case you are just

starting here, his name is Len. We had a nice walk on a Sunday,

we have gone to two movies (Wed. and Fri.) so far, “The Lone Ranger”

and “The Heat.” We also took a lovely and sunny drive to Marion, Ohio

to meet his mother on Saturday. Both his mother and Lenny liked my

homemade macaroni salad. She asked, “Why did you bring something?”

I answered, “My Mom taught me to never come as a dinner guest empty


Lois was so pleased that the next day, Lenny got a call. He followed up

by calling me and saying his mother really liked me. Yup, that’s me,

“mother pleaser.” Good to be in that category. Mainly, I found out our

politics overlap fairly well, our religion is close enough that we can adapt

if we were to attend either’s church.

Also, I love to collect birds, especially robins, started that with my Mom

and Dad’s gifts of course. His mother loves birds, has ceramic, porcelain

and crystal birds. Under our dinner placemats, Lois lifted her tablecloth

to reveal a beautiful 1000 piece puzzle in the shape of a butterfly. She has

some pieces to fill in still to complete the design that has summery living

things like birds, butterflies and flowers. I liked the blue herons.

On our way home to Delaware last Saturday evening, Len and I were

listening to an “oldies” radio channel. Apparently, his older sister and

two brothers taught him to like several of my favorites:  Chicago, Hall and

Oates, Billy Joel and Neil Diamond! I asked him what he thought of the


He said he really liked them, too.

These were some of the musical entertainers that a man I dated before

said “he could not stand” because they were either “not musical,”

“egotistical”or “over rated!”

Along that line of thought, I asked, “Do you like to dance?”

Wait for this. I have to pause. This was one of the sweetest comments

I have heard on a date for quite awhile!

Lenny replied, “If you want (or need) someone to be your dance partner,

I’d like to be him!”

I let those words sink in, inwardly sighing! Such a thoughtful man, he

can tell you what his mother likes to eat if they are at Bob Evans, an

open faced turkey or beef sandwich. If he takes her to Red Lobster, it

is chicken for dinner, not sea food.

A recent post by Mike Lince and his wife, Florence on Applecore were

addressing the sunny side and the down side in their situation recently.


Mike and his wife, Florence, the photographer mentioned “Good News

and Bad News.” He mentions that they are making best of things while


because they have to wait for their apartment to live in so they get to

travel for awhile. Thank you for getting me started with this positive

directed post!

Another recent and happy news for me, at least, is somehow due to

our no longer being at all in touch with an old boyfriend, my mystery

problem is gone. I will elaborate, I had someone who was challenging

me and also questioning some of my posts. At first, it started in a friendly

banter with a few questions. Anyway, I just put that person in “spam”

but could not resist seeing the person’s notes from time to time while

checking to make sure an actual friend was not being obliterated! I wrote

a ‘mysteries solved’ post including my grandsons liking a book that had

Donald Duck as a Sherlock Holmes detective and Mickey Mouse as the


I am not trying to dwell on recently “opened wounds” and am going to

“gird up” to face new challenges with a smile and a hand outstretched.

My father’s words when he was nearing his end in 2001, when I asked

him “How did you  and Mom made marriage look so easy?” and followed

by “What do you think I need to do differently?”

He answered, “Marriage is a love affair in the beginning, it is a lasting

and enduring love with a lot of work thrown in between and in the end

you have your best friend and partner in all that you do.” Followed by,

“Don’t do anything differently but try not to give your trust so easily

and protect your heart!”

I am looking forward to the rest of the year being more centered and

balanced, spending time in meditation and being peaceful. Along with

lots of laughing, splashing, and holding someone’s hand from time to

time! Whether that hand is one of my grown children, my Mom’s, my

grandchildrens’ or the “new guy’s” hand, will all depend on the day

and the situation! I have a new dance partner!

If we could all stay in summer vacation “mode” we would be so much

more happier and carefree!

I Was a Rebound Girl More Than Once!


Lunch Table Talk

While listening to one of my friends talking about how she

had finally met a good “rebound guy” I am thinking back to

my unfortunate experiences of this in a reverse role. I cringe

inside as I listen to her saying things about the “man who is

going to get me over Dave!” (A Christmas through Easter

romance.) I have genuine concern for this recent “nice guy”

who is ‘wining and dining’ her.

I was a “rebound girl” at least twice in my life. I was so caught

up with the first young man, it did not dawn on me,

“This might not last!”

When it was close to being over, I got clingy. When I knew it

was definitely over, I went into near hysterics. I was very bereft

at the time. I thought that my involvement with this man would

be different from his ex-girlfriend’s fate. Although he had been

adamant to express her blame in the break-up, I had my doubts

as the “nails in my coffin” were in place! He had many times

given me some foreshadowing that could have been warnings

to stay clear of this man!

Here are a few of the signs you need to proceed with caution:

1.  Every woman this man has been involved with caused the

break up or created the friction that ended the relationship.

This negativity can at first cause you to lend a very sympathetic

ear. (Oh yeah! I listened and murmured such empathetic

comments into this man’s ears. I vowed to never be as MEAN

as that EX was!)

Or the complete opposite is another possible warning as in:

2.  The woman (or man) is always placed on a pedestal or

held in such high esteem you wonder,

“Why did he leave her in the first place?”

I have run into this one time where she was “Miss Perfect.”

Everyone, including me, paled in comparison with the glowing

description and details that should never have been imparted

to my vivid imagination! I think of the Beatles’ song, “Something

in the Way She Moves Me.” This song depicts this princess who

you need to realize you will try and try to win this man’s love, with

no possibility of overpassing this woman’s fine attributes.

Either way, situation one or situation two, you might as well give

up and move forward.

I lingered too long when the person was in the comparison stage.

I did not realize how many situations this would impact our

relationship. I could not cook the holiday meal as well. I could not

decorate or wrap presents in the wonderful way she did. I did not

like this but somehow it set me up for my competitive self to kick it

into high gear. When it was finally gasping its final gasping breath,

I realized there was relief after not being able to be “Miss Perfect.”

Now, let’s dish! Please tell me, have you ever been the rebound

person? Have you ever had a relationship purely to ‘get over’

another person? (In other words, you got involved to rebound

from that other person?) Now, come on, we are all friends

and confidantes, aren’t we?