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Rhythm and Blues News


A first album is always exciting to hear about, so full of promise and new

melodies to listen to, contemplate and enjoy. The “Saturday Session”s on

CBS morning show always feature someone musical they have ‘discovered’

and introduce to their viewers. I thoroughly enjoyed Nottingham, England’s

own rhythm and blues man, Liam Bailey.


Bailey’s song, “Summer Rain” from this new album called, “Definitely Now,”

is pleasantly soothing and has a great beat flowing through it. The words in

his lyrics, “I’m more than you think I am” and “Shadows on my summer

morn,’  are sheer poetry.


Liam’s voice has been given a fantastic gift of being equated to Otis Redding.

Wow! I was blown away by this man’s talent and tones.


Amy Winehouse found him to be worth putting some interest in, the show

mentioned. He appears older than some of the ‘new artists,’ so not sure what

has been his history or even his personal journey. I am intrigued and hope to

learn more of what makes this new artist ‘tick.’  This will all come out in

the pop culture world and we will be listening to Liam Bailey on the radio

very soon.


For pondering, listen to the pensive tone and rich textures of the layered

sound of Liam Bailey. His songs are all filled with heartfelt emotions


Have a wonderful Sunday and catch up with you soon!