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Valentine’s Day Gifts and Aphrodisiacs


The usual gifts come to mind when I think of men going

out to shop for us, special people, in your lives. I

also have a few of the standard gifts (on standby) that

‘worked’ with some of my exes. I remember favorites of

my Dad and definitely, a brother or two liked. So, after

reading this post, you may be better informed and aware

of something with a little more interest, or you can

‘blame me’ if your gift falls flat on its face, or gets

thrown out the window…

1. Dove’s Chocolates (come in different chocolate

flavors) and have sweet messages on their hearts.

2. Better quality chocolate, Ghiardelli, Malley’s

See’s Candy’s, Whitman’s, Russell Stover’s or a

local candy making shop could just ‘hit the spot!’

3. Beau Ties from Vermont. There is an attractive

hearts and flower subdued pattern (looks like a

white or cream paisley print) that could be an

excellent gift if your man wears bow ties, like

our Past President of Ohio State University,

Gordon Gee.

4. Em’s Baby Gems Headband. This is made by a

Clevelander, (you can find Emily Marquard on and there were several adorable patterns

for grandbabies or children. (Girls)

5. Pierre’s Ice Cream has a way to get online and

order messages printed on pints of their yummy ice

cream. I like this idea of special messages, since

they can be personalized. (Dove’s has a whole wide

range of generic love messages.)

There are some cute messages:

a. “I’ll share my heart, but not my ice cream!”

b. “Here’s your own pint to eat.” (those 2 could go


c. “Being in love means never having to say,

‘I’m out of ice cream!'”

d. “Have you heard the latest scoop? I love you!”

e. “Will you marry me? Please enjoy ice cream anyway.”

6. Tim Horton’s/ Cold Stone Creamery products:

a. Chocolate dipped strawberry turned into ice cream


b. I Heart You donut.

c. Ice Cream Cakes such as these three:

“A Cheesecake Named Desire,” “Midnight Delight,” and one

that is shaped like a heart and has red velvet cake with

chocolate ice cream and a chocolate ganache frosting.

When I looked it up on their website, I could not locate

the name. (I saw it at our Delaware, Ohio store, but

did not memorize its name. It is rather pricey, $29.99.

There is a $3 coupon in the newspaper. You may find out

the name, also!

7. WINK stands for products “When In Need of Kindness”

and purchases help a family receive a package of

toiletries at Ronald McDonald House, while their

young one is in surgery. Columbus Children’s

Hospital has a Ronald McDonald House. My youngest

daughter and I visited there. The WINK products

have a wide variety of cosmetics, jewelry and other

toiletries, scented soap, for example.

The Next Portion of this Post has a little history

and some Natural products that may “enhance” your

Valentine’s Day!

1. Douse yourself in saffron. Cleopatra used this

natural ingredient to produce passion with her lovers.

2. Increase your libido with a salad that includes the

natural greens of Arugula. (This comes from ancient

times’ Pliny the Elder.)

3. Chocolate comes from the Aztecs, but this is a weird

twist of nature that was found to be written about this

native tribe. The Aztecs locked up their virgins during

avocado harvest times. The reason is men are very visual

and the testicle like appearance of an avocado! There are

records of increased lust among the farmers/harvesters.

(Now I will never look at those bumpy, dark green things

in the same way!)

Use of the following natural foods and spices can also be

used for your meal and may have a ‘double duty’ or ‘dual

purpose’ to the end of your evening! Hey, there was a

time when I would have tried ANY thing to get my past ]

husband to be more attracted to me…

1. Cloves.

2. Dates.

3. Garlic. (NOT in my romantic world, unless both parties

agree beforehand! Smile!)

4. Jasmine scent.

5. Oysters.

6. Fennel seeds.

7. Sage.

8. Lavender.

9. Asparagas.

10. Cucumber (see Avocado reference, phallic symbol.)

11. Papayas.

12. Cinnamon makes blood flow to special parts of

your body…

13. Ginger has been used as an aphrodisiac, since

thousands of years ago. Both the Chinese and Indian

cultures have included this spice. In Italy, at the

Medical School of Salermo, they use this quotation

about ginger:

“Eat ginger and you will love and be loved, as in

your youth.” (Does this make it watered by the

Fountain of Youth?)

Last but not least, the stand by’s:

Roses or flowers of any kind. Possibly you may

get the right one, that your loved one enjoys.

Make sure no allergies!

Jewelry, depending on how serious you are.

(Again, make sure no allergies, some jewelry

is hypo-allergenic, which is best if you don’t

have a clue!)

Earrings and bracelets don’t mean you are in

a permanent ‘bind.’ They usually bring smiles.

Watches for either sex are definitely classy


I would choose neck ties, for my teaching

brother and father. I would choose sweaters

or nice, artistic shirts for my other brother.

I chose to buy nice clothing for an ex or two.

What worked best for you in the past? Go with

that again!

For me: Hint, hint! I enjoy a delicious meal out

at a nicer restaurant, where I am willing to put

a dress or skirt and blouse on, wear hose and

be relaxed. No dishes or cooking! Always works

with me!

There may be a whole other post out there in

the blogging world that gives you suggestions

for romantic, seductive music!

Let us know and tell us about the ones that don’t

work, too!