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Raising the Bar


Happy 40th Anniversary to you, Dear Bar Code! Can you believe there is even

a day of celebration for this invention? I am laughing at this!  I just saw this on

a poster at Advance Auto, where I was clocking out from work.

I used my picture badge, with my bar code, to ‘wave’ in front of the time clock.

I was trying to fathom how bar codes have made our everyday  lives ‘easier.’

I can think of how it has made my shopping experiences ‘easier.’

Besides, bar codes do help me at work, due to making accuracy much easier to


Grocery bar codes, first known as GSI linear coding, were initiated in 1973

in Troy, Ohio. A year later, the UPC codes became literally a universal way

of coding products.

On June 26, 1974, the first bar codes were ‘stuck’ on Wrigley’s gum packages!

If you are the type who wishes to toast an anniversary, you may wish to try

something with Crème de menthe, since their first brand of gum was mint!

I am one who would rather have mint chocolate chip ice cream or if it were

available 12 months a year: Peppermint Stick ice cream! It has a creamy,

more vanilla-mint flavor than the strong peppermint flavor of those iconic

light green Wrigley’s packages of gum.

Or you may indulge in a cupcake with green food dye and mint flavored

frosting. A chocolate one would be my good friend, Jenny’s flavor to choose.

Mine would be to make a vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting with just a

smidge of peppermint flavoring added. Yummy!

Last, but not least, while in Cleveland this weekend, my grandchildren asked

to have McDonald’s milk shakes. Micah loves chocolate, my daughter got one

of those also. My oldest grandson, Skyler, asked for a strawberry one. While

we were ordering, we weren’t sure why they are again offering their green

minty “Shamrock” milkshakes?

We wondered what got this back on the menu, long past St. Patrick’s Day?

Do you know why McDonald’s around Cleveland, (I have not checked out

locally, so don’t want to generalize this phenomenon!) are offering these at

this time of year?

Are there some Irish festivals in the summertime inspiring the company?

Do people complain loudly, after St. Patrick’s Day, about their short term

offering of this delightful shake?

Have I gone far enough ‘left field’ that I may venture back on the path to

finding reasons to celebrate UPC bar codes?

I came up with a short list, no references need. No website that I went off

and looked this up on…

Robin’s Short List of “Why Bar Codes Have Improved Our Lives:”

1.  Self service lines in “box stores” and grocery markets alleviate long lines.

Thanks for those UPC bar code digits, we are able to scan our own products

and “go on our merry way!”

2.  Scanning codes sometimes may ‘catch’ sale items much better than using

‘human-applied sales labels.’ This is a pet peeve of mine, when I find something

that is ‘supposedly on sale’ and the clerk ringing it in, sometimes doesn’t seem

to catch the sale. But, with the ability of scanning bar codes, there have been

less ‘errors’ at some of the places that used to just stick a colored dot on products.

3. When products that are on sale ‘run out,’ I like to ask for “Rain Checks.” This

UPC bar code helps make the rain check ‘more valid’ and ‘usable’ due to its

accuracy. Also, handwritten out, most people can copy numbers from a label.

4.  A problem with our bar codes at work is, that sometimes we are needing to

check the last 2 digits and sometimes even the last 3 digits, since Receiving and

Away departments have ‘dyslexic’ workers, or so it seems to the Bin Order

Fillers who find lots of errors where we are supposed to have ‘Pick Ready’ bins.

5.  When I am up in the Mezzanine area, I am able to wear an armband held

small computer. It is called an “RF” which has a Blue Tooth scanner attached to

my pointer finger. I use my thumb to press the side button to shoot a laser at

the product’s bar code label. (Most people like it on their middle finger and

simply press their pointer finger on the scanner button.)

This is a much better device, than the one I used to have to use in Heavy Bulk.

That contraption involved listening to a operated ‘order’ where it would

give you a five numbered area to go to.

The five numbers were usually double digits, this took a lot of my brain power

Often, I had a headache at the end of the day! It did ‘like’ my voice, usually more

than my fellow coworkers who had made their template in an unnatural voice,

then using their ordinary, regular toned voice they would try to ‘confirm’ their

orders… The voice in their earpiece would say, “The number you are trying to

confirm doesn’t exist” or “Please say the number again.” I cannot even remember

the irritating repetitive words, sometimes my coworkers would give me their

headpiece, which definitely ‘would not recognize my voice commands.’

So bar codes were originally a ‘pain in the patooty’ at  my work! I did not like

the way they would tell me to go to “49-13-22-6-2” which meant row 49, look

on the 13th rack, go over 22 bins and go up to the top shelf (6th shelf) and

pick two products.

Now, when I use the Blue Tooth ‘finger scanner’ or the ‘gun scanner’ on the

tablet sized “RF” I can simply point, press and if the product is wrong, I

will ‘back order’ it. This is much to the chagrin of the Cycle Count people

who have to come and find out why someone stocked the wrong product

or put the right product in Timbuctoo! I checked the spelling on that one,


How does the bar code effect your area of work?

Do you feel it improves your shopping experience?

Is there some other area of your life this happens to help you out?

As I leave the library, I will be signing off my computer, taking my bar coded

library card to check out some movies for the week…

Happy Monday to you all!

P.S. The wedding event of my year was one of my top 3 favorite weddings I have

ever been to! I loved seeing all the grandchildren in their new and nicely colorful

‘dress up’ clothes.

I enjoyed how much fun my Mom had, with many special moments where little

ones gave her hugs, along with her being allowed to reminisce to her content.

The weather was absolutely lovely and there was a time, after bubbles were

blown, food and delicious cake from Fragapan Bakery, were eaten, faces painted

and the smallest ones allowed to dip in a baby pool, while the older ones were

escorted by my brother, designated “Life Guard” to Showse Park Beach, only

two houses down from the wedding.

Time spent with the lovely bride, my niece, and her sweet and terrific husband

was wonderful. So many memories of times where we were mentioning our

fireworks off the beach below my parents’ cottage, sparklers lit off the deck

and just so many more memories.

I am blessed that my youngest brother chose a woman with children with

ages close to those of my own. Holidays and gatherings, they could pair up

in play.

Innumerable activities since they became part of our family.

Thus, my niece was only 6 and my youngest only 4, when my little brother

married my only ‘sister’ in law.

Everyone reveled in the casual atmosphere, showing such playfulness at the

lake cottage. The ‘Tent wedding,’ otherwise labeled on our invitations as

“Come to a BBQ Wedding and Reception!”



It’s Getting Hot in Here!


Even though there has been a brief spell of warm weather

here in Ohio and the Midwest, I realize this will be soon

short-lived and turned back into the cold of Brrr! Winter.

With the musical influences of Nancy Sinatra, Chuck Brown

and Neil Young, the rapper, Nelly, made a hit song in 2002

called, (and warning, there will be a misspelled word in the

title on purpose!) “It’s Getting Hot in Herre!”

I am going to warm things up a bit by talking about one

of the most controversial magazines coming out in January:

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

Baby, it’s always cold outside in the Midwest! The statistics

done on the frequent buyers of this illustrious, provocative

magazine include men (of course!) and many women, too!

In the upcoming, soon to be arrival of the year, 2014 you will

see this famous and much desired magazine. I remember, other

than the National Geographic magazines arriving at our house,

that Sports Illustrated was one of the ones you could see

partial and sometimes, barely covered, nudity!

Yes, you may find in your mailbox or at your friendly local

supermarkets and on magazine stands the fiftieth anniversary

of a magazine that was originally titled, “Sporting Look”

magazine. The varied subjects of sports and sporting fashion

were featured in the first years of this magazine’s publication.

In 1960, the name for “Sporting Look” magazine changed to the

current label of “Sports Illustrated.” Then editor was Andre

Laguerre, who set the tone for the present informative and

popular magazine.

Here’s a list of women who have graced the covers and pages

of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, who have found

their fame and fortune far surpassing their modeling days:

Kathy Ireland, whose line of clothing, furniture and sheets

meets a budgeted public along with giving some great designs.

Kathy holds the record of twelve covers of SI! Wow, you go,


All of the ones I have listed below have accomplished

more than just modeling swimsuits. I did not bother to

write all of their different talents, but you will recognize

their names! I have seen several in the public eye, in movies

and television, too.

Cheryl Tiegs

Christie Brinkley, who for me, inspired my man, Billy Joel

to write a famous song, “Uptown Girl.” Well, after my

“research” I found out, he gives dating Elle Macpherson,

being surrounded by other beautiful women like Whitney

Houston, and lastly Christie the total sum of credit for

inspiring this song, he was initially going to call it,

“Uptown Girls,” PLURAL! You dog, Billy!

Elle Macpherson

Paulina Porizkova

Tyra Banks, known for her several talk shows she was the

hostess, along with being one of the African Americans who

shows us beauty, intelligence and culture.

Cindy Crawford

Naomi Campbell

Heidi Klum, I like her children’s show filled with a light-

hearted comedic spin on it! There is still a gorgeous person,

inside and out!

I would like to quote Thomas Kinkade about ‘Living in a Playful


“We live far more joyfully when we allow ourselves a playful

spirit, even in work.”

The year of my college graduation, 1978, Cheryl Tiegs made the

fishnet bathing suit famous, along with decorating many of my

male friends’ college dorm rooms! I am sure that many teenagers

were ‘scarfing up’ over the years of swimsuits, their parents’

photographs and posting them on their locker doors, too!

Numerous facts about SI can be found in the fifty years that

the magazine has been around. There have been many folks who

have ‘banned’ the magazine, some magazine stands covering the

front cover with a paper bag or having them behind the counter.

It is attributed to ‘pushing the envelope’ and sparking a big

furor over the ‘lack of decency.’

I found the wide variety of items, that have been strategically

placed, to be quite amusing and interesting, too. These have

included guitar picks, beer caps, hot peppers and even in the

popularity of this televised product; Chia Pet grass!

There have been years of body paint taking the place, all

together, of the bathing suit. The popular bikinis and the

many holed and fine strips of fabric stretched to cover

the few body parts left uncovered all to me is vastly funny!

Athletes and couples were included in the 30th Anniversary

magazine, in 1993.

The National Organization of Women (NOW) and the group

called, “Women Against Pornography” have taken offense

without any results or loss of sales…

Last year, 2013’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

issue was sold to over 70 million readers.

That’s about all for now on this subject!

Now, go buy out and buy the coffee table book, which

celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the magazine.

This has more fascinating facts, along with photographic

examples and see how people react to this presentation

in your living room!

Kim and Sunny from India


I almost entitled this the post about a great and fun man named

Kim who sent off a request for a “Mail Order Bride from India!”

My ex-husband while in college, worked with a wonderful staff

of cooks, servers and a lively manager at a Frisch’s in Bowling

Green, Ohio.

My boyfriend at the time was very friendly and open minded to

all kinds of people and always inviting anyone who didn’t have

plans to join him with his floor mates for a Friday or Saturday

evening party. In fact that is how I met him, I was asked,

“Do you like to party?”

At the time I was innocent and unaware of the significance of

those particular words strung together. (For those not growing up

in the seventies, that meant: “Do you like to smoke pot?”)

So, on one Saturday evening that I was in the boys’ dorm, Rodger’s

Hall, doing my boyfriend’s and his roommate’s laundry, his head

stuck into the hot and airless room with a big smile on his face.

He said, “Are you almost done?”

I replied, “Things are in the dryer, so not too many minutes more!

How was work tonight?”

He answered, “Fun, as always, and guess what? Kim has his new

girlfriend from India! She will feel so much more comfortable when

you get done with the clothes and get up to the floor. Hurry up!”

He came in and leaned in for a kiss and added, “Thanks for doing this,


When I got upstairs, lugging the clothes up the elevator and dragging

the basket down the hall. Until I ran into my high school friend, Jimmy,

who picked the basket up and easily got it back to the room. I chatted with

him about math homework as he was tutoring me. If he ever sees this, I

will admit he would have been the BEST boyfriend or future husband! He

was always a very good listener and friend.

Anyway, when I walked in I noticed right away the music was a low key

Pink Floyd song, (not the raucous noise of Alice Cooper or the Stones!)

and there on the one bed that was not made into a bunkbed sat a pretty

girl who stood out in her nice long skirt that resembled batik art work.

Kim, who really was a “party-er” (please check back what that means if

you have lost track of this point!) was sitting with his arm around the

girl and stood up to introduce the young lady as “Sunny.” The other

change in the atmosphere this evening was the lack of dense pot fog

that emanated usually out of all the rooms on the floor.

Side note and sad news:  Rodger’s Hall got taken down in 2012 on

BGSU campus.

I was very happy to meet her and had hopes of going places together.

I mentioned that we all should go up to Toledo or Maumee and have

dinner together soon.

We started talking and both Kim and my ex did not have to work the

next day. We all agreed to get together at around 1 p.m. to walk around

a mall and then eat afterwards on Sunday.

When we got up at noon the next day, I hurried back to my dorm (Kreisher

Quadrangle, my sophomore year would have been Ashley part and my

freshman year would have been Batchelder section.) I got my nicest long

skirt out which was in a paisley pattern with rust, dark blue and cream

lace at the bottom and I wore a nice lacy top with it.

When I got back to Rodger’s, the still awkward and unfamiliar couple was

waiting for the elevator up. I rode up with them chatting about some of the

sights that might have been of interest and asked Kim if Sunny had seen the

downtown yet. Kim mentioned Sam B’s and the Elder Beerman’s store that

they had shopped for a few items of clothing for Sunny. He also spoke for

her about the living arrangements. Sunny was staying at his aunt’s house

that was in Bowling Green in a trailer park. She was the designated woman

who would be their chaperone at nights, supposedly. Of course, his aunt was

not there the previous night but I could vouch for the time they were there,

“No hanky panky was carried out in my presence!”

While we drove up north to the mall, the men rode in the front seat and we

sat in the back. I asked Sunny how long she had been there, what she thought

of Ohio and if she had been anywhere else in the United States yet?

Sunny was very soft spoken and answered in halting English. She understood

me well and yet, was a little unfamiliar with the language so it was not flowing

out of her mouth yet. Occasionally I noticed that gregarious Kim was answering

for her.

When we got out of the car, the men took off walking briskly and I almost wanted

to shout, “Slow down!”

But that would not look too smooth nor did I want to appear too bossy.

Once the men got to the doors of the mall, they did slow down and held the door open

for us to enter. Inside, again the men walked in front of us. I was kind of used to this

when out with other couples, our friends, Rich and Laurie C. were always separating

into the men and women. I liked to walk slower to window shop.

I asked Sunny if she had anything she was looking for. Maybe an item she had still not

found in the local B.G. shops?

She could not think of anything. When I passed a “Sale” sign in a popular clothing store

for younger people, I raised my voice and called out to tell my ex, that I was going into the

shop to look for a pair of jeans. I have to also mention to younger readers, in my high school

days we (girls) were not allowed to wear pants except on Fridays for pep rallies. Once I got

to B.G. the two purchases I made on the first weekend after my parents left me there, were

a two piece bathing suit (my Mom forbade me to wear anything but a ‘baby doll’ suit or a

one piece) and a pair of jeans! I was still working on adding jeans to my wardrobe at this

point in time.

Sunny told me nicely, after I shared this information about my past and current wardrobe

changes, that she did not own a pair of any type of pants! Not even dress pants! Nor did she

have a bathing suit or a pair of shorts or ‘pedal pushers.’ (A lot like capris now look.)

I was not too shocked since I was not too far “ahead” of her in my fashion awareness but I

insisted that she had to come into the dressing room with a pair of jeans, a bathing suit and

a pair of pedal pushers. She was easily persuaded and agreeable to see how she looked in each

choice. I had grabbed a cute red bandana top for her and a white dotted swiss backless top for

myself. We stepped outside to “model” them for the men who we had heard out in the area. Kim

did not smile at me nor did he look directly at Sunny.

I almost asked him, “What’s up with you, Kim?” He was very well known as the biggest FLIRT

in the whole men’s dormitory! And yes, he would look the girls up and down!

I kept my mouth shut. So far…

My ex always had extra money from his parents and from his working as the cook at Frisch’s so he

offered to buy the jeans and the white top for me.

Kim did not offer nor make any comments and as we walked into the dressing room, I noticed Sunny

had a less than sunny disposition. She had her head down and was disappointed. I caught her sad

look and felt bad for her. She had such a beautiful countenance when she would break into a smile!


Just in case you wondered what brought this memory  to mind so long after this occurred? I have a

few reasons, it is Spring and my memory went back to that time recently. Also, my daughter still has

the gorgeous cream, orange, turquoise and gold thread embroidered sari that Sunny gave me that

summer. She showed me how to wrap it. My artistic, oldest daughter loved wearing it for a special

school project where she read a book on India and wore the sari.

As a follow up on this story, Kim did marry Sunny.

Sunny became more assertive and I like to think my tutoring her on American habits and acceptance

of our “women’s liberation” movement helped. Kim was fairly patient with my gradually adapting her

to the culture. We even got to go to the mall three years later, two married couples walking together.

No longer were we 10 or more paces behind the men!

Upcoming Adventure Alert!


I will be going with the fisherman and his sister to Florida to go deep sea fishing!!

Can you believe at 56 years old I will be doing something so crazy and DARING? My friend is saying I will be strapped down so I don’t get pulled in by a marlin or some other huge fish! His sister, Theresa, is very excited and I am a little bit terrified! But the alternative ideas of spending a week of vacation, either here in my local neighborhood, babysitting and other everyday activities, or going up to see my mother in her senior living apartment, all pale in the face of the unknown! You know that I cannot dare write a blog about being “witless” or even “hapless” by being boring!

So, I will be gone from blogging from Oct.26 – Nov. 4, 2012. Don’t all cry at once! Just hope you don’t forget to check in later and I will definitely be looking forward to catching up on my reading everyone’s very interesting posts. I have become very fascinated with my worldwide blogs that are sometimes not even in English! I tried to write some Spanish without any dictionary or translation guide, hopefully not eternally offending a possible friend!

I have packed bathing suit, towels, shorts, a couple of dresses (oh, I hope to eat delicious, not caught, restaurant seafood!!) and keep thinking of other things to throw in my two bags. By the way, we are driving down and on the way, hope to go to (get this!) a ruby mine and pan for rubies in Tennessee!

Also, stop at many other sights since we are planning on 2 days down, stay 6 days and turn around and come back to central Ohio on my grandson, Skyler’s #8 birthday. I told him I put his gift in a Spiderman bag and it is already waiting for me to run into the house on that Sunday and drive over to my eldest daughter’s house for the party. I will be back 2 whole days before I vote in the presidential election.

This is out of my comfort zone, but not on my going ballistic with nerves’ taut list of things to do like skydiving and parachuting!

A dentist wants to meet for coffee…


Well, that is so nice. I am invited to a coffee house that is

about 45 minutes away to have coffee with a dentist.

Several attractive pictures that are only “3 years old.”

Oh, and his patients all say he has a wacky sense of

humor and is a generous man.

This is what is told to me over the phone when for some

moment of weakness, I gave out my cell phone number!

Get this, attire (really) suggested,

“Wear casual clothes, a bathing suit underneath, and bring

a towel. If I pass inspection, we can drive over in my truck

to Mohican and go rafting down the river.”

Seriously, it takes me a couple of glasses of wine, knowing a

man more than 5 minutes of phone conversation and a pitch

black room before I will EVER wear a bathing suit!! Let alone


Just wondering, would you do it?