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Where Do You Meet Your Friends and Neighbors?


Hello! I am posting about a TRIO OF AWARDS that I have been extremely

negligent on writing a huge and warm thank you to for the nominations!

I wondered where you run into your friends? Also, sometimes those

busy neighbors that are right there in your apartment building (me),

communities and towns? I loved posting awhile back, about the places

in Delaware that I run into great people, like the Delaware Community

Market, the weekly Wed. evenings and Sat. morning local Farmer’s

Markets and I also, see people from my old neighborhoods at the

grocery stores.

I had a great grocery store in my elementary years called Szarka’s,

we would collect empty pop bottles, turn them in for pennies and

proceed to buy “penny” candy. I loved the colorful sugared candies

on a necklace, I loved the brightly colored “dots” on long strips of

paper, and I loved the red hots in a box for only 10 cents. I had a

nice and special 6 years in Bay Village, Ohio where the “hot” spot

to run into cute male baggers who would carry your groceries out

at, Heinen’s! Well, this is not just a rambling introduction to memory

lane, my friends! I have a burst or two of news to tell!

First, and foremost, Heinen’s Grocery Store is adding a downtown

location in Cleveland, Ohio! It is going to be in an old, beautiful place

with high ceilings and also, a rotunda style ceiling that is just an

awesome sight! Any Cleveland residents or visitors to there, we have

of course, the Indians who are doing quite well, the Browns who are

not doing so well, we have one of the finest Art Museums ever, and

there is this great place to hear all styles of music, Jazz and Blues,

in the Flats!

My second purpose to this post is to recognize some recent award

nominations that have been given to me! I am always very happy to

see these, feeling everyone likes to hear good things about their

writing and way they create their posts. I am not as quick at writing

these, since I want to pick the newest or most favorites of my recent

readings and add them to a list of NEXT receivers of the awards.

My friends and “felow neigbors” in the blogging community are also

very special to me always in my heart and on my mind, too!

Thank you to the following people who wrote and nominated me for

these awards:

Jonathan Caswell! He is on the list of 15 nominees below! He is truly

able to pick up another award or two that “belsbro” has given me

for nominations!

Jonathan nominated me A FUN ONE AWARD: “Opposites Attract Blog Award”

and it came from this blogger’s site:

and this fine gentleman who is quirky and witty nominated me for


The nomination awards for “Awesome Blossom” and

“Because You’re Fantabulous” can be found on his blog!

Here is a list of people who deserve to be read and recognized!

Please feel free to post your http:// and how to reach you,

since my library computer is rather an “antique!” The following

people may choose from the ABOVE THREE AWARDS!!

1.  For art, music, culture along with photos and poetry:

2.  For vintage pin-up postcards to original thoughts and writings, like

his recent post on General Stonewall Jackson check out:

3.  With a recent post entitled Vision (Journeys of Yesterday) poem

and faith featured, read:

4.  From personal stories about in-laws, Jewish faith, pups and her special

memory of her parents’ relationship, read:

5.  I enjoyed her recent Pity Party tracks, including “Lonely Boy” song by

the Black Keys:

6.  You will enjoy reading this young man’s story about “The Hostel in the

Forest: The Incredible Experience.”

7.  I like a young man who admits to his awkward experiences! (I mean I am

older and admit to being rather witless with the opposite sex!):

8.  Elizabeth has been around for awhile as my friend, she shares my midde

name as her first! She has outstanding goals featured in her personal journey

and a “Phoenix” story that I read recently and was amazed!

9.  An Irish “lad” who features lovely poetry, dreamy photographic scenery, too:

10.  Where in the World is …?” He includes amusing stories and artistic license

infringement issues, ha ha!

11.  France and Melanie with an accent on the first “e” which my library computer

is a “pain” at times with adding these things! She writes an interesting blog:

12.  Original poetry written by this person on my October post, check that out

and the other intriguing writings on:

13.  Jonathan Caswell who has been a good friend for quite awhile, we are like

team mates, he reblogs my “best” or close to good, at least (smile!) posts:

14.  A woman from Wisconsin caught my eye with her catchy stories, right from

the first read:

15.  Naomi has an awesome collection of stories with gorgeous photographs,

including my recent favorite one, “Streamlined,” about a futuristic designed

Belgium train station!