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Kids and grandkids’ antics


Nothing better than a night at a Chuck E. Cheese!

Well, there would be a few things I could think of,

but this will do!

Friday night was fun! Two year old, loved her cake,

the tickets and the tokens. Rides were immediately

dismounted, climbed off or or run from.

Same with costumed Chuck and animated Chuck and

the cool little dance scene that was to a song that

reminded me of Bollywood movies. Kids that were

in scarved heads and other countries totally got how

cool it was! My oldest grandkids danced but all the

falling tickets that flew like confetti were scavenged

“scarfed” up by my one 7 year old grandson!

The 8 year old granddaughter and grandson were

dancing well past the music stopping! They loved it

like the old “macarena” song!

This was noisy and boisterous along with the crying

from a few scared babies and sleepy toddlers.

Gotta love those parties!

All my children were there, like the soaps. All my grandkids

were in the thick of it. Lots of shooting games, a little worried

about those. The old fashioned skeetball and cute little rides

were my favorite. And my little 4 year old on the car racing

not able to reach the pedal and trying to drive, with finally

my daughter picking her up and being a good auntie while


This helps me to catch the memories but I also get such sweet

smiles and hugs.


Happy Monday, folks! Back to the old grindstone!

Talk to you later about Ray’s call….. Sunday afternoon received!