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Awards: falling behind on the wayside


I have a few awards that have been given to me this July, 2013!

Bullying Prevention gave me an award as I set off on vacation.

He nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Thanks so much!

Please check out his very informative and sensitive blog that brings out

injustices in the workplace, schools and in the world due to bullying.

Bullying Prevention is located at:

I received a Bouquet of Awards from someone who is so caring and

such a great commenter and follower. This blog features poetry, along

with thoughts and feelings. Through reading this blog, you would

receive a great feeling and lots of smiles from Noshiko:

I would like to have the Inner Peace Award but may not end up posting

any photos/clip art pictures of this award. It has a beautiful dove perched

on the open palm of a hand.

I may not even pass this wonderful gift of a bouquet of awards on. I have

become overwhelmed with my responsibilities and maybe, a little bit of

summer laziness has set in, also!

I will cherish each and every person who visits, follows or shares with

me their thoughts and blogs. I enjoy reading so many of the blogs that

are out there! This could be a full time job position…

Take care,