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Death and B & E


I have a serious post but would like to balance the sad news with some levity.

I have a rather humorous ending to close this combination post today. I hope

you are going to have a wonderful weekend.

First I need to give you the reference for the title in the following quote in

a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy (1789) from Benjamin Franklin. Your “history

lesson” for the day!

“Our new constitution is now established,

and has an appearance that promises permanency,

but in this world nothing can be said to be certain,

except death and taxes.”

At our Dad’s memorial calling hours and service, in January, 2001, we all

declared a  silly “rule.” We had upheld this upon entering his hospital room,

then later upon entering my parents’ retirement cottage where he spent his

last short months. This was to find as many jokes out, I collected them mainly

through coworkers but some friends would also email or jot them down for me.

It was all about healing, loving and changing the subject from death to life

throughout the short period of his fighting his best to overcome the battle.

We had more fun being silly his last Christmas, with different humorous strategies

including my brother, Randy, bringing a fish that sang which he would push that

button any time some serious or worried appearance of a frown would pass across

our countenances. My son, Jamie, wore a Bengals Santa hat. Carrie, my oldest

daughter who was attending CCAD (art college) had her hair “punked up” with a streak

of hot pink, wearing a pretty black velvet dress with pink flowers on it. Mom always

wears hats so had a purple one with a big feather in it. My youngest, Felicia, was a

relaxed teenager turning 16 and she wore her pajamas all of the Christmas holidays.

I am prefacing a sad occurrence to my close friend from work, Terry, who turned 57

this year. I had put him in a story about an “Unbalanced Equation.” It was a type of

moral dilemma. All of the 10 years he had worked at Advance Auto he had longed

from mostly “afar” for my friend Lu. She has been married and faithful for her whole

life since she met Ray as a teenager. Terry’s attention was a mild fliration, buying her

donuts she liked or running through a drive-thru and picking her up something like

a flavored coffee. Lu and I had visited Terry in his struggle with cancer, I mentioned

this in my post. I am sorry to say, my mutual friend with Lu, passed away a mere

skeleton, or “shadow of himself.” He was there with family and hospice. Lu will mourn

privately and not attend the memorial. Terry had been divorced for over 25 years so

no girlfriends or wives will probably attend. But we called him “chicken legs” and also

other fun names at work, he was a good man who donated his extra time to charities

and has his children, grandchildren to remember him also.

Here’s the lighter side of the story, since our family’s “rule” is to be silly I am going to

share something that some may frown on, since it is very bad behavior on the part of

my 7 year old grandson. My son, his stepdad, has been beside himself with wondering

what to do with the boy! He is such a pleasant and obedient boy when in my care, so

I am flabbergasted and shocked to tell you this astounding fact:



I could not believe it, but somehow, maybe I am a BAD “Nana” but I almost laughed

out loud, had to stifle my grin, because whoever heard of such a thing? Landen was

at his father’s house, (obviously my daughter in law is divorced from Landen’s father.)

He woke up in the middle of the night, inspired? confused? Who really knows with

Landen?! He walked downstairs, went out the front door, closed the front door and

went next door….I interrupted this retelling by my daughter in law and asked, “Does

he play there? Are there kids there? Did he want someone to be awake and play with


These were my first sort of ‘defense mechanism’ thoughts! I mean, he had to have a

REASON for going inside their house! Right?

Trista did say that the child that lives there has a lot of neat toys so that could have

been the reason. The neighbors’ front door was unlocked since a lot of Delaware

people still feel safe in their homes.

Anyway, a family member woke up and called the police, the police came and my 7

year old grandson is being severely punished by my son and his wife. He is not

allowed to go to the Splash Pad (in Powell, Ohio) with me today, he is not allowed

to bounce on the trampoline, he is not allowed to watch television, he is allowed to

eat, read books, draw or color and sleep in his room.

I was not able to ascertain Landen’s true motives nor talk to him at all about the

subject. Hope you have a snicker or smile out of this very serious “crime of the