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This is Not a Commercial!


This is going to be a fun post about name brands that mean a

lot to me! Hope you will join in a conversation about what

products have meant to you and attach a few memories to them,


I have wonderful memories of the following products that I

am compelled to list their names and why I like (or loved)


1. Everyone asks me this simple question, what products do

you use on your face (sometimes with the attached compliment

that my face looks younger than my age, even without makeup

on.) Here are a couple of products that I have used for years!

Jergen’s face and hand soap. The white bar opening the package

emits a lovely smell of almonds. I also use Zest soap in the shower.

I like that green angular soap bar and it is gentle on my skin.

2. In the kitchen, I used to always use what my mother used: Ivory

Dish Soap. It was a great all purpose product that many times went

in the children’s bath tub at night to create a lot of bubbles. I recently

am attached to any brand that is on sale, that contains citrus scent,

especially liked one with grapefruit in it! (Ajax Triple Action with

antibacterial currently in the kitchen!)

3. I have serious and conflicted emotions when I smell the cologne

or scent of Brut. It is the kind that a special young college man wore

around me and we never went beyond friendship due to meeting my

first husband freshman year. We hung out a lot, though, and I will

always wonder…

4. I wore all through my high school years a scent that I hope will

get a lot of reactions, like “I used that too!” or “My girlfriend used

to wear that, too!” It is called “Love’s Baby Soft” perfume and it was

so sweet and misty. I liked it a lot.

5. Mom wore “Muguet des bois” which smelled like Lilies of the Valley.

Interestingly enough, the couture House of Coty, originally designed

this fragrance in 1941. I am amazed that the story of the scent my Mom

wore is on wikipedia and lots more details, if you have the same memory

of an aunt or grandmother who wore this fragrance…

I lovedĀ it when my parents moved to the lake, because they dug huge

buckets of real lilies of the valley from the side of our Bay Village

house to transplant and grow there.

6. Mom used the lotion, Noxema, which frankly kind of smells not so

wonderful! But she suffered from Eczema and felt this lotion solved

her itchy, red and irritated skin problems. She wore it caked on at

night sometime on her hands, then put cotton gloves on to keep

the itching at bay. (I am sure that she found ways around this to

have romance since I have mentioned in much earlier post, my

parents were very passionate!)

7. I have to say for many years, my Mom bought Charmin bathroom

tissue. I think we all remember those, “Please don’t squeeze the

Charmin” commercials, that a gentleman named “Mr. Whipple”

would complain about customers…

8. Talking about commercials that were funny, creative and had a

nice “jingle” or music to it, I loved the Benson and Hedge’s 100’s

commercials! Those were so amusing and I have to say they probably

can be found on Youtube or somewhere on this internet, if you are too

young to have seen cigarette commercials on television! The “gimmick”

was to have the person smoking that extra long cigarette and somehow

it would be caught, in an elevator door, or in some other fashion. My

Dad smoked regular cigarettes and usually not a typical kind. My 16th

summer in Rockport, Mass. I would sell a lot of the hard box red

Marlboro’s to a sweet looking 16 or 17 year old. My great aunt Marie

picked him up one time when he was hitchhiking, all I had to do

with that crazy, beautiful auntie would say, “Oh, there’s that cute

guy that comes into the pharmacy and buys cigarettes.” She

would veer her little red, sports coupe over to the side of the road,

pick him up and try to get him to go with us to the drive in, to

Ipswitch to get clam rolls or somewhere. We saw him a lot on

the road… memories of cigarettes and boys! So inappropriate

and “not politically correct” these days! Smile!

9. Another commercial that sometimes irritated the piss out of

my Mom was the one with a nice red haired woman named

“Madge” who would soak clients’ hands, particularly their

fingernails in green Palmolive liquid dish soap. She thought

it was very bad since if you had sensitive skin (like she did)

it would make the person’s hands itch.

10. Last but not least, my Dad wore the Original Scent Old

Spice. I loved that so much since he would splash it on quite

liberally. Probably to counteract his smoking habit or because

his nose was a little less sensitive. I liked this especially when

he would come to my Father Daughter Square Dance night for

Girl Scouts! I have to share one more memory that is not

directly scent related but it is of my father who was not only

the “absent minded professor type” but he was a little dyslexic!

We all hooted and hollered at our little hoe downs because when

the square dance caller would say “alla man left” my Dad, God

bless him, would almost always go the opposite direction!

I can think of so many other products that have memories attached

so maybe this is going to be just part one, for now!

I am not paid, nor am endorsing any of the above products! This is

not a commercial, but a stroll down memory lane… Hope you will

have a few memories to add to mine!