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How do I explain this one?


While on Spring Break from teaching preschool I made a few

sad comments to a wild man in my life at the time. Here is how

my youngest daughter described him in comparison … “Mom your glass

is half full, your junior high school friend’s glass is half empty,

and that man’s glass is over-flowing!” He was just that kind of free-wheeling,

spur of the moment, fun guy.  No, you could not take him home to mother

or almost anywhere other than a sports bar or tavern.  Nor could you

count on him to show up at a specified time or place. Crazy as I was,

at the time, for him, I asked him to a very special wedding. RSVP’d both

of us. Of course, on that day he could not make it. Typical!

He was very patient when my daughter called him up to tell him of

a sports event (he is a gym teacher) from Hawaii. She was bursting

with enthusiasm and he was polite, he said, “Honey, let me go put

a pot of coffee on, you know it is three a.m. here in Ohio.”

He also drove on a snowy day, through the bumper to bumper traffic

to get to the Lodge Bar in the arena district at Christmas holiday with

that same daughter. Not one word of complaint of the trouble he was

going through, the gas waste or any such usual complaints that some

men in my life have made when their glasses were half empty!

Back to Spring Break, I bemoaned at our mutual inability to afford a true Spring Break

vacation. Nicely, surprisingly, and with some effort, he called me a day ahead and

asked if I would be busy on Saturday afternoon? No, not much going on here, taking

down my Easter decorations. Boring holiday this year.

He knocked at my apartment door, I opened it and almost fell to the floor in

shock! He had a bathing suit on, a bottle of suntan oil, and a large beach

towel over his arm. His words were so special, “Cabana boy at your

service!” Hmmm…nice. Way to improve the Spring Break!