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Joyful, Cheery Sounds


On my way into work this morning, while there was frost on my

windshield and rear window, I blasted my heater and I was once

again, thankful for the warmth and the sound of the air coming

out with a whoosh! The radio was playing one of the most cheery

songs, with a country twang in her voice, Brenda Lee was singing,

“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” The radio announcer was

using a pleasant, vibrant sounding voice, “Good Morning and let’s

all say, ‘Happy 70th Birthday to . . . Brenda Lee!'”

The first recording of this rocking song was in 1958, written by

Johnny Marks, for Decca Records.


While driving behind the school bus, the air brakes squealing and

the door opening on London Road,  to admit busy and excited

high schoolers, (yes, I am up that early!) I felt the movement in

my feet tapping to the music on the radio and the emotions of

the students, too. I usually wish I weren’t ‘stuck’ behind a school

bus, since this means two stops on London Road, along with the

longer stop at the railroad where we ‘catch’ the train, having to

wait for it to pass by. The train whistle blew, the steam was puffing

out of the ‘chimney’ and I felt the rumbling of its approaching

and then listened to the rattling of the clickety-clack.  That is how I

would describe the repetition of the sound.


Once I got into my building, several people call out my name, some

who are going off to sleep, (third shifters) and those who are on my

own shift, greeting me. These are happy people since our bosses

had decided to pack our day with ‘heavy’ work and include our half

day’s worth of work we usually do on Friday and complete it today.

This means a three day weekend! Hurrah!


At first break, I told my two friends, Tammy and Karen, about Brenda

Lee’s birthday. We agreed the song was still a popular one, the way

it has a lot of joy and glee in its words. Then, Tammy told me she has

been enjoying listening to Harry Connick, Jr. and Lady Antebellum’s

Christmas albums. Karen stated she loves her older albums, now on

Cd’s which include those familiar voices which bring nostalgia into

her home and heart. She likes Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and Burl


I started making a list in my head, of the songs and people they were

talking about and decided to also, include some of my own personal

favorite songs and carols, along with some memorable sounds of the

holiday season. This is a compilation of some of my favorites, along

with some coworkers’ suggestions:


1. Harry Connick, Jr. singing, “Sleigh Ride,” which begins with the


“Just hear those sleigh bells jingling,

Ring, ting tingling too…” (Thanks to my friend, Tammy.)


2. Dean Martin singing, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,”

which was written in 1951, by Meredith Wilson.


3. Bing Crosby singing, “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.” This

makes me sad, thinking of those who are in the armed services who

may not make it home for Christmas. The thought of the Bob Hope’s

USO holiday celebrations overseas for years and years, quickly cheers

me up again. This tradition carries on still through the help of the There was a lovely photograph of Idina Menzel with some

military families representing the USO. I hope the troops have a lot

of fun and the jokes make them laugh out loud, like Bob Hope would

wish this to go. “Thanks for the memories, Bob!”

Here is a short schedule of locations they are expected to be

entertaining the troops:

Dec. 7-16, 2014:  Japan, Guan and Hawaii, with the Dallas Cowboys


Dec. 13- Clare Bowen (Hostess) at Tinker Air Force Base,  Oklahoma.

Dec. 16- Anthony Hamilton (Host) at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

Jan. 3 – 9, 2015:  Robert Irvine (Host) at Japan and Okinawa.

(Thanks to my friend, Karen, for reminding me of both Bob Hope

and the USO, along with Bing Crosby and Dean Martin’s songs.)


3. Whitney Houston singing the hymnal carol, “Do You Hear What I


(Thank you to Melvin, my coworker, who suggested this version but

I enjoy Carrie Underwood’s ‘take’ on this lovely song also. )

Here is a bit of the history of the song:  It was written in 1962, by a

married couple who were moved by seeing children on the streets

of New York City (babies in strollers) and what the lamb might have

heard in the manger scene. This was on the cusp of the Cuban Missile

Crisis, which is why there are words imparting a message of Peace.

The lyrics were written by Noel Regney and the music was written by

his wife, Gloria Shayne Baker.


4. John Lennon and Yoko Ono, “Happy Xmas/War is Over,” which

begins with the words, “So This is Christmas.” It was written in 1971,

with tongue in cheek, by John and Yoko, in protest to the Viet Nam

War. It is also said they were thinking of their future children and

what children would ‘inherit’ in the world, with war still going on.

(Their son, Sean Lennon, was not born until 1975.)

When this song was produced, the voices of John, Yoko, the Plastic

Ono Band (with instrumentals) and the Harlem Community Choir

were beautifully blended together. The flip side of this single was

called, “Listen, the Snow is Falling.” The cover of this is ‘vintage’

looking in sepia brown and beige, with the children’s choir, ages 4-14,

included on it.

This song was also played a lot, after John Lennon was murdered on

December 8, 1980; 34 years ago this week.

*This is one of my own personal favorites.


5. Nat King Cole singing, “The Christmas Song,” also recognized as,

“Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.” This lovely song was written

in 1944, by Bob Wells and Mel Torme.

*Another of my favorites, since my parents played this on their stereo.


6. Bruce Springsteen’s version of the old classic song, “Santa Claus Is

Coming to Town.” This is the 2nd oldest song on the list today. It was

written in 1934, by John F. Coats and Haven Gillespie. It was presented

for the first time on the Eddie Cantor’s Radio Show. Later, in 1935, it was

also recorded by the Tommy Dorsey Band. My parents listened to this

version on the stereo and radio.

*I love the way Bruce ‘rocks this one out!’


7. My friend Cheryl thought the carol, which to her sounds like it belongs

in a church with a choir, “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear,” sung by

Julie Andrews, is her favorite song of all time.  This hymn was written

by a Unitarian minister, Edmund Sears, in 1849. He lived in Wayland,

Massachusetts. There are various versions of music to go with his

moving words.

Here are a few unusual ones to share with you:

Sergio Franchi sang this in 1965. He was an Italian opera tenor, who

died in Connecticut.

Eric Burdon and the Animals used the music from “The House of

the Rising Sun,” to accompany these lyrics.

Stefan Borsch, (Sweden) performed this in his native language.

The Lettermen performed and put this on a Christmas album in


Darryl Hall and John Oates included this in a Christmas album.

Anne Murray sang this in 2001, which I feel this would be simple

and beautifully done.

Josh Groban, who is known for singing operatic style, sang this in

2007. He does a fine performance of the song, “You Lift Me Up.”


Cheryl is feeling much better about her grandson’s recent death,

since she enlarged a favorite photograph of Christopher when he

was only 6 years old, with her mother, his great-grandmother. She

likes to say often, “Christopher is up in Heaven with my Mom.”

Last Christmas, you may have noticed, Cheryl had me write down a

short message/poem she had written in memorial of her mother’s

fifth anniversary of her death. We are close to one another in the way

we get emotional and are sentimental. She is my one coworker who

cried and held my hand, while we watched the first Inauguration of

President Barack Obama. If you did not read the one night I wrote,

“I have to go,” over and over on a post, you may not know that her

grandson died in his sleep, due to his weakened body, his having both

a combination of the flu and a cold. The autopsy of this fine 23 year

old graduate of Delaware High School and Columbus State student

will not be completed until after the first of the New Year. Cheryl takes

comfort that he had put up his Christmas tree the day of his death and

had also called her to tell her he was putting on some special family

ornaments she had given him when he turned 21.


Here are special sounds that are permanently etched into my own


1. A fire in a fireplace crackling. The logs making a ‘thump’ when they

fall into one another. There is peaceful serenity in listening to a fire.

2. A little child whispering in your ear. This almost makes the hairs

on my arms stand on end. It is magical, whatever words are told.

3. The ‘clink’ of a crystal or glass against another one, while a toast

is being given. The sound of the repeated ‘clinks’ at weddings, to get

the bride and groom to kiss, makes me smile.

4. Dogs bounding towards the door, barking or yipping loudly,

announcing the arrival of guests.

5. The door slammed. I imagine those who have little children saying

to themselves, “Oh, how annoying…” and following this with a lecture

to their children, “We never slam doors in our house.” Somehow, one

day it will come to this, you will wish to hear the door slamming with

the following sound of the words, “Mommy/Daddy. . . I’m home!”

Trust me on this.

6. Baby lambs in the country kitchen of my first babysitter, Mrs. Auble,

“Baa-ing” or ‘bleating’ for their milk bottles, followed by the slurping

noises of their drinking and pulling on the bottles, furiously tugging.

7. Hearty yells.  Across sledding hills, neighbors greeting each other

across streets and yards, and the one voice, that would bring you

running home for lunch (summer) and dinner (winter).

8. Leather boots or rubber boots crunching through the snow. The

sound of the crunch makes you stop talking and ponder in wonder.

9. Birds chirping and singing despite the weather. They always seem

to not be concerned with the cold, brisk air. Their songs echoing in the

early morning air. (Particularly, for me, the cardinal’s message.)

10. The sound of a familiar voice coming across the air waves, now

on cell phone. Back then, on a heavy, black rotary dial phone, of

loved ones (grandparents) far away.


Those are my carefully chosen Top Ten “sounds,” will you please let us

know what sounds make you happy, particularly around the holidays?

You may mention a song or a personal memory. . .






Our Identifying ‘Songs’


A West African tradition that fascinates me, is that when every

woman in their tribe of “Griots” is expecting a baby, they take

time to think and contemplate giving the baby, a ‘song.’ They go

off to meditate and come up with what they feel would be the

specific identifying chant or ‘song’ that will follow the upcoming

baby, throughout his or her life.

Have you ever heard of this tradition? I was so interested in this

and wished to share my source, the May, ’14 “Natural Awakenings”

magazine.  The article’s title is “Live  Your Song: Each of Us

Carries a Unique Inner Tune that Affirms Our True Nature.”

In this article, it explains that each person has a soul, in their

belief system. Each soul has a certain vibration that expresses its

unique and special purpose. It has a ‘flavor’ or ‘essence’ that can

be ‘heard.’

The baby’s birth is greeted by its song, giving it meaning and worth.

The times in the child’s life, where the song plays an important

part are when born, when getting ready to attend school, initiation

into adulthood and the time of marriage. The loving embrace of its

tune and melody is to keep the child feeling valuable and included.

If the child, young adult or grown adult should happen to break the

tribe’s rules or even worse, break a law, the tribe will circle the one

who has fallen away from them, chanting and singing their song.

The hope is that the community’s love will overwhelm the individual

and help them to find their way back to their original path. The final

time the Griot tribe, in West Africa, sings the special song is as family,

friends and the community gather at their bedside, helping them to

pass onto the next world, with the memory of their past life’s song.

I like the idea of a song, that our friends would know and recognize

it as ours. I would hope that we would always feel ‘in tune’ with our

family and friends. When we should ever wander away, move or

change our life’s direction, it would be so comforting to know that

our ‘song’ follows us, wherever we go.

Our ‘song’ would help lead us back home again, knowing the true

love, friendship and sense of belonging is waiting for us.

I had not realized that there are others, scientists and researchers,

who have studied this philosophy and practice of finding one’s ‘song.’

The persons considered “modern pioneers in vibrational energy,”

are Sharry Edwards (bio-acoustic biologist) and Donna Eden (energy

medicine field). They have independently detected that each of us has

a “fundamental signature frequency that can be equated to our unique

song that persists throughout our life.”

Some would say the ocean ‘calls to them,’ others would think that the

railroad train is their sound, with the thumping wheels along the track.

Natural songs can include birds. (That is my ‘song,’ not just because of

my name but the story about my Grandfather’s message sent through

the cardinal’s song).

The two women mentioned, Sharry and Donna, feel we innately seek

certain natural sounds that reinforce and strengthen our song.’

Other examples I read about were the sound of the surf, wind, rain or snow

falling. I could ‘hear,’ or imagine, someone’s ‘song’ in the trees shaking

from the breeze, the shivery feeling of the night sky filled with stars and

the moon. I think that some crave and need the sun’s warmth upon their


Your ‘song’ can be described as, “cell-to-cell vibrations” within ourselves.

We intuitively feel this these vibrations or rhythms as almost magical.


I found this sentence/quotation from the article to be meaningful:

“At one with the universe, our song contributes its part in the infinite

chorus of creation.”


(Quotations and research provided by Jill Mattson)

Please share if you feel you have a ‘song’ and let us know what really

‘moves’ you, intuitively.


Calling All Angels


What was your favorite prayer growing up? If you are from another country

or did not pray, what was your favorite expression wishing for the best?

Sometimes people will say, “God bless you,” “Good luck,” or “May the saints

be with ye…” I have a few prayers that include the word, “Angels,” in them.

Angels, to my family, are messengers from God. If they take the form of an

animal, a form of natural wonder or a miracle, all are such fantastic

examples of how God “tells us he loves us.” I had a strange and wonderful

experience with a cardinal, within an hour of my Grandfather Mattson’s

death. All who are in my family, either ‘believe’ in this miracle of

a meaningful message or they ‘humor’ me! No one argues or tries to show

disdain for my loving memory of that moment. (I posted about this in

Cardinals send messages…)

The musical group, Train, has performed the song, “Calling All Angels”

since 2003. Here are a few ‘telling lyrics’ for this new society

where we have concerns and dangerous situations we face daily.

“I need a sign,
to let me know you’re here.
All of these lines are being
crossed over the atmosphere.

I need to know,
that things are gonna look up.
‘Cause I feel us drowning
on a sea spilled from a cup.

When there is no place safe,
and no safe place in my head.
When you can feel the world shaken
from the words that are said.

And I’m calling all Angels…

When children have to play inside,
so they don’t disappear.
While private eyes solve marriage lies
‘Cause we don’t talk for years…”

This is a haunting song, with many ‘truths’ but mainly

it would be nice if we could all live without fear or


Someone may have a spirit or angel that watches over them, showing

themselves through movement of objects, words that are heard aloud,

or maybe a “vision” of a future happening, with its being ‘foretold’

by that heavenly appearance. My friend, Lori, has had one that she

thinks is her grandfather who will “knock my hat off of my head on

a clear, still and windless day.”

Some people have dreams that show a remarkable ability to see into

the future, others solve crimes and help the police by even finding

someone or something that is lost. I know we could attribute these to

our own fascinating ‘brain power’ but some like to think they are

also a ‘helping hand from Above.’ I always thank God, daily, multiple

times for his creations and my blessings. This can be from saving me

from an accident or harm. This can come by giving me a ‘premonition’

not to take a certain road or something I should not undertake.

It can be a special way of someone passing you a healthy way to

take care of your illness or make you feel less pain. I feel there

are ‘angels’ everywhere there are people who are kind, helpful and

go beyond normal levels of caring, beyond limits of ‘doing the

right thing.’ There have been people in war times, accidents and

other catastrophes, that have had “someone by their side,” holding

their hand, leading them out of a fire, out of the dangerous zones

or out of the deep water where seaweed had caught on their ankles.

Just as in the expression, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,”

I believe God and his ‘posse’ of angels are all within our personal

beliefs in God and our own personal relationship with Him.

Here are Four Angel Prayer or Poems, that hopefully will bless and

touch your hearts during this Season of Peace and Love. Hope, if you

have a short four lines or less, special poem or quotation that you

will add to this conversation about Angels.


“Guardian Angel from heaven so bright,
Watching beside me to lead me aright,
Fold thy wings round me and guard me with love
Softly sing songs to me of Heaven above. Amen.”


“Hush, my dear, lie still and slumber,
Holy angels guard thy bed.
Heavenly blessings without number
Gently fall upon thy head.”


“Four corners to my bed,
Four angels round my head;
One to watch, and one to pray,
And two to bear my soul away.”
(Child’s bedtime prayer, 17th century)


“Little eyelids cease your winking;
Little orbs, forget to beam;
Little soul, to slumber sinking,
Let angels rule your dream.”
Written by Eugene Field

A new day with another message


Do you know how great singers can sing “the phone book?”

I would like to someday feel my writings can entertain, using

almost anything for material! By using well chosen words and

telling a simple story, I hope to reach out to people. Make them

sit back, kick off their shoes and say, “Hey, will you tell me a story?”

Today, I am in the “bomb shelter” which is a completely cement

walled two story room. In the bottom level, there are what are

huge containers of  liquids, oils and lubricants. In the top level,

where there are “pick to lights,” I am above the ones who ride in

a big circle below, loading heavy bulk containers onto their pallets.

Only one person is usually upstairs in what is called the “aerosol

room.” It has an open metal grated floor. Last week, during many

thunder storms, my overhead lights went off, but I could still see

the emergency lights in the two exit directions, below me.

I also could hear and see the pallet riders still running around

in their circle. The “pick to lights” were still telling me A – E picks

and I kept on going in the dark.

Today, I was blessed because on the far end of my line, there

is a circular vented fan that opens to the outside. I could see

the beginning light of day and through that opening, I spotted

a cardinal! It was perched on one of the highest branches of a

tree, its beak was opening and it seemed to be singing. The

noise below and the way the fans were blowing, I could not

hear it at all!

The first hour passed and I did see the cardinal take off right

before 8 a.m. Maybe he had to go get breakfast! Anyway, it

brought me back to my story I wrote about a special message

sent by a cardinal on the day my Grandpa Mattson died. I

thought I would ask you if you want to, go to the story,

“Cardinals send special messages” (January 28, 2013).

One negative thing about working on the second level of

the bomb shelter, is it can be either very hot or very cold,

depending on the outside temperature. Another element

that is headache producing, so much so that several of my

coworkers refuse to work in the Aerosol Room. This is due

to below here, each day, someone is assigned to empty the

broken bottles, containers, jugs, etc. of those combustible

and very smelly liquids. This week, a man named Mark, from

Reclamations Dept. offered to do this. He does not wear a

mask, unlike that young man, Scott C., who I told a love

story with his new girlfriend, Kelly. Scott wears not only a

mask, but rubber gloves. Mark (who is no one I have ever

dated, by the way) does not. He says most of the chemicals

will melt his gloves.

The worker dumping these puts them into large drums that

have metal lids that turn and tighten. I am not on the list to

dump flammable liquids nor the washing dirty hampers. I

have told my series of bosses that I cannot risk, even with a

mask and shield damage to my eyes or hands. They don’t

pursue it, just keep me on that list, please!

Today, I am happy that I saw a cardinal. I am blessed I did

not get as many fumes wafting up into the upper level

through the metal grated floor.

When, and if, you visit my January post, I would like you to

suspend all prior beliefs and preconceptions. I believe spirits,

that could be angels in disguise, visit us more often than we

realize. They send us special messages from Heaven and even,

from our ancestors or recently ‘passed on’ family members.

Since birds are winged creatures made by God, why not allow

Native American and other cultures, like ones who believe in

reincarnation, lead us to a place where we are blessed by all

living things?

Today, I was blessed by the view, from an unlikely place, of

a brilliantly red cardinal, singing his unheard song. It was in a

tree outside my work.  It brightened my day considerably!

Creek Walking


Ever since my first grandson was born, we have celebrated late spring

with park walks until his third summer. Then we had creek walks the

past five years!

We were a little less enthusiastic about bringing his little brother along!

Last summer, I went to his father’s house and picked up only Skyler,

avoiding even seeing those longing eyes or begging lips of his younger


That was our last late spring/early summer creek walk alone. We had crossed

the “creek” (a narrow strip of the Olentangy River that runs through Delaware)

by Mingo Park, looking for our usual creatures and things. Sky and I balanced

ourselves on a log placed across part of the creek. We found some clam shells

and little snail shells along with seeing some mallard ducks and a heron. We

looked for the bugs under the rocks, little worms and crawdads, too.

This year we determined Micah, otherwise known as “Wild Thing,” could

join us on our creek walk. Both boys were fed, put in old, ‘beat up’ clothes,

while wearing their swim shoes. We went to Blue Limestone Park, got out

with two towels thrown over my shoulder. Snacks, flip flops and wipes left

in the car for after the walk. We looked for crawdads (do you call them

“crayfish?”), frogs, minnows, and other unusual things. We found what we

believe were raccoon footprints in the bank’s mud. We also found three red

cardinal feathers, which I told my grandsons meant we were going to have

a lucky day!

We found two walking sticks and proceeded along the side where there is a

wider cement walkway under the railroad trestle. It is such a big arch that

usually I am very pleased with photos taken of children under it, while there

is a bright, fresh green sight at the end of the “tunnel.”

Micah loved walking in the water! He is fearless, it doesn;t matter how deep

it is he wants to wade in almost to his chin! I had mentioned I had one more

week where I could not get my ear wet so no splashing me above the waist.

Micah found the best fun was “stirring the pot” his expression, which meant

he was taking the nice, clear water and stirring his big stick until the water

was muddy. Skyler found about 6 living crawdads and about a dozen that

were the dead shells floating in a bunch. We tried to figure out why this

happened. Were they all eaten by an animal? Were the carcasses left over

from last Fall or Winter’s chilly weather?

Skyler made us all proud by getting a 99% in the National Testing for Second

Graders. (Not really the name of the test, but my oldest daughter could not

remember the name of it!) He asks a lot of questions and I just showed him

the plaque with the flag that traveled around the world on the Columbia. He

is convinced he can be like his Great Grandpa Oldrieve. I am hoping he will

stay interested in science and maybe, choose to be a researcher, doctor or

as he wishes, Astronaut!

The best part for all three of us, was running into two other groups, fellow

creek walking travelers. A threesome that included a 41 year old father with

his son and daughter. His daughter talked to Skyler and they stopped to tell

what they had seen. His children were on a bike hike the father said, when

the daughter’s bike got a flat, so they switched plans.

They “shucked” their shoes on the bank of the creek. Their father took several

pictures of his children. I chatted with him, saying I had been coming here

since my children were young, we used to bring buckets to catch tadpoles or

frogs. The father said that when he was young, his mother would give him

a net or he would put holes in his bucket to catch crayfish. Both of his kids

were surprised I was the boys’ grandmother. The Dad told us his age and I

said I was over 16 years older. Could be his very young mother. We laughed.

He said his high school friends used to get beer and go party by Blue

Limestone lake.

The second group had some fishing poles, a teenager, two parents and a

toddler. They were allowing the teenager in the water but struggling with

keeping the toddler out of the water. They were holding him letting him

reach the branches of the trees and giving him rocks to throw into the creek.

We had a conversation about how I was able to bring Skyler to the creeks

around the county because he was cautious and would not try to jump or

move forward away from me. He listened so well that I brought him short

of his third birthday, (he would have turned 3 that November) while Micah

had to wait until he was over four years old. Personalities can make a big

difference in how children show readiness for experiences.

When we had sufficiently looked at fields of tall grass, the two quarries, and

walked a long length of the creek, we chose to get out of the water and go to

the car. We took off our wet shoes and wiped our hands on wipes, put on our

flip flops and more sunscreen. We went to the playground over a hill and across

the parking lot. We sat at a picnic table and ate hull-less butter popcorn puffs.

We drank water and went to play until the boys’ clothes were dry and Mommy

had called to say she was home, showered and had started dinner.

I was blessed with an older daughter who always sends with me home a warm

plate of food. She put 2 nicely baked oatmeal, coconut and pecan cookies with

the package!

I felt like I had had a day with the Wild Things! At the end of the children’s

book, remember when Max comes back from “Where the Wild Things Are?”

The last line says something like, “And his supper was still warm.”

That was fortunately me! After I put the plate in the microwave, I cleaned up

and put my pajamas on.

I sat down to a warm, home-cooked and yummy Sunday dinner.

Liebster Award is special for those who have low #s


I am very appreciative of any and all award nominations! I was greatly honored

again with a special award this week from Nannette Ree. She writes about “how

to make sense out of chaos.” She has a family that is going to be making a big

move across the country, she has a personal journey overcoming Bell’s

Palsy along with her wonderful love story (I always want to hear about those!)

Her posts can be found at: Thank you so very much!

In order to follow the rules of the fine Liebster Award, you must have less than

200 followers and also, tell 11 unknown things about yourself,  answer 11 ?s

that have been asked by the person handing out the nominations, along with

giving out 11 nominations for blogs that need followers.

Here are 11 facts that may or may not have been mentioned on my posts:

1. I like warmer climates but I will always stay in Ohio where my 3 kids and 6 grandkids

are living in Delaware, but may move to another town close by someday.

2. My parents were very liberal and also, although we all went to church, very open minded

about God and other’s faiths.

3. I spent 2 summers of my life working at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio

and have many fond memories of the dorms, parties, boat invitations and friends I made.

4. I am a big treat lover and although I try to eat healthy foods, I will always go for the yummy

stuff like maple long johns or Fast Break bars. Followed by butter popcorn or chips and dip.

5. I typed my father’s book about nuclear reactors and it was in the first half autobiographical

and the second half, science fiction. I was only 15 when I did the final draft of it!

6. I loved my life and childhood. I never would say anything bad about my parents nor my two


7. I will always have fond memories of my grandparents. My lucky place in life was being the

very first child of my parents and first grandchild of my grandparents.

8. I have been a “Mom” to gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, a lab-German Shepherd mix, a rat, a

Peke-a-Pom and a calico cat!

9. I was in speed reading when I was in kindergarten.

10. I was in a Spanish declamation poetry reciting contest in high school held at Kent State


11. My babysitter in Sandusky, Ohio became Miss Sandusky, Miss Ohio and finally, my

parents took me to see Jackie Mayer crowned Miss America in Atlantic City!

(She is Jackie Mayer Townsend now.)

Here are the challenging answers to the ?s that Nannette Ree gave me to answer:

1. If I won the lottery, I would help my children to get their own homes.

I would still rent a place for myself with two or three bedrooms instead

of this one bedroom apartment I live in with my youngest daughter! I

would like to have my mother closer but she is adjusted to Westlake

(Cleveland, Ohio) where my brothers live. Maybe I could travel once

a month to visit her and once a year go on a wonderful trip with a

special person. (family, boyfriend, grandchild…??)

2. If I could choose an animal to be I would like to be a happy little

bird. Not sure which are the happiest but I still like cardinals!

3. I grew up in Sandusky, Ohio from age 2 until age 3rd grade, moved

to North Olmsted from grade 3 until 7th and then went to 8th grade

through 12th in Bay Village. I lived the longest in my whole life in

Delaware, where I moved 27 years ago with three little children as

a single mother of a 6 month old,  3 and 5 year old. I knew no one

when I moved here, picked it halfway from my ex in Cincy. and my

parents in Vermilion by that time.

4. On almost all days I experience happy moments. Yes, I am happy!

5. My favorite song for quite awhile has been “You’ve Got a Friend” by

James Taylor.

6. Blogging is my hobby, I don’t make money on it. (I wish!)

7. My last amazing meal was prepared by my son, Jamie and his wife,

Trista. We had the most fun is why it tasted so great! All 6 grandkids (with

some cousins and children of friends who also came)sat in their master

bedroom on a blanket on the floor with their plates like a picnic! It was

crowded with my three kids, Trista’s father and wife, Trista’s stepbrother

and his wife, and two of Trista’s friends and her brother, too. Adults

were eating ham, roast beef, mac and cheese, veggies from a veggie

tray, deviled eggs, and butter frosted cookies made by my daughter,

Carrie. Felicia brought three kinds of ice cream to treat the kids,

mostly! It was a feast that to me was better than a Queen’s!

8. My kids make fun of my taking photos of everything. I make them

repose if it doesn’t look good on the digital camera. I am made

fun of excessively also for my ability to chat too much.

9. My favorite outfit will always be jeans and a colorful t-shirt.

10. I did not always know I would write but I did keep journals, wrote

a lot of stories and letters to friends (and family) over the years. My

first children’s story was to help bring children’s responses out as a

child advocate at a battered women’s shelter. It is called “Nutmeg

and Cinnamon.” the main characters are animals who are touched

inappropriately or hurt in some way. That and using dollhouse

figures would help the children to express about their home


11. In my life, my favorite influential people have been too many to

choose only one. I would be remiss not to just list them: my parents,

my grandparents, Rev. Brownlee, Dr. Martin L. King, John F. and

Robert Kennedy and John Glenn.

Whew! 11 questions if the nominees wish to answer them will be brief:

I am a lazy blogger! Cannot think of too many other new questions so may

repeat a few done before:

1. Who is your hero?

2. Who has influenced your life the most?

3. When did you start writing?

4. Who is special to you?

5. Where do you live? Have you always lived there?

6. What do you do for fun? (other than blogging?)

7. What is your favorite book or movie?

8. Do you have a favorite food or meal to describe?

9. Do you take photographs or write in a journal?

10. Are you artistic, musical or have any other talents?

11. When was the first time you kissed?

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Compromises move us along


Have you noticed I have been silent awhile about dates? I have been talking

to someone who started calling me in February… from my recent past! I am

interested in him more now than the first time I met him. He was on the

“back burner” of my brain but once we started chatting, I started thinking

about him more.

Let’s just say I goofed up a bit when I met him. I was divorced but not ready

for anyone “steady.” I also had made a list that included all the characteristics

that I thought I should find in my lifetime (for the rest of my life) partner. When

I was out with this man, Roger, I was telling him some of the ‘lofty aspirations’

I would like to have happen in my dating and love life. It included going to the

symphony, (he said, “yuck!”), going to sit on a blanket in Schiller Park to watch

live dramas by such authors as Shakespeare, (“not my cup of tea,” he said) and

going to my best friends’ house as a couple and watching OSU, Nascar or another

sport on a large screen t.v. on their deck (“I hate college football and don’t really

care for Nascar! he declared).  Needless to say, I did not continue on with my list

of my “dream guy’s” interests.

We tapered off from dating into friendship. We drifted for awhile, with intermittent

phone calls, but I was getting a lot of attention from what I considered “much better

potential partner material” from dates.

Roger is a great name:

Roger Miller was one of my Dad’s favorite casual listening singer, “Trailer for Sale or


Roger Daltry is a member of one of my old favorite bands and did well in his solo singing


Roger begins with “R” and my brothers and parents all have “r’s” in front of our names.

Roger Moore (in my humble opinion) was a hunk and I liked his light hearted version of

James Bond.

This time, when Roger called, I was much more humble and yes, a little weary of the

dating scene as it had been pretty much discouraging! I was thinking that his voice sounded

more upbeat and his tone pleasant, and I felt like saying “I miss you.” What a corny thought!

I started by saying in February that I was glad to hear from him, that I was looking more

for someone to spend outdoorsy things and going for a walk in the winter would be fun


Well, he right away said, (can you believe this?!) “I missed you.”

I actually said, “What?”

He repeated those words and added, “Do you know how many women play games out


I answered, “Probably as many as the men who play games and actually two-time their


We enjoyed complaining and then, when that was over, he said going for a walk could

continue this conversation and we met. We went off and on to parks on nice weekend

afternoons, while I still had a few dates interspersed with the few remaining guy friends

that put up with that.

I told him that I had always liked to fish, my Dad had taught us up on Lake Erie and had

also learned to boat, as I was one of the first “girls” to join the Explorers’ Boy Scout Troop.

I also filled him in on other personal interests while he told me some of his. We shared an

an interest in animals. Roger likes cats mostly while birds are some of my particular

favorites. Not just due to my namesake the robin but because of my cardinal story, too.

He liked my cardinal story, (check out that post, if you wish…)

Soon we were talking about grandchildren. I felt that he had never been close to them, from

our earlier conversations.

Roger admitted, “That is true. I am ashamed of that.”

I was a little relieved but said, “Do you think I am too blunt?”

He answered with a big smile, “I would not recognize you if you didn’t tell me what you thought.

After all, I have heard about why you are the way you are, scientist and teacher parents mean

that “facts are important.”

Wow! I was lifted up by that. I almost believed I could start being more of myself with him. We

seemed to have passed a test or a hurdle.

After March through half of April passed by. There were a lot of phone calls and casual dates

like playing cards at the local coffee shop. We found out we like a few of the same comedies and

Roger would come over once in awhile to watch a t.v. show with my youngest daughter in our

little apartment which we like to call our “dorm.”

I have to tell you that one of his visits the first time we dated, he accidentally put his foot in his

mouth. I smile because my brother while I was in high school used to say, “When Robin opens

her mouth, it is to change feet!”

Well, Roger had said, “Your place is kind of cluttered!”

Needless to say, some people let these things roll off their shoulders. I am one who will try to

figure out why someone said that and maybe get a little defensive. We did not do well the first

time around on so many levels. Sometimes, I had thought we were polar opposites. I may have

purposely pushed him away, but now he was back!

We also had a difference about going out to eat. Apparently his last girlfriend had thought it

was too expensive and maybe not hygienic enough. I love to go out to eat! (Almost as much as I

love my kids and grandkids! Just kidding!)

All those years of doing child care, then the last few years of my marriage where we were

struggling on my two jobs and he was getting unemployment; I had vowed to have a man

who would take me out to eat!

Also, I am one who will throw a $10 or $20 on the armrest in the car, (never in public in the

restaurant to embarrass a guy, but I would offer to help out, just to get to go out to eat!) After all,

I had two brothers who thought equality meant sharing money and not women getting all the

meals for free!

This time, Roger brought it up while we were at his apartment, he was cooking pork chops, with

onions, garlic and soy sauce for the entree. He had bok choy in a pot boiling and two baked

potatoes in the microwave. I think MY not having to cook was the thing I wished for! Not

necessarily going OUT to eat! Anyway, Roger said, “I like to cook Sunday dinners at my apartment

for friends or if I have a girlfriend. I don’t mind going out once in awhile to eat, though.”

Breakthrough on that subject led to many others, too numerous to count.

I would like to mention a romantic (semi) current song that is named, “She will be Loved.” In it,

the man says “Compromise moves us along.” It also has a line, Its not all just butterflies and

rainbows.” (Maroon 5 sings this.)

I feel that the compromises have brought us closer, so that this summer along with sharing fun

times with my guy friends, Bill, Gary and Steve, I may have a few extra dates with Roger.

Do you know what? I told him when I lost the house this past divorce, that I lost a nice 3 speed

bicycle. Roger listened and bought me a beautiful Hawaiian red and white printed Schwinn

7 speed Cruiser bicycle (it is named Admiral) with a nice comfortable seat, a clip on the back

if I go to the library I can put a book or DVD on it, and easy to reach handlebars.  He also a

month ago saw an antique silver spoon ring in a thrift store and I said that I used to have a

spoon ring and bracelet back in the 70’s. When I wandered off in the store to look for a jacket

he bought it.

These are the silly words that make me smile, “Will you go steady, Robin?”

If anyone thinks this man sounds like someone else: Roger has a bunch of many men packed

inside of him, some that I actually like!”