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Side by Side


Tayla and Kira are sisters in crime,

They are both calico in design.


Books are knocked off coffee tables,

Plants are sent into upheaval.


The two cats have different personalities.


One is outgoing and wishes to be petted,

While the other is often wanting to be fed.


In other words,

the second cat

will imply by her



“Since I wish to

have dinner,

I will allow myself

to be petted . . .

If you must.”


There are times their owners use water pistols,

Instead of saying repeatedly the word, “NO!”


They hope to dispel ‘bad’ behaviors,

But often they are ignored.


The funniest part of this story to me is . . .

When my close friend,

the kitties’ Mommy,

is being ‘bossy’

to her mate,


Her dear husband,

the kitties’ Daddy,

squirts her

while saying,

“Bad Kitty!”


Written by Robin O. Cochran



Tayla is a mainly brown, gray and white calico cat.

Kira is a mostly white with brown, tan and gray patterns

on her. This includes one that looks like a butterfly tattoo.


My friends, Jenny and Dave,

were the subject of a love story post,

“Love Found in a Video Store.”


I’m the one who discovered him

and ‘match made’ the two,

back in 1993.


It is 22 years since they met;

21  years since they married.


**Inspired by my friend, Luanne Castle’s post written

about visiting an animal shelter with her husband.

While there, they played with the kitties and walked

dogs, too.  I admired how she gave us a serious

reminder of one of the other activities that goes on

there. She mentioned pit bulls and other breeds,

including chihuahuas,  are often put down first.

This was to remind us of what happens when they

are not adopted and which breeds are chosen first.

Luanne has been having a hard time lately due to recent serious losses in her life.
Maybe we can go visit her and shower her with good wishes and hopes for her cat (Pear Blossom) and daughter’s cat (Isabella Rose) to be better.
You may wish to order Luanne Castle’s fine collection of poetry, “Doll God.”

You may be interested in reading her other creative

stories, poetry with meaningful, intriguing subjects:

Robin’s catsitting and various responsibilities


I have an opportunity to stay for a week at my friends’ lovely house.

The happy couple have two sweet, interesting and uniquely marked cats.

One is a barn cat and the  other came via the same farm but was a baby kitty

taken to become the first ones’ companion, friend or “baby.”

I have the frog and koi fish pond to check every day, a vase of flowers from a

bridal shower to keep trimmed up and water changed, the curtains and

blinds need to be opened for cats to look out of, closed when they are

sleeping, and the plants inside watered. I am bringing in the mail and

newspapers and tomorrow, need to take the garbage out.

The oldest cat is named “Kira” and is a calico. She has mostly a white coat with

a few orange, gray and black irregularly shaped spots. Kira has a gray “butterfly”

shaped marking that is really sweet. She looks like she got a tattoo!

The second, youngest one is named “Tayla.” She is a gray and brown striped cat

with a white chest.

Both cats are “spoiled rotten.” They have a little breakfast and a bigger dinner.

I have to keep their litter boxes clean and they also inspect the work done! Tayla

follows me more and seems to be the one who needs more petting. But when

approached, Kira will enjoy being gently petted around her ears.

These responsibilities are more than I regularly do after my tedious day at the

“factory.” So, alas, I am at the library picking away at my post so that there is an

update and then, off to my second “job!” I do enjoy my friends’ house and call it

my “escape to paradise.”

I only hope it will be less rainy one night so I can sit out on the deck in shorts and

read a book! Take care and sorry, I am unable to write more comments and less

time to check out your posts, too!