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It’s Getting Hot in Here!


Even though there has been a brief spell of warm weather

here in Ohio and the Midwest, I realize this will be soon

short-lived and turned back into the cold of Brrr! Winter.

With the musical influences of Nancy Sinatra, Chuck Brown

and Neil Young, the rapper, Nelly, made a hit song in 2002

called, (and warning, there will be a misspelled word in the

title on purpose!) “It’s Getting Hot in Herre!”

I am going to warm things up a bit by talking about one

of the most controversial magazines coming out in January:

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

Baby, it’s always cold outside in the Midwest! The statistics

done on the frequent buyers of this illustrious, provocative

magazine include men (of course!) and many women, too!

In the upcoming, soon to be arrival of the year, 2014 you will

see this famous and much desired magazine. I remember, other

than the National Geographic magazines arriving at our house,

that Sports Illustrated was one of the ones you could see

partial and sometimes, barely covered, nudity!

Yes, you may find in your mailbox or at your friendly local

supermarkets and on magazine stands the fiftieth anniversary

of a magazine that was originally titled, “Sporting Look”

magazine. The varied subjects of sports and sporting fashion

were featured in the first years of this magazine’s publication.

In 1960, the name for “Sporting Look” magazine changed to the

current label of “Sports Illustrated.” Then editor was Andre

Laguerre, who set the tone for the present informative and

popular magazine.

Here’s a list of women who have graced the covers and pages

of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, who have found

their fame and fortune far surpassing their modeling days:

Kathy Ireland, whose line of clothing, furniture and sheets

meets a budgeted public along with giving some great designs.

Kathy holds the record of twelve covers of SI! Wow, you go,


All of the ones I have listed below have accomplished

more than just modeling swimsuits. I did not bother to

write all of their different talents, but you will recognize

their names! I have seen several in the public eye, in movies

and television, too.

Cheryl Tiegs

Christie Brinkley, who for me, inspired my man, Billy Joel

to write a famous song, “Uptown Girl.” Well, after my

“research” I found out, he gives dating Elle Macpherson,

being surrounded by other beautiful women like Whitney

Houston, and lastly Christie the total sum of credit for

inspiring this song, he was initially going to call it,

“Uptown Girls,” PLURAL! You dog, Billy!

Elle Macpherson

Paulina Porizkova

Tyra Banks, known for her several talk shows she was the

hostess, along with being one of the African Americans who

shows us beauty, intelligence and culture.

Cindy Crawford

Naomi Campbell

Heidi Klum, I like her children’s show filled with a light-

hearted comedic spin on it! There is still a gorgeous person,

inside and out!

I would like to quote Thomas Kinkade about ‘Living in a Playful


“We live far more joyfully when we allow ourselves a playful

spirit, even in work.”

The year of my college graduation, 1978, Cheryl Tiegs made the

fishnet bathing suit famous, along with decorating many of my

male friends’ college dorm rooms! I am sure that many teenagers

were ‘scarfing up’ over the years of swimsuits, their parents’

photographs and posting them on their locker doors, too!

Numerous facts about SI can be found in the fifty years that

the magazine has been around. There have been many folks who

have ‘banned’ the magazine, some magazine stands covering the

front cover with a paper bag or having them behind the counter.

It is attributed to ‘pushing the envelope’ and sparking a big

furor over the ‘lack of decency.’

I found the wide variety of items, that have been strategically

placed, to be quite amusing and interesting, too. These have

included guitar picks, beer caps, hot peppers and even in the

popularity of this televised product; Chia Pet grass!

There have been years of body paint taking the place, all

together, of the bathing suit. The popular bikinis and the

many holed and fine strips of fabric stretched to cover

the few body parts left uncovered all to me is vastly funny!

Athletes and couples were included in the 30th Anniversary

magazine, in 1993.

The National Organization of Women (NOW) and the group

called, “Women Against Pornography” have taken offense

without any results or loss of sales…

Last year, 2013’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

issue was sold to over 70 million readers.

That’s about all for now on this subject!

Now, go buy out and buy the coffee table book, which

celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the magazine.

This has more fascinating facts, along with photographic

examples and see how people react to this presentation

in your living room!