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Light Hearted Easter Egg Moments


If you don’t celebrate Easter but enjoy learning about other families’

customs this post may still be a good one to read. If you follow a

different religion or you don’t practice any at all, you still could add

something new to this post. Help make it multicultural and allow

us to “cross borders” into friendship together.  Although Easter eggs

were once considered part of pagan Spring festivals, they have

become Christian symbols of new life in recent times.

A cracked open eggshell could represent

and symbolize Jesus’ empty

tomb on Easter morning.

Coloring eggs can be elaborate projects, I have always enjoyed looking

at Ukrainian eggs with their pen and ink display of designs.  Our family

usually just used crayons to make designs on our hard boiled eggs

for Easter. Then, with the pungent smell of vinegar and the Paas egg

coloring dyes, we would put our eggs on wire ‘hoops’ or loops, where

they were  able to hold them while we dipped them in.

Even when I attended a Christian church with my last husband,

where they frowned upon ‘rituals,’ I didn’t give up hiding Easter

eggs, bunnies and baskets.

This was always part of my childhood and my own family’s way

of celebrating Easter.

My argument was:

Shouldn’t we celebrate and rejoice in Christ’s resurrection?

When I got a Christmas card from a relative in December, 2014,

which mentioned the death and resurrection, it took me aback.

I felt this was losing the “True Meaning” of Christ’s birth.

I like to focus on the image of Christ in his manger, his bed

made of harsh wood, with straw and blankets protecting him

from the weather.

Why concentrate on the torture and anguish of the Son of God,

who was made from God and man combined, at Christmas?

When Easter comes, even if I weren’t a Christian,

I would want to celebrate the story of someone,

who came back from the dead,

who rose to sit by his father’s side

and who told this simple message:

“Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

When it comes right down to it,

all religions, faiths, cultures and

people of the world could agree.

If we treated everyone the way

we wished to be treated,

we would not have any wars.

Nor would we have poverty,

unclothed and hungry masses.

I may use plastic eggs to hide,

I may not always follow the rules,

I may not attend church regularly,

but Easter represents a lot to me.

Caroline Rhea says this funny quote:

“I lied on my Weight Watchers list.

I put down that I ate only three eggs. . .

but they were Cadbury chocolate eggs.”

Here is an Easter fact to enjoy:

“Each year, the PAAS Dye, Co. sells more than 10 million egg-coloring kits,

which consumers use to decorate more  than 180 million eggs!”

(Source, wikipedia.)

~**~”I would rather have one rose

and a kind word from a friend

while I’m here, than a

whole truck load when I’m gone.~**~

I truly believe in this.

How many flowers end up at funeral homes and

how many flowers did the person enjoy

while they were alive?

Happiness keeps you Sweet,

Trials keep you Strong,

Sorrows keep you Human,

Failures keep you Humble,

Success keeps you glowing,

But. . .

Friends. . .

Keep you going!”

**~ Author Unknown~**

May you have a blessed Easter.

If you should not happen to follow

this belief, may you have a special

celebration with or without any

faith involved.  Spending time with

loved ones is always  a blessing.

Please share something you enjoy

doing, cooking, decorating or

something you have been doing

in your garden, with Easter or

Spring as your guide.

My friend, Mindy


I have a great friend I met during my college years up

in Bowling Green, Ohio. She was a single teenager mom

with a little girl named Jessica. She was dark haired and

such a beautiful woman inside and out. The fact that I have

only 2 very good friends from those 4 years after time flew

away, is because of how different these two people are from

me, yet our souls cried out to be friends. I will talk about my

good and old friend, Mindy, in this post and someday talk

about my other unique friend from those changing times!

Mindy was an earth mother of all mothers! So warm, open

and inviting. She had a uniform like I did at the German

restaurant downtown. I want to call it the Haufbrauhaus

Restaurant. I will check on this later. Best thing about the

internet, it fills in the gaps sometimes! The problem is I worked

at a German restaurant in North Olmsted called the Rhinelander


Mindy had me meet her little girl when we were finished with a

shift. My first husband, D., was off at the Dixie Electric Company.

He was a bartender at this disco style bar halfway up between BGSU

and U. of Toledo, in an area called Maumee. It comes from Native

American tribe, the Maumees. I believe they were peaceful and harvesters.

Anyway, Mindy’s daughter, Jessie and I went a lot of places together

including a drive in movie and shopping. We liked to watch baseball

adult men’s local teams and Jessie would play with the other children

and get really dirty and dusty. I would come over and watch her get her

bath and get her jammies on. (When my kids came along, I always

called them “p.j’s” but I just love the ones with footies,)

Mindy fell in love with a man when I moved away a couple years later.

My baby girl, husband and I moved to Lancaster. Mindy’s man was dark

and brooding. He was a country man who had a house that was by a

quarry. They soon lived for awhile there before they decided to make it

official and get married. They had 3 children together.

During this period, Mindy was a hair stylist/beautician and also, raised

chickens, turkeys and pheasants. They had a lot of room in their yard and

their home was set far away from the road. Mindy was a ‘townie’ which

meant that she did not go to college but liked being around the action

where the college kids were, the stores were, and she was very social.

She felt that she was meant to be out in the country after talking to men

and women as she cut their hair. Yet, she did mention feeling isolated

from other people. Her kids caught an early bus for their commute to

school in the morning. Billie and Mindy would do their chores and

once the house was empty have morning romance. She felt this kept

her from yearning to go into town and visit her mother or her friends.

Billie like to hunt and he would bring meat home that he had skinned

and deboned. She did not wish to ever do that!

Sometimes, the kids would fight or fuss and Billie would “go off” to be

away from the family. She would wonder where he went. It was not

to hunt, or he would have talked about it. It was not to the store , or

there would be chicken feed or something tangible to show for the trip.

I was afraid of what would be her conclusion. I saw the writing on the

wall. I was facing a different kind of rebellion from marriage. My ex-

husband was visiting a bar every night, supposedly with coworkers.

Unfortunately, both Mindy and I did get divorced due to lack of fidelity

or inattention.

We both, in two different parts of the state, felt betrayed and left behind

to raise a family alone.

Both of us rose to the occasion and we thrived with the ability to make our

own decisions. A weight lifted almost simultaneously off both our shoulders!

We had each other to depend on, phone calls and letters written delivered by

the postman or postal worker. Mindy changed her direction in life, moved to

town again, stopped listening to her clients’ problems and doing their hair

and got a job at the post office!

I changed my direction, became a child advocate in Lancaster and shared

custody of my 1 1/2 year old son and 3 year old daughter. My ex-husband

learned how to change a diaper and potty train my son, while he never did

completely learn or understand his daughter! Her artistic side took over her

athletic side, which he did seem to enjoy. My son, who was athletic for a

short period of 7-9th grades got more of his full attention.

Mindy had similar problems with her ex-husband being uninterested in

helping out with the kids and did not participate in their school events

nor athletic pursuits.

Being in the same boat has kept our friendship and early bond close. We

pick up where we left off, never feeling like we are not part of each other’s

lives. She has a man she met at the post office, named Dennis, to live with

and who had one son. Her family of four fit right in and they have a really

successful and happy partnership.

Mindy deserves this family and life that is rich with love and respect.