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Voting Today


I called my Mom, fearing that she would not remember to set her

alarm and make it on the bus for voting today! She was walking the

dog at 9 a.m., claiming to be dressed and ready to go! When I left

on Saturday, Mom had had me go over pushing her alarm from

“off” to “on” and also, helped make two big notes, one on her

night stand and one on her coffee table. I had written on her

calendar and her bulletin board “sported” a notice that the

senior apartments had posted for a reminder. I had with some

trepidation moved all of her clocks backward, hoping she would

check her phone if she needed to go somewhere after I left, like

DINNER on Saturday night. I took a later morning snack break to

ensure my getting to my locker and phoning her.

I released a big sigh of relief and as I was hanging up, Mom told

me to blog about the clam bake the weekend I arrived. I told

her I had forgotten to do that and thank you so very much! Then,

we exchanged “I love you’s” and “I miss you’s” until I had to tell

her I needed to go eat my snack to fortify myself until lunch!

I added quickly, “Mom, I am proud of your wanting so badly to


She answered back with humor, ‘Well, it wasn’t for nothing that

my mother marched with suffragettes!” (I laughed and said,

“Thanks Mom, for that thought!”

It is with amusement that I tell you that my grandmother was

naturalized as a teenager and was very excited to be part of

those women in New York City. She was a waitress at the “best

restaurant in the world,” she would say! She worked at the

Waldorf Astoria and could tell story after story of the Morgans,

the Rothchilds, the Roosevelts, and other famous families. I

wish my Mom had written some of them down. I wished I

had thought about such things, but when she lost her breasts

due to cancer, she also, inexplicably, lost her mind. She was

not able to recognize my grandfather, my mother, aunt or

any of us children. I was only 13 when she went through this,

by the time I started really enjoying writing, my grandpa had

her cremated and was getting married to my step-grandma.

Vergene was getting married for the first time, I was her special

“Maid of Honor” (or flower girl? I was 16 and we did not have a

program, just a simple ceremony. She declared my Mom as her

special “Matron of Honor.”

After work, several of us were exclaiming that we were so happy

not to have put in more than our usual nine hours. We all were

reminding each other, “Don’t go straight home! Don’t forget to

vote!” One of my good friends, Tammy (of the Fence Post Friends

love story), said she had an MMRD, Mental Health and School Levy

to vote “Yes” to. I was not sure what was on the ballot but knew

the ones for Judge and City Council that I would choose.

Upon arrival, a good, old friend, Roger who I met when I was first

single in 2006 was giving out the tickets and stickers, one for going

into the booth, other obviously afterwards. After I “checked in”

with my proper identification and signature, I went with Roger, as

he had the mechanical “doo dad” that was inserted for my voting

machine to record my vote. He and I joked around for a moment,

but were not willing to let too much information fall upon the line

of waiting voters. He did ask, “Is your phone number the same?”

very quietly, and I responded “Yes.”

By the way, this is an “easy” way to volunteer your time since you

are only needed twice a year at most for help at the polls! I am

always admiring the dedicated retired men and women who help

out with the voter process. Roger actually took a “personal day”

he mentioned to volunteer and rand errands for the other ones

there, like “fetching lunch.”

As far as that goes, we will see! He is a fun man who is able to fix

himself up and pass for a gentleman, but is sometimes a little too

wild for family and the one couple I introduced him to way back

when did not really like him. Since that is my best friend and her

husband, I decided to pull away and distance myself right out of

that beginning relationship over 7 years ago!

Thank you for voting!

I will proceed to a new post to tell you about the outstanding event

that my youngest brother, Rich, took my Mom, a couple of ladies

from the senior apartments and me to! A Clam Bake in the Fall!