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A Beautiful “Old Soul”


My youngest daughter’s friend Morgan is a

bright, beautiful and musically gifted woman!

When I met her, we had gone to a local bar

that has Open Mic night on Thursdays. She

was wearing a long, flowing batik printed

dress and a lovely blouse with a scarf wrapped

around her neck. She was holding a mason jar

filled with green herbal tea with a mint flavor.

I would have taken her and placed her in a Time

Machine to put her back at least to the seventies

if I could have! She would have been MY best

friend, then!

Morgan Treni graduated from Ohio Wesleyan

University this year and in my post about “Leo”

who I met at Open Mic night, I mentioned this

woman is going places! That night she had sung

a bluesy Cole Porter selection while tapping her

ballet shoe toes hard enough to create the beat

but no musical instruments, just “a cappella.”

Morgan’s next bigger venue appearance will be in

Columbus, Ohio on the jazz stage Solar Stage)

of Comfest in Gooddale Park on June 29th at 5:05 p.m.

Then, next month on July 22nd she will sing

at the Clintonville Women’s Club, joining the

Vaughn Weister’s Famous Jazz Orchestra at

7:30 p.m.

She sings like a song bird, sweet, lilting and so

ready to go on any awards show and take away

all the honors.

Best New Artist

Best Rhythm and Blues Artist

Best Personality

Best Dressed

On and on!

My daughter went to a laid back porch party

where everyone was getting drunk and yelling,

telling “Treni” to “Sing one MORE!” Like a true

artist and professional, Morgan asked for requests

and also, kept on singing despite the rowdy crowd.

Please, Please check her out:

Musical Essays by Morgan Treni at

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