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The Opening Act: Oscar’s Red Carpet


The first thing I would like to say about the Red

Carpet is that this summary was broken into three

parts, so there may be more ‘palatable’ chunks and

easier to read. This part is about style, charisma

and other details noted during pre-Oscar interviews.

Mainly, my comments are reflecting my own personal

thoughts, although I may mention something that

was a fact or opinion of someone else, also.

When I had gathered up my snacks and iced coffee

in preparation for what I knew would be a long

night, I was very excited to sit down to watch

the 86th Academy Awards Show. I turned on to watch

the preliminary Red Carpet event.

The first person I saw was the handsome, quirky

(remember he liked to play his bongos in the nude?)

and very honest Matthew McConaughey. I always felt he

had ‘deserved an Oscar,’ for his early career, lawyer

character he played in “A Time to Kill.” This was an

outstanding movie version of John Grisham’s book of

the same name.

Here Matthew’s character was in the South, trying

to defend a man who was accused of killing two men

who had raped and killed his 10 year old daughter.

Race comes into play, as the man Samuel L. Jackson’s

portraying is black, while the men who raped and

discarded the child are white. Sandra Bullock portrays

the lawyer’s wife. There are fascinating characters

including ones portrayed by Donald Sutherland and

Kevin Spacey portray. It is an intense drama, made

in 1996, Matthew was able to ‘sink his acting chops’

into this role and did a fine job, too!

Matthew McConaughey has never been nominated for an

Oscar, which is shocking in itself. That movie was

like a variation of “To Kill A Mockingbird,” for

which I am pretty sure won Gregory Peck an Academy


Matthew had his beautiful wife and mother of his

three children, Camilla, on one arm and his now

famous mother, who has accompanied him to prior

award shows, on the other arm.

Naomi Watts looked outstanding in a glittering white

dress which had cap sleeves. She wore accents of a

silver necklace and held a black and white small

clutch, it sported a zigzag pattern on it.

I really loved Kerry Washington’s lavender dress,

which was made of satin, off her shoulder and

not trying to cover her pregnancy. She is on a

television show that I don’t watch, “Scandals.”

Viola Davis looked very fashionable in a green,

almost aquamarine, colored dress, while showing her

natural ‘down to earth’ beauty. Her husband, of

over ten years, accompanied Viola. When she was

asked, “Who is your date tonight?” by interviewer,

Lara (rhymes with Sarah) Spencer, I thought to


“You didn’t do your homework!”

There will be an even more major ‘faux pas’ by this

Ms. Spencer, in my mind, later…

I like the relationship Jason Sudeikis has with his

wife, Olivia Wilde, who looked lovely in black.

Jason is a comedian, with his roots in Saturday

Night Live, branching out into many comedy roles.

(In such comedies as “We Are the Millers,” “Hall

Pass,” and “Horrible Bosses,” mainly R rated and

not ones to watch for plot or character growth,

but funny!) While his wife, Olivia, has played

conniving, yet beautiful and intriguing characters.

They were smiling and it seemed there were a few

private jokes in their glances at each other. She

is expecting and the black silky dress showed her

‘baby bump.’

Cate Blanchett, in a gorgeous Armani dress which

was sheer with a vine pattern of golden sequins,

just shimmered! Her hair style resembled the 50’s

like the way famous actress, Lauren Bacall, wore

her hair about shoulder length, curled under and one

side pulled back.

I would say Cate looked ‘bejeweled’ and ‘enchanting.’

Sandra Bullock wore a fabulous dress of a deep blue

with purple tones, it was designed by Alexander

McQueen, for her. I liked that interviewer Robin

Roberts, a more serious newscaster, asked her about

Sandra’s role in the movie, “Gravity.”

The way Ms. Roberts asked, it helped draw Sandra out.

She gave a revealing expression of her feelings while

in her role as an astronaut, floating in space and

dangerously disconnected from the spacecraft, left

her a “changed woman.”

She further told Robin that she is quite emotional

about her experience “and hasn’t quite sorted all

of it out yet.”

This is the kind of candid remarks I like to have

the interviewers, in their brief moments, make their

time worthwhile. By asking a serious and thoughtful

question, this makes the Red Carpet a great feature.

Jennifer Lawrence has been sporting a nice, short

young-looking hair style this whole season of awards.

Her portrayal in “American Hustle” was a whole

different look, matching the seventies movie. Her

short blonde hair and red satin dress, made her look

like a classic beauty. I did not mind her flat waist

with red ruffles on the side continuing onto her

back. The dress flattered her, emphasizing her curves.

Now, here goes the problem with Lara Spencer, when

Sidney Poitier approached her, being told to head

that way, (off camera) she recognizes him, or maybe

there are big cards with his name, hidden from our

view? But really, who doesn’t know how to pronounce

his last name? She mangled it, not sure if anyone

else will notice, but he did! He did not seem too

pleased, very quiet and not answering her questions

too frankly, either. He deserved respect. Surely she

knew who he was, 87 years old, presenting later, during

the Oscars’ show. On the Red Carpet, this is something

that really bothered me about this woman and other

interviewers in the past. I would have loved a chance

to ask.

“Mr. Poitier, which was your favorite role?”

I liked him in many movies and he played different

kinds of men. Educated, in “To Sir With Love” and a

handyman stranded amongst nuns in “Lilies of the Field.”

He won an Academy Award in 1963, for this role, as the

first male black actor, winning “Best Actor.”

(I did a post about this movie, actor, director and


Then proving himself a major star, drawing large

audiences to the box office, Poitier played a great

police detective, in “The Heat of the Night,”

followed by two other sequels, “They Call Me MISTER

Tibbs” and “The Organization.”

Jonah Hill, nominated for his role in “Wolf on Wall

Street” has ventured into dramatic roles, growing from

his comic roots. He looked like he is trimmer, nicely

dressed in a tuxedo, having brought his mother as his

‘date.’ His first Oscar was for an interesting movie,

I had not expected to like him, in “Moneyball.”

Chiwetel Ejiofor was the only man in my forecasts and

posts for the Academy Awards, 2014. I predicted he

would win “Best Actor,” for his role in the intense

movie, “12 Years a Slave.” He has acted for years,

contributed to a lot of fantastic movies, an edgy

character role of a transvestite, included.

Ejiofor comes across, in interviews and on the Red

Carpet, as a very dignified and articulate man. The

interviewer labeled him, “Dapper,” and I agreed.

Lupita Nyong’O looked very beautiful in her light

blue, airy like the lightest turquoise colored

sky dress with a low cut v-neckline. She was very

attractive, beaming and spinning for the cameras.

She portrays a young slave woman in “12 Years a


I have yet to find an “ugly” dress or someone who

didn’t look ravishing or handsome. I do wish to say

that Julia Roberts’s black dress was very pretty,

but upon closer look I found the ruffle around her

waist made her look ‘thicker’

than her sleek body usually looks. I remember this

style, had a jacket that had the ruffle, my mother

had pointed it out as ‘not very flattering.’ I hate

to say much about Julia because her hair, makeup and

jewelry were ‘just right.’ She looked glamorous,

except for the odd weave to the black lace on her

bodice and ruffled waistline.

Julia looks great in what is called a “mermaid style”


We will hear during the different follow up shows on

“E!” channel, “Entertainment Tonight” and the “Billy

Bush” show, who the ‘worst dressed’ were…

soon enough!

Another unattractive look was that Bill Murray had

no makeup or cover up over his age spots. I thought

his whole appearance looked like a disheveled, absent-

minded professor. He is a very humble man, when asked

by an interviewer what makes you laugh? Murray said,

“The two sportscasters on ESPN, my kids and good

humor in comedies.” (Paraphrased, I started to

not get things down as quickly at this point!)

The last glamorous couple who look like they fit

together and show an easy going relationship,

were Will and wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. She looked

effervescent in pink. Her Versace dress had a

stylish twisted halter top with another twist of

fabric on one side of her waist. It suited her

well. Will Smith’s tuxedo looked very handsome

with a black vest and tie.

Later, during the Oscars, there was some concern

about Kim Novak’s plastic surgery and her outward

appearance. She seemed distracted or flighty, but

she may have been nervous. It has been a long time

since she was the beautiful actress in “Vertigo.”

After all, that was 1958 and she is now 81 years old!

On to the Main Event…

Please join me in the next post!

The Cost of Silence


While at lunch today, I overheard someone saying they

liked the show, “Duck Dynasty.” I turned and asked,

“Have you heard any of the controversy that is now

being associated with one of the show’s members?”

Phil Robertson was quoted in “GQ” magazine. There is

a rather long, extensive strange set of sentences

attributed to him, including lewd acts, black workers

in Louisiana not ‘seeming unhappy in their plight,’

and a list of many sinners not going to be accepted

into Heaven. He felt he was quoting the Bible, and

the cast (the Robertson family) have rallied, along

with some public figures. The Arts and Entertainment

(A & E) channel has asked Phil to refrain from being

in the show, also separating themselves from his belief


It made me pause and think, “Do you really want to get

into this while eating?” This took me back in time, to

a very

important conversation, that became a lecture, in my

childhood. One of my brothers said something rather

questionable, repeating what he had heard from a friend

in elementary school. While at the dining room table,

my parents looked at each other and my Dad said to Mom,

“You’re up! Go ahead and take the podium!”

My mother told us that while teaching in the sixties,

there were many ‘nice’ teachers who did not understand

why ‘some people’ were making a big deal about buses,

water fountains and equality? In other words, ‘why rock

the boat?’ She went on to tell us that she decided to

explain her thoughts in a short summary of why she felt

as a teacher she needed to ‘take a stand’ and call some

actions, “unfair treatment.”

Mom went on to say she decided to wait and then, listen

to hear how future teachers’ lounge conversations sounded.

In a short time after that, similar comments and even some

were directed at what at that time were called the ‘Negro


From that day until she retired, my mother ate her lunch in

her classroom. Some of her teaching peers joined her, some

asked her to come to their room, to take turns. One of those

men, the theater and drama coach, still writes to my Mom.

They were the ‘radicals’ on the forefront of the New


She felt that was not the only negative time that teachers

were handling or ‘talking about students in a less than

positive way.’ Mom felt and to this day, feels, it is


My Mom did not feel, in her situation, high school teachers

should act this way and showing disrespect of individual

students. She gave us a powerful and memorable message:

“If you sit in silence, then you are just as bad as the

perpetrator of unkind thoughts. You are in ‘collusion’

and your silence is a ‘tacit agreement with the biased,

prejudicial thoughts.”

This has led me into leaving a restaurant on M. L. King, Jr.

Day when someone made a racist remark. I had the hostess

tell the person I left, when the taxi came to get me.

This led me to tell my friends at lunch, a few months back,

(I wrote a post about it) that if Paula Deen’s beautiful

product line of crockery, linens, pots and pans is all on

sale for below market value, she has her own self to blame.

Today, it got me telling a table of men, who probably enjoy

the wacky Duck Dynasty due to their hunting, so-called ‘faith,’

and their male comradery. Little did they know or care about

what someone had said, even if there were others on the show

who felt it totally acceptable to put down gays. (All in the

name of religion.)

I told them, it does matter what famous people say. They are

held accountable since they are in front of cameras and being

interviewed and emulated. They get their money from this place

of limelight and company deals. We have at Advance Auto many

things, key chains, large and small decals and license plate

holders with Duck Dynasty on them. There are clothing lines

with their distinctive style being sold by large numbers.

By being okay with bad jokes, poor taste, inappropriate slurs

against race, creed, religion or sexual orientation, you pretty

much ‘deserve’ to be boycotted. Sorry. (But not really.)

Here is a rather short list of ways that a person is NOT

standing up to their principals:

1. Ignoring people in your group. They are ‘nice’ so you let

what they say, at times, ‘slide.’

2. Changing the subject and not addressing the issue.

3. Looking away when passing a poster or other public sight;

you could mention to you peers or your children. (Bad graffiti

that you hope they don’t notice, is actually a good time to

point it out. “We don’t feel that way in our household. We

don’t believe those words nor will we tolerate you using


4. Simply shrugging your shoulders and saying, “That’s _____,

what can we do about him/her?” You can, again, mention to the

person, if you wish a private setting that you wish him/her

to refrain from such language. Family meetings where several

who hold the same anti-negativity belief can show ‘solidarity’

and possibly change that family member or friend’s response.

At the very least, as you are driving away from this person

who uses derogatory terms, you must tell your children how

you feel about such language. You may try to explain it by

saying the age of the person, but that won’t hold much merit,


Children know more than you think about changing and evolving

society norms!

Lastly, the males at the table were very quiet and listened

to my statements about Duck Dynasty. I am not sure what they

may do, in the privacy of their own homes, but they agreed,

“It is a shame when people in today’s world, think they can

get off with such anti-gay statements.”

“Why do you have to make such a big deal about such unthinking


Because by ignoring, shrugging your shoulders, looking away

or changing the subject, you allow the chasm between right

and wrong to expand. Perpetuating the negativity only makes

us all less of who we are meant to be.

VJ Day


This is more of a pensive post, than a celebratory one. I have some

sad, serious thoughts when I reflect upon Hiroshima, not so much

on the deaths that started it. Pearl Harbor was an attack that we

could not ignore!

Two servicemen who served in different times have been very close

to me. One, an ex-husband, who served in the aftermath of Viet Nam

told me he sobbed while walking the eerie halls of the museum at

Hiroshima. The sight of a melted doll hit him right in the gut. We

didn’t just kill enemy infantrymen… the white silent cloud of the

atomic bomb left its message and it had a huge impact on Japan.

The second serviceman was a proud WWII veteran, decorated hero.

He also was moved to tears when he read a book about the mass

devastation. It was the only time I ever saw a tear in Sarge’s eyes,

except at the death of his sweet wife Alice.

Sarge’s feelings clouded his judgment, they made his right vs. wrong

opinions soften and change. The hard back book he read, title not

known by me, his friend and confidante, made him feel “ashamed.”

He said these powerful words, “The number of civilians that the

Japanese killed was low, the military attack killed thousands. Our

bombing of civilians in Hiroshima was a vastly higher toll of death.”

On Victory in Japan day, may there be peace in America and that show

of force may have mattered. It HAD to have mattered!

Let’s think of the Japanese internment in America and the loss of Japan

Town in California, where people had to pull out of their homes,

businesses and be transported to an environment similar to a Nazi

concentration camp. Thank God, no one was “gassed” here on our

precious land.

Another viewpoint, but also one held by two retired servicemen

who saw the remains of that day. One in a book and another in a

museum, that held a doll of some Japanese child in a display case.

Back to School “Blues”


I have been a little “blue” about back to school time. I was

a teacher, always wanted to be a teacher, so when the stores

start to show their school supplies signs and their new clothing

lines, I am filled with longing…

On the other hand, my best friend, walking buddy, Jenny faces

her second fall with not going back to school and is whooping

it up whenever I see her! She is retired after a fine, outstanding

career of 35 years service in the field of elementary school

teaching reading to those who needed extra work in that area.

There are lots of reasons to be sad about my grandchildren

going back to school one week from today! I will always feel

like there were more summer adventures we were supposed

to take part in! I also, wishing from the bottom of my heart,

think it would be so cool one day to be able to surprise all

of them with some fantastic trip.

My grandson, Skyler, is going into third grade. He has new

shoes and a new backpack. He is very excited because he

saw the class roster posted on the front door of the school.

He will have some great old friends, a couple of Boy Scouts

(“Webelo’s) and he is friendly and outgoing, so no problems

meeting unfamiliar faces either. Micah, age four, will be heading

off with a new backpack to preschool. This will do wonders for

him, since he is not as excited as his big brother to learn from

his Mom or Dad about letters. He can sound out things and

has played that car game, recognizing the letters. Last time

I posted about them, I mentioned he is learning about letter

blends and rhyming words. His backpack cracked me up!! It

has skulls and zombies, not your typical little kid’s backpack.

He is fascinated by them, tells me strings of stories how this

superhero battled zombies, last time at the pool, it was Batman

getting those zombies put finally into their graves!

I was at the dentist’s office, love my dentist, but he only dropped

by to look and say, “No cavities,” while Jamie, my dental assistant

did all the work of cleaning, scraping and water-zinging my teeth.

She was talking about her tenth high school reunion, I had to wave

my arms, she stopped to listen,

“Next year, 2014 will be my 40th reunion!”

Jamie is so sweet, “No way!”

Now she and I are really close, we have shared her major break up

about three years ago. Then, we celebrated her finding a new man

and he is super. They have been together for 2 years, last summer

they went on a “family vacation” with his family to Michigan. I had

been there only a couple summers before, so we had fun talking

then about that. This summer was their first vacation alone, to

Atlantic City. Then, we had to figure out why Justin doesn’t want

to take her to his reunion, after 2 years together, I agreed with

her, put her foot down, since she knows one woman she can hang

with while he wants to hang with the sports group, a lot of male

bonding going on. She worries, like I worry. We do this fine thing

of understanding each other.

Of course, I edited my recent trial and error with a nice man who

wasn’t “right” for me. I did not go into depth. I feel that works out

best. Jamie and her own mother don’t talk too much about this

sort of thing, so don’t want to overdo it with her. I liked that she

shared her conundrum and she also hugged me, as I was leaving.

We will see each other after Thanksgiving, so will have updates on

Jamie and her Justin.

Meanwhile, I feel the need to share three of my several wonderful

little “essays” that friends wrote in my senior yearbook. We called

our yearbook since our colors were blue and white, “The Bluebook.”

I showed these recently to my best friend, Jenny, and she could not

believe they sound like the “me” that is still around.  Please indulge

me by reading these handwritten, seniors who wrote them and

see what you think. (And, hopefully, you won’t feel I am bragging

because they are so very kind words indeed!)

Amy Davies one very good friend wrote:

“Robins are bright and joyous,

they foretell the coming of fresh green friendships.

They bring with them new colors,

bright flowers and sunshine.

Robins are friendly birds and courageous.

They bravely face the world unafraid

knowing that nobody could hurt a bird

as trusting and so loving.

Luck in ’74 and forever,

Amy”   ( Wish you could see the bird she drew, too.)

On the same page, my boyfriend, a “brainiac” who I loved

at the time, Dave Beach wrote:

“I hope that this year and all of the wonderful experiences

associated with it have enriched your life as much as they

have mine.

But no one year should ever be thought of as an end in itself

rather it should be thought of as a stepping-stone to the

greater things which are continually over the horizon.

Even though a horizon can never be reached one must

always move forwards toward it, as I know you will with

your beautiful glow before you and a trailing rainbow behind.


Karen Webster, a special and unique person, wrote:


Very rare are the times that one meets nice people who are sincere

in their niceness. Hardly ever a bad word unless it is deserved, you

hardly ever are obnoxious, unless the situation warrants it.

Do not worry about following the social norms, most of them aren’t

worth the pressure people put on them.

Be happy within yourself, its the most important thing in life.

Take care and best wishes for a successful future at Bowling

Green and forever.

Please be happy.


Karen W.”

Such wise words for me from Karen, they stick out more than all

the compliments the others said of me. I have always worried,

that is a fault but a characteristic, too.

I know now where I found those words, “take care” that I usually add

to many of my comments or replies on my blog.

Hope this gets you pulling out your yearbooks! I had several others

that I loved and relished rereading their words, including two of my

favorite teachers!


Dating Advice I Learned from My Brothers


This hopefully will turn out amusing to tell you some of the mostly appropriate

for all ages, dating rules or advice I got from my brothers! I would like you men

to throw in your own two cents when you have read some of the list and add to

it please! Women may have some other additional advice to give men…

1.  Meet any unfamiliar man at a public place and plan on only a half hour

first “date” or meet and greet.

2.  Try not to talk about your recent relationships or marriages. Steer clear

of all past experiences and go positively forward.

3. In this vein, start with questions that are not personal. Example: Where do

you like to spend your spare time or relax? Another example: What other

activities do you enjoy? Follow up with common threads of interests in your


4.  When meeting, don’t plan to eat a whole meal. Try to plan a time where a

drink, snack or treat can be imbided before a half hour passes. If the time flies,

still “leave them wanting more.” Don’t dwindle, dawdle or try to stretch the time

out. They will call if you made a good first impression, or they won’t and you will

know soon enough which way this goes!

5.  On second meetings, make sure you bring cash. Offer to purchase your meal,

snack, refreshment or if brave and at a movie theatre, the tickets. Movies can be

a “bad” choice for second dates. But, again, you will see soon enough if this worked


6.  Don’t plan on kissing or hugging. That means, you Robin! I am such a hugger this

is a hard rule. I did hold a man’s hand on a first date when I patted it and he held it

but I did try to casually drop the hand, too.

7. Second and third dates, again bring money. This advice started in high school when

my brothers mentioned how few times girls (now women) offer to pay for things.

8.  Later, dates later, don’t be a big DT or CT (okay if you don’t know the second word

is “Tease.”) This was also a high school “gem” they mentioned early on. We were an

open minded and fairly close group of teens. We did not lead anyone on.

9. In this same vein, when you “know” (absolutely “know”) that you feel nothing, no

sparks, no chemistry- – “Don’t keep on dating!” Let the person know you just want to

be friends.  This also means not encouraging daily phone calls, texts or other increased

number of communications after this announcement! Be friends, don’t keep the “flame

of HOPE alive!”

10. Relax, be calm, try to listen and look into the person’s eyes. Even while nervous, try

to take a deep breath and be the best you can be. If they see you as we see you, they will

fall in love with you! (Thanks, brothers!!)

P.S. My friend, Anna, said to add this next rule or “piece of advice!”

11. Always make plans on Wed. to do something or anything, never act like you need a

date. When he calls on Thurs. please say in a polite but clear implication tone:

“I already made plans for Friday and Saturday, may I pencil you in for coffee or a

dessert on Sunday afternoon?” Teaches a lesson, without too much fuss.

“No offense…”


These words along with the words, “Don’t take this personally,

but…” are the most sinister words that come across innocently.

The answer to the first, of course, is “No offense taken.” No matter

what awful string of words follows. The answer to the second

comment is a little more challenging to me!

I tend to be a very sensitive person who does not take any criticism

well. I learned in one professional job I held to take a big bottle of

water or a cup of coffee with me to my annual reviews. I could sip it

slowly and “swallow my (defensive) words!” This particular boss

was known for crushing new or younger employees’ egos. I was not

going to let her beat me down!

Another relevant situation is when you are in a social setting and

have a circle of people around you. One person who may vaguely

know you, may try this unnerving approach.

“I know you, wait! Don’t tell me…. Hmm… Did I meet you

while going to so and so’s house?”

“No, I can tell you where I met you…” but said person interrupts

and says,

“I met you while you were working as a waitress at Cracker Barrel.”

(or the earlier waiting job was at the Delaware Hotel.)

Yes, I am not proud of that fact but I will admit to it.

I would rather have let me tell what I am doing now or what I did


Constructive comments, positive thoughts are always wonderful to

hear! It is the destructive comments or negative thoughts that need

quick replies or “comeback lines.”

I usually answered, in reply to her announcing to a big group of

people that I served tables at a restaurant, like this,

“You don’t know me very well but I am pursuing my Master’s Degree

so that is why the second job.”

If it was a comment about my children, their progress in school or

life, like a recent social setting I was in my comeback is not so quick

but I stewed awhile. I was at a recent party for cancer remission

where a past teacher of my two oldest children was standing right

by the food table. I set my appetizers down and went to get a beverage,

but as I turned to leave (on purpose) she said those dreaded words,

“Wait, I know you!”

I answered that I had been a middle school substitute and my last

name had been Long. I also tried to make a joke, “I subbed a lot for

Mrs. Delong who taught home economics. So I would tell my students,

‘I’m Ms. Long for Mrs. Delong today!'” The person talking worked in

that middle school.

She, of course said,  “No, no, that’s not it. Did you have any children


I tried my first foot forward and led with the one who is to all outsiders

‘successful,’ “Did you know _______, my youngest?”

She wrinkled her face up and said, “No, what year did she graduate?”

I told her the year, also trying to escape by  saying I needed to get a

beverage and move to where the guests I knew and liked were

standing, she turned to a friend and younger coworker and said,

“Do you know I can guess what people’s children are doing if I find

out their name and know them.”

So, I turned back and gave my first and second children’s names, she

said she knew them but would hate to guess what they were up to.

Now, that was kind of mean! I knew she had had both and their last

names were the same (first marriage children).

If she had said her “guess” what they were doing, and prefaced it with,

“No offense but…” I might have lied. Sorry, I have two beautiful adult,

fully grown children, who are a father and mother. They have children

and are trying the best they can to earn sufficient livings to be able to

give their children nice clothes, some after school activities like soccer,

baseball and football.

One of my granddaughters is a junior cheerleader. The cost for her new

uniform, with socks, shoes and the special skirt with top was over $100!

My son’s income covered it.

But do my two oldest earn professional incomes? No.

Both have extra training, one in art and the other in cooking. I am

proud of them so I finished the conversation with this positive retort:

“You could not find better parents nor human beings than my three


How is that for my “stewed” and thought out comeback line?