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Not sure the Grimm brothers would wish to be considered descendants from an

“elite line of criminal profilers” known as simply, “Grimms.” The character, Nick

Burkhardt, is very popular in the television show with that name. It is a combination

of mystery, suspense, horror and fantasy. I have watched this from its premiere, with

bated breath waiting for the next episode to begin. Nick’s character partner is named,

Hank Griffins, who is part of knowing Nick’s ancient history. The story revolves with

ancestry references and a fictionalized heritage besides. Hank is a good and trust-worthy

partner. This history allows him to ‘see’ and ‘fight’ by engaging in battle with all sorts of

strange creatures. The fantasy television series first appeared three days before the

holiday, Halloween, in 2011.

The other side characters in “Grimm” include a woman, Fuchsbau Rosalee, who is

able to use pharmaceuticals, including herbs and natural ingredients needed to be

‘antidotes’ and ‘potions.’ She is the “Fox,” among the characters. The Wolf,” is also

once the ‘big, bad wolf,’ but has learned to control his transformations, unless he

is angered, his character’s name is Monroe.

A very popular episode with my fellow coworkers at my warehouse is one that engages

the character of the Filipino fairy tales, the terrifying, ‘aswang.’ Felda, Mary Jane and

their families gathered to watch this “Grimm’s” episode that aired on March 7, 2014.

It came up again in conversation, with the new Fall Season starting soon. Next Friday,

another “Grimm” show will be presented. The March scary Filipino fairy tale involved

a popular character played by a Clevelander, a Padua Franciscan High School graduate.

In the television series, his name is Sergeant Wu. As Sgt. Wu, his character was an integral

part of the way the case against the “aswang” was solved. In real life, Cleveland born Reggie

Lee, could have headed off to Harvard. His parents, who were from the Philippines, would

have been so ‘proud of him.’ He chose instead to dabble in the dramatic art of acting,

at the Cleveland, Ohio Greenbrier Theater and Cleveland Play House.


Make sure you check out “Grimm” for fulfilling your need for fantasy crime scenes!


There is a rather new “fractured fairy tale” written by a woman named Helen Oyeyemi,

who has written a re-telling of the traditional, “Snow White.” Her book titled,  “Boy,

Snow, Bird” is her newest book. This is a tale with the main character being a bi-racial

eight year old girl and her ‘badly behaving’ secret friend.  Ms. Oyeyemi’s history of

wondrous books includes her first book published called, “The Icarus Girl.”  This tale

wove African and Western cultures together in an international mythology.  Her second

one was called, The Opposite House.” Her third book, “White is for Witching,” sounded

intriguing, too.  While on the cover of her “Boy, Snow, Bird” book there includes “Mr. Fox”

as her most recently published before this one. If you wish to hear why the secret friend

of the 8 year is old is ‘wicked,’ you may check this out.  The playfulness of the book, is

shown in the mother being called mistakenly, “Boy.” While her daughter is called, “Bird.”

The rat-catcher, involved in the plot, adding comic relief. It is published by the Riverhead

Publishing Co. Its bright lime-green colored cover, captures your eyes like ‘eye-candy.’

It has a rose-covered vine winding around the title. . . like a sinister snake.


This is not a fantasy, but it is certainly inspiring to watch. Check out YouTube for a

community of Amish people constructing a barn. I always think of that fantastic

mystery, police story and cultural movie, “Witness,” when it comes to the artistic

‘barn-raising’ scene filmed in this Harrison Ford movie. The way it is constructed in

such a beautiful, poetic and fluid way is just goosebump raising for me. So far, there

have been over 2 million ‘hits’ of watching this Raising of an Amish Barn.


Here is a quotation that wraps up this post that is about the television series,

“Grimm,” some creatively constructed fairy tales by Helen Oyeyemi and

the Amish community spirited barn-raising:


Charles Dickens’ quotation:

“The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this:

that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a

thing created is loved before it exists.”

Sleuthing Around


Small Town Murder, case on “Cold Justice” television series, 8/1/14.

I watch the show, “Cold Justice,” on Friday evenings, when I am not out and

about. If there are grandchildren, an event or special occasion, I don’t like to

sit down and watch t.v. on weekends. I sometimes think to myself, “That is a

form of ‘defeat!”‘ The last straw, in being a free woman, is to just put my p.j.’s

on, watch t.v. and get up during commercials and make popcorn on a Friday


Anyway, last Friday, I was tired. We acquired some stores back from Remington,

Indiana, at the warehouse. Apparently their fledgling distribution center is not

able to handle their orders. We have had ten hour days during the week, instead

of our four nine hour days and a half day, on Friday. We worked 6 hours last

Friday, making it a 46 hour week. Unfortunately, this week we just completed 48

hours. I may just have to get a library movie, or try my luck with another “Cold

Justice” show!

There are my excuses, but I have to admit, I did feel happy to see that their newest

‘cold case’ was one from 8/27/91.

It was from the small, quaint town of Cambridge, Ohio. The person who had been

murdered was a Robin Stone. There were ‘signs’ I was meant to watch this show!

Although she was found to be pregnant when they examined her dead body, the

police had never established who the father was, nor had they found who was the

one who had killed her.

Twenty-three years later, we are much more modern, there is DNA evidence that

could help solve this ‘cold case.’ The women on “Cold Justice,” are not actresses,

they have been hired and are filmed, using their ingenuity and their experiences

to solve crimes. Kelly is a former prosecuting attorney and Yolanda was a crime

scene investigator.

If you wish to read more about Kelly and Yolanda’s background and personal

stories, you may look up the show on the internet. I wish to imagine that I am part

of this team, along with another blogger, who shall remain anonymous. We have

talked about joining forces, to become an extraordinary detective ‘duo.’ We would

use our interest in detective, police and mystery shows, along with our combined

knowledge to become private investigators.

The one who was most suspected in the original time frame of the murder, was

her longest boyfriend and her declared ‘love.’ Her sister and mother were part of

the people who were re-interviewed for this show. The sister was weeping, with

her last words that Robin said to her repeated for the cameras.

Robin had just gotten off the telephone with someone and said to that unknown


“I’ll be there.”

Robin  walked out of the house with those words left hanging in the air. She had

attended her first day of school and there would have been homework to do. But

she left her house with no explanations on where she was heading.

It was Robin Stone’s senior year of high school in Cambridge, Ohio.

Robin’s history of many dates, some different journal entries including how far

she had progressed with each, had been examined back in 1991. Lee Savage was

the name that appeared most often and more consistently than others.

Lee’s father, Jack Savage, was interviewed first in the newest investigation. His

words had been horrible showing disdain for Robin, in the original case notes

revealed as,

“I hope she is dead. She’s welfare trash.”

Jack’s contempt for his son’s ‘off and on again’ girlfriend, was shown again, in the

current interview, even when brought to his attention that his grandchild had been

found dead in her uterus.  DNA evidence proved it, with a high percentage number

that it could have been either Jack’s or Lee’s. A new theory was being formed.

Lee Savage acted like the ‘good ole’ country boy,’ while seemingly cooperative in

the case. He was willing to give his DNA, no concerns about his innocence being


To add a counterpoint to this television series, I thought I would mention a famous

man, Dr. John George Spenzer who died in 1932. He was a faculty member of Case

Western Reserve  University. He taught medicine and chemistry courses, having

reached his PhD. in the early 20th century.

Dr. Spenzer, was Ohio’s Sherlock Holmes, having been a consultant on several

murder cases. One sensational murder case in 1908, was of a woman named Ora

Lee. The accused murderer was Guy Rasor. (Don’t these names remind you of

a James Bond tale? The attractive woman, Ora Lee, the ‘bad’ man Guy Rasor?)

Dr. Spenzer was able to use crime scene samples to use as additional proof in this

case. Dr. Spenzer was known for his careful notes, the care taken with specimens,

along with his ability to preserve the specimens with glass plates and plastic

bags. This fascinates me, that he was way ahead of his time, in this, considering

the above case, in a small town in Ohio, where they did not pursue evidence well.

Dr. Spenzer’s specialties were in poisons and toxicology. He was a professor, often

consulted by the Cleveland police force. In one of these cases, toxicology was a

part of the crime. At the Kiser trial, he was used as a professional witness/expert.

This was a 1916 case, where it occurred in Fremont, Ohio. A husband was accused

of murdering his wife, Dr. Spenzer was able to prove otherwise. The husband was

found by the jury to be ‘innocent.’


Dr. Spenzer was interested in the Crippen trial, which was held in England, in 1910.

This involved an American doctor who was accused of murdering his wife while

visiting in that country. Dr. Spenzer requested the court transcripts, (later found,

amongst his donations to Case Western.) He took meticulous notes, written in

long hand, with his own opinions and suggestions. Although he was not called in

as a witness or expert consultant, it is interesting that he was studying the case.

This is what he must have considered his ‘craft’ that he was ‘honing.’

Technology in factories and industrial advances contributed to this period of

time’s criminal investigations. Along with the industrial age innovations, crime

scenes were starting to be handled differently. This was the beginning of what we

call Forensic Medicine.

These inventions came to impact the Forensics’ area:

~Victorian goggles. You can imagine these being good while looking at a corpse.

~Microscopic slides. For blood, hair and sediment samples. Also helpful with

arsenic poision, part of toxicology.

~Wimshurst electro-static generator, 1880’s.

Turn of the century pharmaceuticals and medical techniques were changing

drastically the way of approaching crime scenes and enabling eye-opening

new procedures.

~Blood typing.

~Finger printing.

In amongst Dr. John G. Spenzer’s boxes of notes, journals, case files, slides and

examples of evidence, there were some newspaper clippings of Sherlock Holmes.

These donations were exhibited earlier this year at CSWR. While Dr. Spenzer

was consulting for the Cleveland police I venture to say, he had bigger dreams of

expanding his detective work. Those articles on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Scotland

Yard detective would be my first argument that he was wishing to go beyond his

world of academia. I think Dr. Spenzer was fascinated by this side line of his, but

consulting was not satisfying enough. I have no second argumental ‘proof’ but I

think Dr. Spenzer yearned to go beyond the walls of his professorial role, into his

own adventures of being Ohio’s own famous detective.


Or maybe those are my far-fetched fantasies. . .

Meanwhile, I will be watching the detective shows and studying the evidence.



Death and B & E


I have a serious post but would like to balance the sad news with some levity.

I have a rather humorous ending to close this combination post today. I hope

you are going to have a wonderful weekend.

First I need to give you the reference for the title in the following quote in

a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy (1789) from Benjamin Franklin. Your “history

lesson” for the day!

“Our new constitution is now established,

and has an appearance that promises permanency,

but in this world nothing can be said to be certain,

except death and taxes.”

At our Dad’s memorial calling hours and service, in January, 2001, we all

declared a  silly “rule.” We had upheld this upon entering his hospital room,

then later upon entering my parents’ retirement cottage where he spent his

last short months. This was to find as many jokes out, I collected them mainly

through coworkers but some friends would also email or jot them down for me.

It was all about healing, loving and changing the subject from death to life

throughout the short period of his fighting his best to overcome the battle.

We had more fun being silly his last Christmas, with different humorous strategies

including my brother, Randy, bringing a fish that sang which he would push that

button any time some serious or worried appearance of a frown would pass across

our countenances. My son, Jamie, wore a Bengals Santa hat. Carrie, my oldest

daughter who was attending CCAD (art college) had her hair “punked up” with a streak

of hot pink, wearing a pretty black velvet dress with pink flowers on it. Mom always

wears hats so had a purple one with a big feather in it. My youngest, Felicia, was a

relaxed teenager turning 16 and she wore her pajamas all of the Christmas holidays.

I am prefacing a sad occurrence to my close friend from work, Terry, who turned 57

this year. I had put him in a story about an “Unbalanced Equation.” It was a type of

moral dilemma. All of the 10 years he had worked at Advance Auto he had longed

from mostly “afar” for my friend Lu. She has been married and faithful for her whole

life since she met Ray as a teenager. Terry’s attention was a mild fliration, buying her

donuts she liked or running through a drive-thru and picking her up something like

a flavored coffee. Lu and I had visited Terry in his struggle with cancer, I mentioned

this in my post. I am sorry to say, my mutual friend with Lu, passed away a mere

skeleton, or “shadow of himself.” He was there with family and hospice. Lu will mourn

privately and not attend the memorial. Terry had been divorced for over 25 years so

no girlfriends or wives will probably attend. But we called him “chicken legs” and also

other fun names at work, he was a good man who donated his extra time to charities

and has his children, grandchildren to remember him also.

Here’s the lighter side of the story, since our family’s “rule” is to be silly I am going to

share something that some may frown on, since it is very bad behavior on the part of

my 7 year old grandson. My son, his stepdad, has been beside himself with wondering

what to do with the boy! He is such a pleasant and obedient boy when in my care, so

I am flabbergasted and shocked to tell you this astounding fact:



I could not believe it, but somehow, maybe I am a BAD “Nana” but I almost laughed

out loud, had to stifle my grin, because whoever heard of such a thing? Landen was

at his father’s house, (obviously my daughter in law is divorced from Landen’s father.)

He woke up in the middle of the night, inspired? confused? Who really knows with

Landen?! He walked downstairs, went out the front door, closed the front door and

went next door….I interrupted this retelling by my daughter in law and asked, “Does

he play there? Are there kids there? Did he want someone to be awake and play with


These were my first sort of ‘defense mechanism’ thoughts! I mean, he had to have a

REASON for going inside their house! Right?

Trista did say that the child that lives there has a lot of neat toys so that could have

been the reason. The neighbors’ front door was unlocked since a lot of Delaware

people still feel safe in their homes.

Anyway, a family member woke up and called the police, the police came and my 7

year old grandson is being severely punished by my son and his wife. He is not

allowed to go to the Splash Pad (in Powell, Ohio) with me today, he is not allowed

to bounce on the trampoline, he is not allowed to watch television, he is allowed to

eat, read books, draw or color and sleep in his room.

I was not able to ascertain Landen’s true motives nor talk to him at all about the

subject. Hope you have a snicker or smile out of this very serious “crime of the




On Duty


One of my fantasies is that I am a very cool private investigator,

solving crimes, finding information, and making things “right”

for those that have gone “wrong.”

Reminiscent of the “Maltese Falcon” where I will be “Sam Spade”

and I would need a friend to play the character “Gladys.”

Yes, it would be exciting to have a “Moonlighting” life!

I have a short post in mind today. No problem for those who

may wish to have a quick read and refresh themselves. Maybe

you will enjoy escaping from your own life for a moment!

What needs to be brought on your stake out?

List 3 necessary items, using the 3 categories:  Foods, Tools, or ???


1.  I love sweets to keep my energy up so Hot Tamales, donuts, or

candy bars (Fast Break or Mounds).

2.  I need to choose some salty balance, like potato chips, corn

chips, Sun Chips (cheddar or sun dried tomato flavors) or

crunchy Cheetos.

3.  Beverages like iced tea, iced coffee or hot coffee (depending on

the season.) Hence, the number one “tool!”


1.  I would need to have a phone and a local map that would help

me locate the closest bathroom facilities! (Maybe Depends?)

2.  I would need paper and pen to write details, mileage, and “just

the facts” down. No drama here, ha ha!

3.  I need to have a camera for collecting any evidence of “proof.”

Watch out cheaters, I will be collecting some photographs! Watch

out, criminally connected Ohio mobsters/gangsters, I will be in a

lot of dark alleys! Oh, forget about any secrets you have hidden, I

will be on them like ‘bees on honey!’


1.  A partner would help in so many ways! To keep me awake and

focused. To help throw ideas around and play out the possibilities.

Someone to provide “back up” when needed or talk me out of doing

something wild or crazy, too.

2.  A friend at home “base” to call and check in with about new

prospects or “leads” on the case load (receptionist, computer ‘geek’

or someone to run and bring stuff to me/us.)

3.  An office space where the filing cabinet, answering machine

and receptionist or secretary or all around ‘jack of all trades’ would

be located.

Escapism is the perfect way to get out of my “rut” and what better

time to start a new career than when I have NOTHING TO LOSE!!

Plus, I could start my new blog, “reocochran,”


Danger is my Middle Name


For some reason, maybe to enhance my experiences and expand my horizons,

I answered a phone call from the man who had been in Jail!

Well, it was a long and interesting conversation. I had thought I had deleted

his information and he would have taken the hint by my blocking his profile

from my dating site. It turns out this makes a good story anyway.

The man, we will call him, Jerry, had spent 18 months in a heavy duty jail.

He apparently got in trouble with the law first for not paying child support

(Boo! Hiss!) and then, later for not paying his taxes which would have gotten

claims the shoes got a lot of attention and then, after being kind of a bully and

confident man, he earned somehow respect. They then transported him back to

his state and they put him in an even “harder” level of imprisonment. He said his

roommate was big and black and took on a few of the ones who hassled him. Still

mentioning the shoes as a problem he says to tell all of the men who may face

prison time to wear flip flops, no one cares about those. Also, getting snacks with his

“money” rather than reaching out to the ones who wanted him to buy them cigarettes

got him into trouble.

Jerry wrote letters to his children, he says, to try to connect with them and their mother.

He also has made amends apparently for a number of years through emails. He does not

see the kids because they live across the country. He is also trying to save money to visit

them. He seemed to think I would understand all of this, but maybe I just don’t mind

listening to his hard luck tales.

The only other scary thing about Jerry is his frequent reference to his Italian

“family.” Also, to a man who is a good friend he needs to stay in touch with

or he could be into more trouble, named Tony. Hope this is his parole officer!

We may become friends. Stranger things have happened. You never know!

Tightly wound


It may be easy to assess me to be a loosely wound person, maybe a widely spaced

string of colorful beads. I have been repeatedly attracted to the tightly wound kind

of man. Opposites attract doesn’t explain the magnetic force that took me into the

arms and lives of at least two military men.

When I married two Air Force men in a row, my parents were beside themselves.

I am a product of practically socialistic parents with the most pacifistic natures

around. The only times they used to get riled up were to march for peace, to march

for civil rights and for women’s rights. Oh, and the occasional marital spat!

Once those two men were history, why would I even think about another ironing

the uniform shirt, folding the military corners on bedsheets, lining up the shoes

kind of Man??

I don’t know the answer and it has been years since I have taken the time to go to

a counselor. They never really give you the answer, anyway, just make you think

you know it. Then you sit in your car and lose total recall of the answers to any of

your soul searching questions.

Let’s see, there is the nothing but the best products’ man, the no mammals that resemble

stages of humans zoo man, the fisherman with his intricately organized tackle box, the 13

guitars in his carefully displayed music room don’t touch them Bill and the next one in line

is a possible member of the mob. I have to tell you about this one!

I email back and forth with a man who has nicely slicked, perfectly coiffed hair. He

resembles a combination of Michael Douglas in his Wall Street movies and Andy

Garcia in the Godfather movies.

I definitely want to impress this man with a good outfit. Maybe borrowed, since my

wardrobe is a little outdated. We are going to a steakhouse. I have been trying to impress

men with my fairness and my generosity, no meals, just snacks or a home cooked meal

once past the dangerous first few visits. After all, no one would dare attack or kill me with

neighbors so close in my apartment building! But I have been craving meat, a steak possibly

and the offer is made so I am going to do this. Get all ‘dolled up’ and get treated to a nice


No green appetizers, no bathroom visits with trailing t.p., no mentions of wives or

girlfriends that may resemble Sofia Vergara. We are gently, carefully rolling along into

desserts. I am going to choose something that will not leave any colored teeth, creme

brûlée. He chooses chocolate mousse. During this last portion of the dinner, two glasses of

wine later, I mention that my daughter is dating a man I call “Dennis the menace.”

For some reason, I notice his eyes get a gleam and intensity in them.

Does he recognize the young man’s name? Oh oh, I didn’t say his last name accidentally,

did I  perhaps?

He leans very close to me and in all seriousness, quietly says these words, “Do you

want me to take care of him?”

Wow, now my dating circle has widened, it has become the stuff movies and books are

written about!

I can see it in my head, “The Night I Dated A Member of the Ohio Mob!”

More strange TMI’s than anyone would care to have!


A man who sounds so nice on “paper”, his profile, and through emails, writes

me that he would  like my phone number and could we do a walk and talk soon?

We meet at a midway point, walk in the nice Sharon Woods Park in Westerville,

Ohio. (At least you know of a few more local places than you might have before!)

On this walk where we have first met, he exposes that he was married four times

which I suppose since I have adjusted and asked others to adjust to my three times,

this should no big deal.

He also talks about children. He left 2 here in Ohio to go live with siblings in Florida

where he met a woman and they went to California. He had 3 children while married

to her and stayed for 12 years with her. That sounded hopeful, but when her brother

got OUT OF PRISON, they fought, my walking partner got stabbed while in an argu-

ment, and he left his wife and 3 girls behind to go to Vegas.

In Vegas, he got hauled to Ohio for get this: tax evasion and delinquent child support.

Okay, way way too much to handle information!!