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What would you do if you suddenly were rich?


Songs that have the words, “All I Want for Christmas” or “I’m Dreaming of a White
Christmas” make me think of the times that while on a trip, in our family, we would
“dream” or ask the question,
“What would you do if you were given a million dollars?”
Since I have posted a few stories that are more for those of one faith, I would like
to extend this question, broaden it to:
“What are your dreams and how would you make them come true, if money were no problem?”
I think I would right off the bat, give to my children each $100,000. I would hope
that they would understand that Mom cannot give all of the money to them! But, that
would provide a good start to their savings and since they have jobs, maybe they would
be satisfied with the helping hand out.
I would quit Advance Auto D.C. right away! I have been feeling my fingers getting numb
and think that my legs, body, etc. need to have an “easier life after fifty!”
I don’t complain, but when given a chance out of there, I would seize it and not look
back, except to keep in touch with some of my favorites, like Tammy, Melvin and Darryl.
They make me laugh, get me to relax and enjoy my lunch and breaks.
I would like to move to an apartment with two bedroom, furnish one with twin beds, like
Felicia and I had when I first moved into my present situation. I would furnish the
second room with a full or queen size bed. I would like an apartment like my ex-husband
has, with a pool nearby and a patio with a sliding glass door to the outside. I would
plant flowers and some tomato plants, too.
I would live on $30,000 or $35,000 a year, using the rest of the money as a combination
of saving and giving. I would be careful and choose the charities or projects that
deserved my donations, carefully. I would get a simple job with health care coverage.
I do believe that it is a good idea to “tithe” and I would do this to my faithful
and caring First Presbyterian Church. I would pray for insight and inspiration about
my choices.
I might consult someone who is in financial planning to ensure I make wise choices
about my savings and spending, too.
I think it is important to donate time and energy to projects. I am a big fan of Habitat
for Humanity and have volunteered only once (so far) for this in my town.
I should do it more regularly!
Money would allow me to have more time!
I am not sure if I could get a Monday through Friday position, but would try to find
a place that desired my abilities enough to accommodate that “dream,” too.
I would like to listen to live bands more!
I would get a computer and get my Wi-Fi turned back on!
You would still only see or hear from me once or twice a day, since I would like to
be able to spend more time volunteering at my grandchildren’s schools.
I would like to travel, far and wide, over hill and dale…
I would like to move my mother down here, but as my sister in law, Susan, has pointed
out, Cleveland is the “Mecca of Nursing Homes!” and she has settled into her very nice
apartment with plenty of Randy’s artwork there and the close proximity to brothers is
a plus, too.
I would spend more time driving up to visit her on the weekends! I would bring little
ones to visit and we would explore the area more, while I am up there!
This is all to say, that I am overall very happy with the skeleton of this dream, I
have my family, my apartment, my car and my job, so I am thankful for my blessings…
I would just expand my world a little bit, with the extra money, but being mindful to
keep most of the money in savings for the different bends and twists in Life.

Let me know what your dreams would be, if “money were no object!”

And I cannot help myself, when the child asks for “his two front teeth” as All He
Wanted for Christmas! (Do you believe that could really be all he wants? Smiles!)

The Closing of the “Season of Peace”


In the Presbyterian Church, the celebration of the “Season of Peace”

started this year on Sept. 8th and ended on Oct. 6th. Churches and

other organizations (including schools and businesses) participated

in the Annual Crop Walk. Its slogan is “ending hunger one step at a


Our church joined in the Crop Walk on Oct. 6th to culminate the varied

ways our church passes “peace” around.  This non-denominational

walk for Hunger was formed by the World Church Services. I have taken

my children for years to this while young, they would gather “pledges”

and in the end, there would be a service with all walks of life, varied

organizations gathered together to try to fight a strong battle against


I am not a big attendee of church on most of the Sundays in the year.

I read and meditate, I think and celebrate joy by praising our God for

the many gifts in this world. I enjoy being with someone in church,

knowing that I can join others, still liked it when my youngest girl

was a big “hold out” and attended church the longest, sitting beside

me. She moved in August, so is attending a church closer to her,

even has been an usher already.

I would like to share the way our church began our Season of Peace,

with World Communion Sunday and also, what we consider a Peace-

making offering when we pass the plate around.

Listen, reflect or pray upon, the following words found in Psalm 72,

Verse 7:

May…”righteousness flourish and peace abound until the moon is no more.”

Then in Verse 8:

We hope that peace will “reign from sea to sea, and from the River to

the ends of the earth.”

Lastly,  we pray that the God of Peace hear our prayers and bless our

efforts to bring peace to a world fragmented by war and violence of

every kind.

Here is what I mentioned in another post, to pray for each area of the

world, on a different day:

Monday:  Australia and Pacific Islands

Tuesday:  Africa

Wednesday:  Asia

Thursday:  Europe

Friday:  North America

Saturday:  Latin America

Sunday: Middle East

You could end your prayers or reflections, if you wish, with these


“Loving God, lead all nations into the paths of Peace.”

And if you have any interest in reading more about Crop Hunger Walks,

please keep this in mind next Fall. Sorry to be a little late but it always

is helpful to me, to have something to focus in on while praying and

meditating about our World full of strife.

Hope this brings you the Peace that passeth all understanding…