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A day trip


Leo and I set off for the Dayton Air Force Museum early this

Saturday. We had a pit stop, midpoint, for coffees and candy bars.

We enjoyed quiet moments more than on my trip to Old Man’s Cave

back last Autumn. That was covered in my posts about Tom.

I did feel that it was a little too soon for a daylong trip but the idea

came spontaneously. Leo’s invitation was warmly extended and

very sincerely offered. I felt the day was all warm and shiny. This made

me feel some promise for a New Leaf turned or a New Season started.

Leo is Catholic, with both Italian, and English ancestral roots. This

warm, complex man is also open and very authentic. I don’t feel any real

twinges of worry, concern or perception of lies being woven into his

stories. I don’t feel fearful for once of the outcome.

We enjoyed the WWII airplanes the most. I enjoyed little details like the

camisoles made out of flour bags. They gave one the sense of how sparse

the materials were during that time. Also, how stretched the food rations

were. The stories that my parents had told me, along with the versions

we learned in school and from grandparents came more alive with the

very well presented (with preserved artifacts) exhibits.

I was interested in the Red Baron airplane and the British rival plane with

their story told along with both of the countries’ uniforms displayed in

their cases to help create the picture of the men in them.

I liked the Space and Future technology in the area designated ’21st and

beyond’ this century. I especially longed for the NASA patches that I

had sewn on my green khaki “Army” jacket that I sold in 2006 when

all but the bare bones were left of my past life. My brother still has his

own jacket and I guess this was the place nostalgia hit me the hardest.

Missing my father’s stories and little films he would bring home and

show on weekends.

I did think the eerie Stealth bombers, especially one with the Fire and Ice

flap that is for Ohio, were in some weird way, awesome! These air “ships”

looked like huge bats, hung so they appear much different than I expected.

The Northrup Grumman B-2 Spirit has a nose wheel door that I call the

“flap” mentioned above. It has all the signatures of flyers from Ohio painted

on it.

I could name much more about the visit and the conversations, but feel a

little reticent on spilling my guts at this point. I know how much many of

the readers of this blog have hope and prayers sent my way. I appreciate

those so much! I believe there are many people much more deserving and

have had many more challenges than I. Almost everywhere I read, there

are much more pressing needs for prayer for children and adults that are

hurting in some way!

We ate on our way home at the Cracker Barrel close to Springfield/Urbana

exit. The food was good and our servers and staff there very friendly. We

enjoyed ourselves and found some laughter in family situations to talk about.

I am hopeful and telling you honestly, Leonardo could be a good man for me

to spend some time with!