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The 29 yr. old deep sea diver…


I am very pleased to tell you this, a 29 year old deep sea diver contacted

me. Not to ask my daughter out, as mentioned in a different post. But to

ask me if I was interested in a younger man!

He looked nice and he had a tall frame, skin tight black rubber diving suit on

and clearly defined muscular legs.

He said he repairs underwater rigs and the picture showed his gear and his

gang of also very healthy male coworkers. Who cares about firefighters,

when these guys are around?! Smile!

I had to break it to him, although his age bracket of women he may be interested

included my old age of 50 plus, and it was some compliment! I would carry that

thought into the next year! But I have a son who was one year older than he.


Such a fine young specimen and it really made me smile and provided me with

food for thought… mmmm!