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The Meaning of Regret


Regret is such a wasted emotion, sucking the full energy

out of one’s day. I think about the really important use

of the word “regret” when it is defined as “to mourn.” This

can come in the form of  that horrible letter or telegram:

“We regret to inform you that your special person

(insert:  son, daughter, husband or other family member)

has been killed in the line of military duty.”

Even then, if you had not known the outcome of the use

of the word “regret,” you would feel the heavy pall of death

come over you.

So, why do we “regret” our actions? Do we really feel that

our mistakes are on an equal or parallel level as death?

When we give up a relationship or marriage, or the other

person does, do we have to have a sense of “regret?” Is that

necessary? If you use the term in this sense, it means “to feel


I have been, throughout my whole life, a rather serious person

who has a lot of fun when she isn’t worrying herself to death!

Yes, there is the word, death! I think that we need to put aside

our fears, worries, concerns, and regrets, allowing JOY to enter

into our lives.

Now, I don’t mean give up on things, don’t allow your job, family

or loved ones to wander around unattended or not cared for!

I just mean, release your fears, worries, concerns and regrets over

to your higher being. Allow God or whoever you follow in your faith

to take over and then, once you are no longer fettered, try to give,

extend yourself and enjoy your life.

Instead of this “selfish” poem I once wrote about a man:

“I need my heart to heal

I opened up more to you than I ever did with


I felt I knew you so quickly,


Best thing…

Please let me get better in~


Say these repentant (last definition of  “regret”) words:

“In the stillness and silence of this


I seek You,

Please forgive me,

Please give me Your gift of Healing.

I want to know You more than any

human being,

I wish to get closer to Thee.”

This is a more sincere, thought out poem

(or make it a prayer by saying Amen.)



p.s. Why do we have such a thing as “Regrets Only”

on party invitations? Such a strange twist on the word

(again) “regret.”