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Don’t judge a book by its cover


There are a lot of expressions, sayings that are passed on. I love that they

can trace most back to its beginning roots and enjoy reading about why we say

some of the goofy things we say.

But the expression, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” is pretty self-explanatory.

I think that as we get older, we are less judgmental all around. But then that

is a generalization, not necessarily true.

I think that there are average and below average people who are less confident

due to their poor self image. I am not talking about those people at this time. I

am going to write a little about my experiences with the men who would fit into

that category and responded with a wink or email to me on the dating site.

I want to say that I am less confident about my looks but do feel blessed that most

of my looks come from parents who never looked as old as they were and didn’t have

too many flaws in their outward (and I believe, in their inward) selves.

The men that are annoying are the ones who say they need attractive women. They are

not rich nor famous so that is puzzling. I mean who do you think you are? Donald Trump

may have beautiful women, etc. but these are average to below average looking men. Sorry

but this is the honest truth.

I had a friend who is above average that I had one man who had become my friend scout

her out while she was selling at a booth at our twice weekly Farmer’s Market. She reminds

me of a sister I wish I had. He said she was not attractive enough for him. I think that I blew

him away but I had to tell him the guy I chose over him is even less attractive than him. It was

the way the guy is inside that impressed me.

I cannot imagine how it is to be born unloved or not viewed in a positive way. We all become our

older selves from day one’s experiences. I believe our inner core is formed from those times that

our mother and/or father and/or adoptive mother/grandmother/foster parent viewed us. All

those cooing noises, smiles and loving touches build a strong inner core that exudes love and

caring. I will always feel loved whether or not a man loves me. Whether or not a boss yells at me,

other things that happen cannot take the survivor mode out of me. I hope and pray for each of you

that you find that inner peace and if your core was not formed of love, that you seek counseling and