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You’re Beautiful!


I love the advertising campaign that Dove products

carried for quite some time. The words that went

with it were:

“You are more beautiful than you think.”

There is a statistical study that came up with this

same conclusion! If you were to describe yourself to a

police sketch artist, you would give a less flattering

picture than if he simply sat opposite you and drew you!

Amazing, huh? We are all harder on ourselves, more self-

critical than others are of us and that is dramatically

shown when you look at the two disparate drawings. I

was startled by this and did not catch the source, while

I drove to work awhile back. I simply wrote the words

down and the contrast in how we view ourselves and a

neutral (artistic) person draws us.

I also had to add the New Brittanica-Webster Dictionary

and Reference Guide’s definition of the word,

“beautiful- 1. having beauty, pleasing to the mind, spirit

or senses. Example: ‘a beautiful picture.’

2. generally agreeable; fine. Example: ‘beautiful weather

or beautiful dinner.’

The list of synanonyms were lovely- fair- pretty.

An descriptive definition followed:

Whatever excites the keenest picture in the mind, senses

and stirs emotions by the suggestion of perfection or the


Once I read the definition of the word beautiful, I spent

some time pondering and contemplating the word. As all

special words are used too often when they should be saved,

I think we throw the word, ‘beautiful,’ around too lightly!

When songs refer to word beautiful, I feel often they mean

the beauty within each one of us.

I thought to make this less of a summary of my thoughts and

more of an interactive challenge, I would ask you a couple

of questions.

If you have time, name the first three non-living things

that come to mind when you hear the word, beautiful.

These are, truly, my first three subjects that came to

my mind. Okay and they were truly corny, I admit!

1. rainbows 2. sunsets/sunrises 3. children’s art


Next, if you would like to give the first person you

can think of that embodies the word, beautiful and

if you would like to share this with us, that would

be wonderful!

(One is such a hard word, too!) My Mom.

When I asked my two little M & M girls over the

weekend the same questions, they surprised me.

They refused to give me an ‘off the top of their

heads’ answer!’

The littlest one, Makyah (3 in February) said:

“baby doll, princess and puppies.

(Breaking all rules of non-living things!)

The oldest one, Marley (5 last November) said:

“paintings, books and sunshine.”

(Her preschool days at Head Start paid off!)

When asked, “Who is beautiful to you?”

Both replied, (separately) and not listening

to the other one, “Lara.” (Their 9 year old

sister.) Wow! Cool results, at least to my


If you don’t feel like writing how you feel and

sharing, take some time to think of beautiful things

and people. It would be nice if I knew I spread a

little ‘beauty’ into my fellow bloggers’ world!